Voice accent training & accent neutralization

Voice Neutralization and Accent Training

The world today stresses a lot on speaking in a precise and confident manner. The words you use and the way you speak define you as a person. Learning the basics of a language is challenging, but mastering the fluency and understanding the proper voice and accent is even more difficult. With the increasing use of social media and media as a whole, the need to speak well is also increasing day by day.

The training for Voice and Accent provided by WizMantra will help you to alter your way of speaking and develop a more confident and pleasing way of speaking.The training includes two aspects, voice and accent. Voice training is a professional training of one’s voice while speaking in public or face to face, dialect, debating etc. Accent is the unique way in which groups of people who speak the same language sound.Your accent can say a lot about your background and native. Our training will help you to neutralize your accent and will improve your voice so that you can develop a better and more effective way of speaking.

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    What are the benefits of our Voice and Accent training?

    • Improved Personality – Personality of a person always defines his/her attitude. A person with a good personality will always outshine others and will always have the right amount of confidence that is required to excel in his/her profession. Voice and accent is a major component of a person’s personality. Our training program will enhance the quality of your voice and accent, which in turn will help you to improve your personality by a considerable margin.
    • Career Growth – The more properly you speak, the more you are recognized. Improved way of speaking will help you to engage with qualified individuals of your profession. This will help you to build social connections for career growth opportunities through which you can develop your career in the field in which you want to.
    • Confidence Building – Confidence overcomes fear. To succeed, you need the confidence to face and overcome your fears. Confident people do not doubt themselves. They always prove themselves at the right time. Improved way of speaking will instill confidence in you.
    • Public Speaking – Public speaking is one of the most important skills that you can acquire. Our classes will enhance your public speaking skills a lot as you will gain the confidence to speak in front of a group of people.

    What is included in Voice and Accent classes?

    • Accent Introduction – We will teach you what exactly accent is and how it is acquired. We will explain you all the inbounds and out bounds. This will help you to develop a basic understanding of way of speaking.
    • Accent Neutralization – Accent neutralization helps people to get over stronger regional drawls and accents. Our trained professionals will teach you to speak in a more neutral fashion so that people across the globe can understand your language clearly. By the end of learning and implementing the concepts of these classes, you will realize that your accent has improved drastically.
    • Vowel Sounds – These classes will teach you the concepts of vowel sounds. Vowel sounds usually give volume to the words. There are different types of vowel sounds and all those types will be discussed during these sessions.
    • Consonant Sounds – Consonant is a speech sound that is not a vowel. Learning about consonant sounds is as important as learning about vowel sounds. These sessions will help you to understand the difference between vowels and consonants and their respective sounds.
    • Intonation – Intonation is the rise and fall of voice while speaking. It is used to adjust the pitch of your voice so that you can convey your ideas in a better way. Intonation pattern comprises of vocal pitch, speed rate and loudness. The pitch must rise and fall appropriately to match the meaning of the sentence. Our teachers will teach you to keep the attention of the audience intact by varying your intonation.
    • Difference between UK & US Accent – British and American accents are the most commonly used accents that you will come across in your life. Both these accents are majorly used in different parts of the worlds but there are a lot of major differences between them. You might be able to recognize a British accent or an American accent, but you might not know the details of the pronunciation differences.We will teach you the differences between these two accents as you will be using these accents at some point of time in your life.
    • Neutral Accent – Neutral accent is a way of speaking without expressing regionalism.When some people move from one language to another, they just say the different words, without actually trying to alter the sound that they make, which results in a very strong or very thick accent, which can sometimes be difficult to understand.To make ourselves understand better in front of others, we should always speak in neutral accent. Our sessions will help you to develop a fairly accurate and clear accent.
    • MTI Removal – MTI refers to Mother Tongue Influence. Our mother tongue always influences our way of speech. If you can guess where a person comes from by the way he/she speaks, it means his communication suffers from mother tongue influence. We have the right people to guide you to remove the influence of your mother tongue. Check for How Mother Tongue Influence Destroys Your Confidence?
    • Improving Pronunciation – Pronunciation is a way in which a word is pronounced. Proper pronunciation is of utmost importance as it is the first thing that people notice while you are speaking. Having great vocabulary does not necessarily mean that your pronunciation is correct. We will teach you a lot about pronunciation skills.

    Who all can join Voice and Accent classes?

    • People, who are planning to move abroad as a part of an assignment related to their professional work, can enroll for these classes, as it will help them to highlight their true talent and to impress others with their speaking skills.
    • People who are planning to go to high level conferences or meetings can join our classes so that they present themselves in a better way. This will surely bring them a step above the rest.
    • People of all age groups who have mother tongue influence in their speech should join these sessions as we have trained professionals who will help you to eliminate the same.
    • Aspirants who want to make their career in professions related to public speaking, such as an inspiring public speaker or a standup comedian, can enroll for these sessions as we will teach you how you can influence people with your way of speaking.
    • People who struggle a bit while speaking, due to specific reasons, can take our classes as we will build the required confidence in them so that they can speak perfectly.

    Voice and accent training is recommended to the professional who have cleared their basic spoken and advance English spoken programs.

    Finally, your voice not only conveys your message, it says a great deal about you and your personality. People always make judgements on the way you speak. Voice and accent rounds are also becoming very common in a job interview process.You can never fake an accent, skip over words or sentences, speak too softly, or try other things to mask your pronunciation mistakes and pass the voice and accent round.

    It is all about what you actually know and how you actually speak.Speaking properly and learning a proper accent are not the skills that can be learnt in a day or two on your own. It always requires constant monitoring and mentoring. To learn voice and accent skills, you need a lot of guidance. We have the right mix of environment and experience that will guide you through a great learning curve. If you really aspire to become a person who can speak in an excellent accent with a great voice, then WizMantra is the right place for you.

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