WizMantra online English Speaking Courses & interactive sessions (Most Popular)

general english language spoken classesImmediate English Spoken Courses (Most Popular @ 3800* Rs/month)

For those who are looking to enhance their confidence while speaking English-

1. Sales Agents
2. Technical Consultants
3. Digital Marketers
4. Business Man
5. Government Employees
6. Senior Level Managers
7. Competitive Exam Aspirants
8. House-wives

Advance English language Speaken Classes Online
Job Seekers + Super Human Skills (Starting @ 5900* Rs/month)

For those who are preparing for examinations and looking for job prospects

1. Fresher Level Job Seekers
2. Middle & Senior Level Job Aspirants
3. Interview Preparation for Competitive exams
4. Specialize sales Job Aspirants
5. Workplace communication & Corporate Vocabulary
6. Interview & Corporate Pronunciation
7. Job Interview & CV writing

corporate advance english spoken classesCorporate Super Human Course (Starting @ 6600* Rs/month)

For corporate people who need to prepare presentations and crack goals.

1. Interactive business presentation
2. Corporate presentation & deals
3. Senior Management effectiveness program
4. Goal Orientation, KRA, KPIs
5. Team Mentoring
6. Team Motivation & Relationships



WizMantra’s Custom English Speaking Packages (Need Based Program)

Online Best American English spoken ClassesAmerican English Course (Most Popular @ 6900* Rs/month)

WizMantra’s American English program is designed considering the needs of students who primarily want to work with any relevant US associations. This can be best fit for these categories of learners –

1. Overseas Sales Coordination
2. IT & Technical Consultants
3. Digital Marketers
4. Business Man
5. Software & SAS professionals
6. Call Centre professionals
7. Competitive Exam Aspirants

WizMantra online Public English Speaking Courses / classes
Public Speaking Courses

As it’s name suggests, this course is designed for individuals who want to work on their presentation skills. Designed for the people who have extensive social network and mass followers.

1. Businessman having extensive social circle
2. Middle & Senior Level Executives
3. Specialized Trainers
4. Artists
5. Brand building


english spoken classes & courses for students & college goersOnline English Courses for Students

This is short term course designed for students and college goers who want to focus on their personality and want to polish their English communication skills.

1. Students from Class 5 to 12
2. Graduates
3. Graduates willing to focus on part-time jobs
4. Fresher seeking jobs




* Discounts applicable when you Enroll for more than 1 month.

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What is the Need for different online English courses?

WizMantra is a well known name in the field of spoken online English and other development courses. The customized online English classes have been designed to fulfill the requirements and expectations of different students.

Today in the scenario of intense competition there is a requirement that the individual has something that makes him stand ahead of the others in the race of success and competition. The individual should have fine English speaking skills, attractive personality, confident public speaking and the presentation skills that give him a competitive edge.

So here come the WizMantra’s specialized online courses designed by the professionals to bring the best out of every student. The general online spoken English course specially designed for starters who are required to build upon their grammatical knowledge and alongside built upon the speaking fluency. These English classes help in overcoming the initial hesitation and building upon the level of confidence among the students.

Online corporate level courses are specially designed for the students who want to learn higher level of language. This online class is designed for those who want to achieve perfection in the presentation skills or corporate communications. This course includes practical aspects like case studies, role plays etc.

Other popular online courses like courses for job seekers are basically designed to prepare students for interview sessions and help them achieve the desired level of confidence to handle the stress and pressures during interviews.

Some students also need some overall personality development courses to polish the various aspects of personality shaping. To meet the needs of such students the institute has designed online personality development course that helps to shape the personality of a student just as a black-smith shapes the mud pots.

Thus to effectively find the solutions to the problems of different students different courses have been designed.

Importance of online learning module and it’s success rate

These days many online courses and modules have been designed to meet the needs of students. These are being preferred as compared to the traditional classroom courses because of various reasons. In today’s time of busy schedule and intense competition the students prefer to save every bit of second. So here comes the role of online classes that saves the time and cost involved in commuting.

These online courses provide great flexibility to the trainer and the trainee to take sessions at their comfort. The students need not travel to the centers to take the sessions and instead can choose the slots according to their comforts. Even they can adjust the online sessions with the trainers without worrying about losing on any session.

These days’ online modules and courses are capturing a wide market share and the traditional blackboard coaching is slowly loosing upon its value. The results of the online classes have been quite impressive as the students can choose upon the required trainers and the courses based upon their requirements and one-to-one personalized session’s give better results in which the whole class is taught the same lessons and the study material.

What makes these online courses unique?

The specially designed online courses cater to the demand of the students and help them achieve best of the results.

  • The online general English speaking course helps to overcome the hesitation and develop the higher level of confidence amongst starters.
  • The online corporate English course helps to polish the corporate communication and presentation skills of professionals.
  • The online interview preparation course prepares job seekers for the competition and helps develop tactics to face competition.
  • The online writing skill course helps in developing professional and standardized writing skills in the students.
  • The online personality development course improves and develops various aspects of personality and moulds the raw personality into a bright and fine product.

Trainer’s expertise for different courses listed on the packages

The online trainers of WizMantra are hard core professional teachers who have years of experience in their various fields. Specially qualified and experienced teachers are required to hold session for the students for various courses.

The online trainers understand the need and level of the students and mould their course content accordingly to derive the best results. The trainers being highly disciplined give proper respect and attention to best possible utilization of the sessions. They try to make online sessions more interesting by introducing different topics now and then. They adopt the practical online approach of study that goes far ahead of the normal school sessions.

These online English courses/classes and content are designed by experienced and professional teachers who have an edge in knowledge and teaching methodology over the trainers of other institute.

Thus we at WizMantra are leaving no stones unturned to make an English speaking and sophisticated society where people feel a great development and changes in their personality.


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