Online English Speaking Classes & Online courses (Most Popular Courses with Fees)

Best online english spoken classes with FeesImmediate English Spoken Courses (Fees @ 4890* Rs/month)

Online Spoken English Classes available exclusively for the confidence seekers and those who wish to reach beyond boundaries to attain excellent gains.

1. Sales Agents
2. Technical Consultants
3. Digital Marketers
4. BusinessMan/ Businesswoman
5. Government Employees
6. Senior Level Managers
7. Competitive Exam Aspirants
8. Homemakers


Best Advance English language Speaken Classes Online with fees
Job Seekers + Super Human Skills (Fees @ 5900* Rs/month)

English Speaking Classes for the inquisitive minds preparing for a step ahead in their future either in studies or by applying for a job in their country/ overseas.

1. Fresher Level Job Seekers
2. Middle & Senior Level Job Aspirants
3. Interview Preparation for Competitive exams
4. Specialize sales Job Aspirants
5. Workplace communication & Corporate Vocabulary
6. Interview & Corporate Pronunciation
7. Job Interview & CV writing
8. Job Aspirants with specialization in sales


Best corporate advance english spoken classes with feesCorporate Training/ Confidence Module (Fees @ 5900* Rs/month)

For corporate, Custom Tailored Online Spoken English Classes to stay ahead of the competition with the advancement and extraordinary skill sets for climbing the corporate ladder and becoming an asset to the organization, not a liability.

1. Interactive business presentation
2. Corporate presentation & deals
3. Senior Management effectiveness program
4. Goal Orientation, KRA, KPIs
5. Team Mentoring
6. Team Motivation & Relationships


Custom Online English Speaking Courses (Need Based Online English Classes)

Best top Online Best American English spoken Classes with feesAmerican English Courses (Most Popular @ 6900* Rs/month)

WizMantra’s American English program is designed considering the needs of students who primarily want to work with any relevant US associations.

1. Overseas Sales Coordination
2. IT & Technical Consultants
3. Digital Marketers
4. Business Man
5. Software & SAS professionals
6. Call Centre professionals

Best WizMantra online Public English Speaking Courses / classes with fees
Public Speaking Courses

As the name suggests, this course is designed to cater the needs of the individuals who wish to upgrade their presentation skills. It is crafted and created solely for the people who have an extensive social network and a huge fan following.

1. Businessman having extensive social circle
2. Middle & Senior Level Executives
3. Specialized Trainers
4. Artists
5. Brand building

english spoken classes & courses for students & college goers with FeesOnline English Courses for Students

This is a short-term course for students and graduates who want to develop their personality and hone their English communication skills. Make age no barrier, make your profile stand out of the many others.

1. Students from Class 5 to 12
2. Graduates
3. Graduates willing to focus on part-time jobs
4. Freshers who are seeking job opportunities
5. For shy students who fumbles during conversation

Custom Online English Speaking Courses ( Need Based Online English Classes )

Best top Online Best American English spoken Classes with feesAdvance English Speaking Courses / Public + Entrepreneurs (Most Popular @ 7000* Rs/month) 

Entrepreneurship involves designing, launching and running a new business successfully! And for that you obviously need to have a very good command over your verbal skills. Successful thriving of your business and its growth will depend not only on how unique your product is but also on how influentially you can talk about it in any board meeting!

1. Entrepreneurs
2. New Businesspersons
3. Vocabulary Building
4. Verbal Skills
5. Entrepreneurship Skills

Best WizMantra online Public English Speaking Courses / classes with fees
English Speaking Classes for Team Leaders and Managers

Being a team leader involves a lot of tasks! From allocating the work substantially to boosting the morale of the team, a team leader has to put himself in a new shoe everyday. In that case, if you have the ability to put across your line of thought in a great manner, you are almost halfway there at your goal! As a team leader, it’s imperative to be outstanding orator!
1. New Team Leaders
2. Managers
3. Team Leading Skills
4. Vocab Building
5. Verbal Skills

english spoken classes & courses for students & college goers with FeesBPO Call Centre Training Classes

Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) is certainly the highest job-providing sector as per the current industry statistics. It provides immensely lucrative job opportunities to people from all walks of life. The BPO training programme at WizMantra is especially designed for youngsters who are looking forward to having a job in BPO. The course will help in providing you an extra edge over others by enhancing your verbal English.

1. Young Professionals
2. College Students
3. Technical Support Executives
4. BPO Job Interview Preparation
5. Accent Training

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What is the Need for different online English speaking courses?

WizMantra is a well-known name in the field of spoken online English and few other personality development courses impart state-of-the-art facilities with an equipped team of the brilliant workforce to make you look poised and refined.  The customized online spoken English classes have been designed to fulfill the requirements and expectations of different learning aspirants. Learn everyday English the easiest way by combining traditional methods with the latest ongoing trends of the English language.

Today, with the advancement in the majority of the sectors, there is a cutting edge competition on a global level to maintain the identity of the brand or an entity itself.  The who’s who of any niche looks for quality along with the intra-personal and interpersonal skill sets in any individual.

English language, an essential mode of communication is the most widely spoken language. For an individual, it’s crucial to know the basic jargons of any specific industry to grow exponentially. The individual should have fine Spoken English skills,  an attractive personality; should be a confident public speaker and should possess the presentation skills that give him a competitive edge over his/her peers. WizMantra is the ultimate solution to your English problems. It has customized online courses designed by the professionals to bring the best out of every student.

The general online spoken English classes are specially designed for learning enthusiasts who are required to build upon their grammatical knowledge with the fluency. These online English speaking classes help in overcoming the initial hesitation and building upon the level of confidence among the students.

Online corporate level Advance courses are specially created for the students who want to try their hands into the deeper level of English language. This online class is designed for those who want to achieve perfection in the presentation skills or corporate communications. This course includes practical aspects like case studies, role plays etc.

Other popular online spoken English courses like courses for job seekers are basically designed to prepare students for interview sessions and help them achieve the desired level of confidence to handle the stress and pressure during interviews.

Some students also need some overall personality development courses to hone the various aspects of personality. To meet the needs of such students, the institute has designed online personality development course that aids to shape the personality of a student just as a potter shapes the mud pots.

An overall effective course design starts with a better understanding of who your students are, deciding what they wish to learn; determining your course of action to measure the student learning; and thereby planning activities, assignments and essential materials that support the declared course. WizMantra has an in-house team to research the latest trends and update the courses accordingly for better results and striking performances.

Thus, to effectively find the solutions to the problems of different students different courses have been designed.

Importance of online learning courses and it’s success ratesuccess rate of English speaking classes online

What we learn with pleasure we never forget” quotes Alfred Mercier. In this era of digitalization, the only thing constant is change. Back from the time of the 2000s, learning has transitioned from backboard to the colorful screen. There is a perpetual need to grow, learn new skills, aim for courses to get you a position higher and gain qualifications to stand tall and undisturbed in this technologically driven marketplace.

A big thanks to the Internet as learning is open to all. It is no longer a hassle for people in various countries facing difficulties in the traditional approach to learning. With the upgrade in learning, different tools are devised to offer the students a composite environment while bridging the geographical gap. The continuous demand for skilled and qualitative professionals is a stimulator for the rise in the concept of online learning for time-starved people in this competitive world.

These days many online courses and modules to learn English have been designed to meet the ever-growing needs of students. Online Spoken English Classes are being preferred as compared to the traditional classroom courses because of various reasons. In today’s time of busy schedule and cut-throat competition, the students prefer to save every bit of their precious time. So, here comes the role of online classes that saves the time and cost involved in commuting.

These online classes provide great flexibility to the trainer and the trainee to take sessions in their comfort and time. The students need not travel to the centers to take the sessions and instead can choose the slots according to their availability. The students have the liberty to change their time slots or adjust their online session without worrying about missing the sessions as it’ll get covered.

These days’ online class modules and courses are capturing a wide market share and the traditional blackboard coaching is slowly losing its value. The results of the online classes have been quite impressive as the students can choose the efficient native trainers for themselves and select the courses based on their requirements. The one-to-one personalized session’s give better results in which the whole class is taught the same lessons with the same study material.

Pillars of confident English communications

Pillars of Effective English Learning & Speaking

It’s essential to be proficient in each skill of the English language to speak effortlessly. These skills mentioned below are all interconnected. It not only helps in getting your tonality clear but the words used together to create a meaningful impact on the listener. It conveys your thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a much subtle and crisp way. Learning English is a never-ending process, get covered in all these sections with the expertise of our well-trained and dignified teachers.

Reading: An Indispensable part of every budding entrepreneur, richest and successful people in various fields, reading should be in your daily routine. As per the science, Reading is termed to be a complex process which requires mastery of five foundational reading skills which are – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary. Inculcate these core values of reading to excel in any area of your life.

Writing: As quoted by Gustave Flaubert, “ The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” Writing daily helps you achieve your goal faster. Correct Grammar, Punctuation, and Spellings are always respected by the highly skilled professionals and esteemed class.

Speaking: These skills enhance and accelerate your career success in any profession by timeless practice. Speaking your thoughts clearly is always valued in any organization or at any given place.

Listening: The quality of listening to the person and comprehending the same message he/she wants to deliver is an art. Listening is a skill whereas hearing is the physical ability. A whole area of study is dedicated to upgrading the levels of listening as it fosters stronger understandings between counterparts.

What makes these online English courses unique?

what makes English courses unique

The tailor-made online courses cater to the growing demand of the students to help them achieve best of the results.

  • The online general English speaking course aids in overcoming the hesitation and develop a higher level of confidence amongst aspiring students.
  • The online corporate English course helps to polish the corporate communication and presentation skills of professionals.
  • The online interview preparation course- prepares job seekers for the competition and helps develop tactics to face competition.
  • The online writing skill course helps in developing professional and standardized writing skills in the students.
  • The online personality development course improves and develops various aspects of personality and molds the raw personality into a bright finished product.

Trainer’s expertise for different courses listed on the packages

The online English speaking trainers of WizMantra are hardcore professional teachers who have years of experience under their hat. A team of extremely qualified and experienced teachers holds the session for the students opting for various courses.

The online trainers understand the need and level of the students and design their course content accordingly to derive the accurate results. The trainers, being highly disciplined gives proper respect and attention to the best possible utilization of the sessions. They try to make the online sessions more interesting and interactive by introducing different topics now and then. They adopt the practical online approach of study that goes far ahead of the normal school sessions.

These online English speaking courses/classes and its content are created by experienced and professional native teachers who have an edge in knowledge and teaching methodology over the trainers of other institutes.

Thus, we at WizMantra are leaving no stones unturned to make a sophisticated English speaking community to exchange the best of ideas and reap maximum benefits out of it.

Consider hiring a Online English tutor if you…

  • Require help to complete the assignments
  • Want to experience how it feels to speak to a native English Speaker
  • Want to learn at a faster, under observation and more challenging pace
  • Would like to improve the way you pronounce
  • Improve your English communication skills
  • Have grammar issues
  • Facing trouble while comprehending English and responding in the same

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

For individuals earnestly dedicated to refining their prowess in English communication, an array of captivating opportunities beckons. Amidst the dynamic urban landscape, Delhi unveils a myriad of meticulously tailored English Speaking Classes, artfully designed to cater to a diverse spectrum of learning aspirations. Embarking on the journey toward pedagogical excellence, the pursuit of the best English speaking course holds the promise of cultivating unparalleled mastery and self-assuredness in spoken English. Similarly, for the residents of Ghaziabad, the narrative extends to encompass English Speaking Classes in Ghaziabad, fortified by the distinguished repute of the best English speaking course.

Within the cosmopolitan weave of Gurgaon, a diverse array of pathways unfurls with English Speaking Classes in Gurgaon taking the forefront. Enrolling in their best English speaking course promises an immersive symphony of linguistic refinement. This symphony resonates across urban hubs like Pune, Mumbai, and Lucknow, where comprehensive English Speaking Classes in Pune, English Speaking Classes in Mumbai, and English Speaking Classes in Lucknow adeptly cater to a diverse tapestry of linguistic proficiencies.

Embracing the realm of flexibility, the virtual sphere casts its enchanting spell with the allure of Online English Speaking Classes, seamlessly fusing learning with the comforts of home. Simultaneously, for the discerning residents of Jaipur, the specialized realm of English Speaking Classes in Jaipur awaits as an oasis of scholarly indulgence.

For those yearning to ascend the summit of linguistic prowess, the domain of advanced English speaking classes beckons invitingly. This trajectory is illuminated by a comprehensive spoken English syllabus for advanced level, adeptly navigating the intricate tapestry of lexicon and grammatical subtleties.

Acknowledging the kaleidoscope of aspirations, tailored offerings such as spoken English classes for housewives stand as a testament to the depth of linguistic inclusivity. Simultaneously, the fertile minds of young learners embark on their educational odyssey fortified by the online English speaking course for kids, igniting the spark of enchantment in the pursuit of knowledge.

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Online English Speaking Classes
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Rajat sharma

I belong to a lower middle-class family. I completed my studies from Hindi medium school. Though I was good in studies but my English was not so good as students from English medium school. I could not speak even there was a problem in writing in English also. But when I joined the classes in WizMantra Academy, there is a great change in my English. Now I can read English and also able to talk in English with others. My writing skills also improved. I feel that WizMantra online classes are the best, they provide great opportunity for all those people who want to improve their English and develop themselves as professional.

 by Mahesh chaudhari

Hi ,
I have 8 yr experience in IT but somehow not had good confidence while speaking English so thought to take online English speaking class where i can do some practice everyday.
But I must say now after taking online class have very good confidence in my English speaking
I am taking session from Gurmeet Mam and she really working on every weak area and her guidance is useful.
Thank you Mam and Wizmantra.
Keep it up.

Mahesh, Faridabag, Haryana, India

 by shilpa verma

WizMantra IELTS online classes are best place for IELTS preparation online.
In my opinion online classes are best to prepare those kind of exams and you need full support of your trainer and we need one to one interaction to get the depth knowledge of each module I searched a lot for a good IELTS coaching center in Delhi and visited many of them. I found WizMnatra IELTS online classes are the best for my needs. I scored 8 Band Score in my first attempt. I would strongly recommend WizMantra IELTS online classes to anybody and everybody, If you are looking for an excellent score within the shortest possible span of time.Thanks to my trainer who really make me a positive thinker as well :).
Keep up the good work on WizMantra!!

Shilpa, Delhi, India

 by Bhabesh Roy

I am from Ludhiana Punjab, When i decided to learn spoken English, Then i was searching nearest spoken English classes.Then i found Wizmantra Institution, First time i could not understood how to attend the online class.I realised after taking class from navdeep kaur madam,i was really satisfied with her modern teaching style. Wizmantra is a good institution but it need to be more developed. If a person wants to join a long time course its must be to responsibility to monitor in a better way by wizmantra. I realised that the people who are managing the institution they are not aware about all teachers. So they must be aware about all teachers to make wizmantra a success in future.Thank you Wizmantra

Bhabesh, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

 by Poorna Mishra

I belong from Patna, Bihar and I migrated to Delhi with my husband in 2010. My husband has been working for an IT firm for quite a while now. While initially we were able to meet our ends quite satisfactorily with what my husband earned. But soon our child was born and expenses became hard to manage. Since I was not good at English, I found it hard to find a job for me to support the family.

It is at this time, my husband enrolled me with Wizmantra’s General English Program. The trainer there helped me learn Basic English quite quickly. Not only the trainer taught me how to speak fluent English, he made sure that I speak it in a grammatically correct way. Within few months, I could match my husband’s English word to word. I got a job with a leading call centre and now we are able to meet our expenses quite easily. I would surely likely to thanks Wizmantra for this turnaround in my life.

 by Aranya

Wizmantra is a well-known name in the field of spoken online English and other development courses in Kolkata. The customized online English classes have been designed to fulfill the requirements and expectations of different students. Today, in this competitive world there is a requirement that the individual has something that makes him stand ahead of the others in the race of success and competition.

I’m glad that joined wizmantra and it worked as the best solution for me in developing my skills. Wizmantra’s specialized online courses designed by the professionals have helped in getting the best out of me. The online courses include online spoken English course, online corporate level courses, online jobseekers course etc. I applied for Wizmantra’s spoken English online course and it has developed my English knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, etc. Wizmantra is one of best decisions of my life!

 by Ige

I never thought of effectiveness of such online learning module earlier, although I took few similar sessions on Udemy

Nevertheless, this is an undeniable proof of the impact of dedicated trainer support to students.

The logic:

If it affects my thoughts and it affects my understanding, if it affects my communication, then it does impacts every aspect of my personal and professional life.

 by John

In my opinion it all comes down to your audience. I've actually tried to learn learn English and spanish from useful websites and blogs but eventually it's only the matter of frequency by which you engage with conversation with other speakers.

 by Diljeet

I'll recommend WizMantra as one of the top English speaking institute in Delhi NCR. Reason being the faculties and the operating module.
During my duration of 5 months I took classes from almost 6 trainers and I was surprised to see the level of experiences they have handling the students like me.
I am highly thankful to all my teachers for there support during my learning journey.
Now I am going to appear for IELTS exam and hopefully I'll be able to crack this.

 by Akash

I was looking for English spoken training institutes at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. But somehow I was able to find WizMantra on Google. I am glad to share my feedback that during those 45 days, i was able to go through life changing workshop of my life.

During the session I was able to work on my

1. Hesitation

2.I was able to learn more than 1000 daily used vocabalaries and phrases,

3. I was able to know the intent of question psychologies during interview

4. I was able to understand the core meaning of body languages,

5. And most important I was able to develop convidence to express my self in English

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