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A common question asked in almost every interview determines how you wish to take your career ahead. By someone dragging you in it or pushing you to complete their aim and achieve their milestone or by being your own knight in shining armor and pulling it on.

Every year many students aim to study abroad in prestigious universities to get an inch closer towards their dream. It can be their dream job, or a great startup idea or to be an entrepreneur, everybody is hustling to get secured in their future.

Studying in different countries can enhance your way of looking into things, watching the same sunset from the other part of the world makes you wonder that the charisma of nature. It allows you to let the world be your guide to making you the best in your overall personality.

Rather than mugging up from your books and the new-best-friend – the Internet, walking up the new roads may clear your ideas and open you up for a different culture, heritage, history, and a totally new language.

Further studies in abroad countries may also pave new ways for personal growth and discovery in the meantime. Bonding with your roommate, finding a new way of communication with your batch mates, trying their delicacies and accepting their traffic rules will not only give your confidence a boost but will teach you skills which are out of your comfort zone.

Some excel with their scores, while some are spoon-fed to study abroad. Out of many who fail to pass those barricades of further education, some lack the information and must-know-things to study abroad.

Here’s a study abroad guide designed to aid every young aspirant to help them reach their dream destination for further studies.

A Must-Know Guide to Study Abroad:

Study Abroad Consulting Program

Levels of Programs Available:
1. Gap Year
2. High School
3. Undergraduate
4. Graduate

There are programs available for every level and these assist you in determining your next step in the education hierarchy.

Types of Programs Available:

1. Internship – If you want to learn how a particular industry works, every company has an internship to offer. Enroll and see if you can get yourself an internship in your niche domain.

2. Volunteer – See if you can grab an opportunity to volunteer for days, weeks or months. Volunteer abroad in a country that serves the same purpose as you do.

3. Teacher – Search for your audience, the people whom you’d like to impart the knowledge you have the experience you possess. This would be a great opportunity for you to learn and educate at the same time.

4. Language Training – Check for the available colleges/institutions where you can learn the next language you always wanted to try. Imagine yourself reading a Spanish book easily without any breakdowns while savoring that Spanish meal in Spain.

5. Full-time Course – If you wish to add an extra feather to your hat with an addition to the course you’re studying then prefer a full-time course in an esteemed university or college. Find bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Diplomas, Courses, Undergraduate and graduate certificates or doctorate degrees according to your preferred countries.

Shortlist a Country and accordingly Select your Course:

With unlimited options available for your desired subject, it can be cumbersome to find and narrow your search to one particular college/university. It turns out to be a daunting task to go to the best colleges and select a best few amongst them for your further studies.

If you planning to get your doctorate degree from Harvard or thinking about your Master’s in Computers; waiting to learn French in those beautiful lanes of Paris or having a wide audience wait for you in London to teach them about History.

Select your desired country and the type of course who’d want to teach/ learn and start looking for options in it. Every Country has beautiful cities which teaches us things even books sometimes fail to say. You can learn from everything around you, migrating to an unknown country would only add few new things to the grey matter of your brain.

The two easiest ways to do so are:

 Ask People: You can never get a proper response from the ones who themselves are staying in other countries and guiding you about the other. Ask people who have been there, done that. Ask them about their stay, its education system, the culture and traditions they follow there.

Talk to people on online forums, search a native from the particular country and ask him/her about their experience. Chat with alumni of that university you wish to study and get to know the inside out of that place.

 Search Online: With a myriad of information uploaded now and then on Internet, choose the authentic portals amongst them. Follow them, read blogs talking about the particular country you wish to visit, search for websites which offer information regarding those courses you wanted to opt for.

Never keep your search limited, with Google you can even visit those dorms the universities have on their campus, these factors do affect the decision you make to go for further studies.
Three Parameters to take into consideration while selection:

 Location: Research as much as you can before opting for any university or institution in abroad country. You may find various blogs where these places are talked about.

 Cost: The price of studying abroad varies as per the university as per the support provided by the host or the university itself. The program fees are exclusive of your airfare, food, housing, and excursions.

 Educational Benefits: Are you qualified to get credit for the program you’ve selected to work upon? Check with your university for the credits you get overseas.

How to pay for it:

Studying abroad is a costly affair and thinking about classes in altogether a different country would make you go dizzy. While most of the programs available abroad that many students dream of are pricey, you can always find a match between your dream and your pocket. Programs across the globe exist for every single budget. All you have to do is find one and get yourself enrolled in the same.

Scholarships: Do you have the brains to get yourself free money for the best programs in the world? You can always find scholarships program getting held at different locations online and if you think you can clear one, give it a chance yourself.

Loans: Cost of borrowing funds has drastically reduced these days. With a boom in the economy and surplus funds with the bank, you can always try to borrow funds and get yourself into your dream program.

Crowdfunding: A lot of online fundraising platforms are trending these days that make a business out lending and borrowing funds. You can try to find a particular aid that suits your needs and let strangers help you like your relatives in achieving your dream goal.

Financial Aid: If you’re already entitled to any kind of financial aids such as grants or scholarships from the government, you can look for options to transfer such aid in the application for studying abroad. All you have to do is contact the office from where you receive the financial aid and ask for such support. If you are able to get yourself enrolled in an accredited school, it’s the safest way to get yourself a confirmation of such financial aid.

Get yourself a Job: The usual trend in students traveling abroad for studies is to get a part-time job with official permit hours that the respective country permits. This does squeeze extra effort but can get the job done.

How to get there?

There are numerous exams which are a pre-requisite for you to secure an admission in overseas countries. The test that you can apply is a subjective matter and depends on the college or university or the course that you would be applying for.

Get yourself properly trained and equipped with the sound knowledge to pass any of these language tests with flying colors. Make WizMantra- an Online Learning Hub your companion and your coach to excel through this phase seamlessly. Stay in touch with talented multi-lingual trainers with deep and vast knowledge of English language and make your own mark with stunning grades.

The most popular study abroad language exams are:


The most common and popular Aptitude Exams:

Formalities required in application writing for studying abroad:

Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
Admission Essay
Student CV
Student Visa

Talk to an expert now!

Preparation for the Journey:

Your study abroad provider is your mentor, travel guide and your friend in whichever foreign land you visit. Right from your airfare to your documents, almost programs offer assistance with your application, helps through the visa process, program registration, fetches you proper house/dorm stay, airport pickup, events, and excursions. You have their regular assistance to make you feel at home.

We wish you to have a wonderful and one of a lifetime experience in learning, knowing new traditions and culture, meeting people from various caste and creed and most importantly – a journey into self-discovery

Choose well and Study Hard for the future is near.

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