16 ways to make your child learn English at home

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Ways to support your child to learn English at home

English speaking has become a passion as well as the compulsion amongst the masses. The individuals not only want to be fluent in English themselves but also want their kids to be proficient in the language as will help the kids to better survive and flourish in this globalized world.

So parents start the practice of making kids learn and practice the language at a very young age. Certain innovative steps would surely help the kids learn the language in a much productive way:

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kids learn english home

1. Learn yourself too: If the parents want their kids to be fluent in the language they have to push themselves too to learn the same. They can enroll themselves in some classes to polish their English speaking skills too. The enthusiasm and the zeal exhibited by the parents for the learning process would bring a confidence level amongst the students themselves.

2. Learning by playing: Kids have a greater grasping power but they learn and grasp more by play way methods. Kids should be engrossed in some games like word power, scrabble, hide and seek ,ring-a-roses and try to use the rules and instructions of the language in English. This way kids can better relate with the language and apply it in practice.

3. Playing songs and rhymes: The parents should try to make kids sing and learn the songs and rhymes according to the age group. This way kids can learn the vocabulary and the pronunciation too.

Learn English by Music

4. Story-telling activity: The parents should read to them some interesting stories at the bed time. They should also use some sound effects and actions to make the story interesting and to have a lasting effect on the minds of the people. They should also encourage the kids to share some of the stories too.

5. Daily routine activities: The parents should describe the daily routine activities in English only. Like please get up, you are getting late., brush your teeth properly, take your bath, go to school etc. hence making the kids understand the basic routines in English will make them more familiar to it.

6. Encourage kids group speaking: the parents should encourage their kids to converse with their peers, siblings in the language as kids interact maximum with their friends or siblings. So if they make it a habit to use English words and phrases in their casual conversations this will have a lasting impact on their learning and recalling powers.

7. Learning through pictures: The parents should try to make use of the picture books to make them learn the recognition of words through pictures and diagrams.

8. Learning grammar: the parents should try to use some practical and innovative methods to make them learn grammar. They can use some audios and videos so that the kids can better understand the implications and relate with the same.

9. Using it in daily concepts: The parents should try to define the daily concepts being used in the English language. Like what is the time, which color does you like, how many chapattis do you want, what you will like to have for the dinner.

10. Pre-decided routine: The parents should try to follow a schedule of all the activities and try to follow the same schedule daily. Try to divide time amongst various activities and follow them in a structured way. For a small kid 15-20 minutes on the conceptual part is more than required. They can increase the time as the kids grow older.

11. Include creative activities too: The parents should try to make use of some creative activities like drawing, posture making, cooking etc. while learning the language. This will involve learning by doing activity. If the kid has an inclination towards drawing, then the parents should include the drawing concepts and talk to him about the same in the language like which is your favorite color, what are you drawing? Etc. this will help in creating and maintain the interest in the same.

12. Take out on some outing: the parents should take the kids out for a outing with them. They should try to make the entire statements and the description about the journey in the language as the kids continue to learn even while on outing.

13. Change the exercises frequently: The parents should try to bring the changes in the study plans with new exercises now and then as will help in keeping the kids involve in the programs.

14. Use all the apps and the technology with medium English: The parents should try to keep all the apps and the technology that is being used by the kids in the English medium. Even when they are watching cartoons or playing games, they should keep English as the medium of conversation.

15. Use English DVD, CDs: The parents should try to use English DVDs and CDs as a means to give an English speaking environment to the kids:

16. Monitor your child’s performance: The parents should continuously monitor the child’s performance by various means but should not put undue pressure for the same. Let them take their time to give the accurate results.
Hence by using the above techniques tactfully and keeping in mind the aptitude of the kid, we can make our kids easily learn the language.


English has become an official language for many countries and a medium of instructions in schools. So the parents are also enthusiastic for making their kids learn the language at a very young age. The parents need to follow some rules and steps for making their kids learn this language effectively. Check this link to know more about WizMantra’s Online English Speaking courses.

The parents should themselves show enthusiasm and craze for the language. They can make kids learn by play way methods, using songs or poems as a medium to develop interest in the language. The kids should be encouraged to use English vocabulary and short sentences while communicating with their friends. Some time should be regularly allotted to learn the language. They should be engaged in storytelling, art and craft activities in which instructions should be given in English. Thus by following the above steps the parents can make a positive initiative in the learning process of the kids.




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  1. Nayana  - May 16, 2017 - 3:06 am
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    Making children to learn english at home is not that easy when you are not creating English speaking environment at your home. You cannot influence your child if you are not following it.
    So this will first start from the parents and guardians.You need to first illustrate all these things with examples.
    Very nice and thankyou for sharing such wonderful details.

  2. WizMantra Online English  - May 16, 2017 - 3:10 am
    Reply /

    Well said Nayana and thankyou you liked it.
    Really it becomes tough when parents actually don’t know English. To handle these challenge and to help such parents we have custom designed solutions for such kids; this can be checked here https://www.wizmantra.com/online-english-speaking-classes/

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