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Wiz mantra’s online American English Program is designed considering the needs of the students who primarily want to work with any relevant US associations. This can be best fit for these categories of learners:

1. Overseas Sales Coordination
2. IT and Technical Consultants
3. Digital marketers
4. Software and SAS professionals
5. Call Centre Professionals

Fees Structure:

Enroll For
You Pay
1 Month
Rs 7000 + Tax
2 Month
Rs 14000 + Tax
3 Month
Rs 20000 + Tax

Wizmantra is offering a comprehensive course in American Language that will cover all the aspects of American vocabulary, grammar usage, rules of writing etc.
Trainers of American English speaking classes will help the students to gain fluency over the usage of language and fulfilling their dreams of settling in foreign country or undertaking a foreign project.

American English Speaking courses are suitable for the individuals:

  • Have to undertake career in call centers as foreign accent is an add-on advantage for such people.
  • Have to undertake foreign projects and coordinate with foreigners.
  • Have to coordinate the sales and marketing of the overseas branches.
  • Have to achieve specialization in digital marketing.

Welcome to a world of boundless opportunities for refining your English communication skills through immersive and comprehensive American English speaking courses. Whether you’re in bustling Delhi, vibrant Gurgaon, or the cultural haven of Jaipur, our meticulously crafted English Language Programs are designed to cater to a spectrum of learning aspirations, tailored for those dedicated to mastering American English fluency.

For those residing in the dynamic urban landscape of Delhi, our English Language Programs offer a gateway to excellence. Embrace the journey toward linguistic finesse with our best American English speaking course, a promise of nurturing unmatched mastery and self-assuredness in spoken English, geared towards American accents and idioms.

The allure extends to the cosmopolitan aura of Gurgaon, where our English Language Classes hold center stage. Enroll in our top American English speaking course to experience an immersive journey of linguistic refinement tailored for American expressions.

Venture beyond the boundaries to Pune, Mumbai, and Lucknow, where our comprehensive English Language Programs and English Classes cater to a myriad of linguistic aspirations, equipping you with the skills to excel in American English communication.

Embrace the flexibility of learning with our Online American English Learning offerings, a seamless blend of convenience and education. For the inquisitive minds of young learners, our Online American English Learning Course for Kids ignites a fascination for American English, fostering curiosity and knowledge-seeking.

Delve into advanced linguistic mastery with our Advanced American English Learning, a trajectory illuminated by a comprehensive Curriculum for Advanced Spoken English, skillfully navigating the intricacies of American English vocabulary and grammatical nuances.

Recognizing diverse aspirations, our tailored offerings include American English Speaking Classes for Homemakers, demonstrating our commitment to linguistic inclusivity.

Our journey towards proficiency encompasses the pursuit of the Finest Online American English Coaching and transformative Spoken American English Classes, unlocking the gateway to grasping the nuances of American English proficiency, fostering eloquence and effective communication in the American context.

Elevate your linguistic journey with our American English speaking courses – your key to unlocking an eloquent world of expression and connection.

American English Course Syllabus

  1. Foundations of Proficiency:
    • Initiation to American English phonetics and enunciation.
    • Primary salutations and self-introductions.
    • Nouns, verbs, and adjectival utilization.
    • Fundamental sentence structures and lexicon arrangement.
  2. Interactive Communication Mastery:
    • Engagement in everyday discourse and dialogues.
    • Inquiry formulation and articulation of responses.
    • Exploration of personal interests and leisure pursuits.
    • Realistic situational enactment for hands-on proficiency.
  3. Aural Acumen and Discernment:
    • Deconstruction of American accent nuances and intonation.
    • Adeptness in deciphering diverse American accents.
    • Auditory materials, podcasts, and dialogic comprehension.
  4. Textual Interpretation and Insight:
    • Perusal of American literary compositions and written content.
    • Development of literary comprehension proficiency.
    • Deciphering cultural allusions embedded in written works.
  5. Linguistic Artistry in Script:
    • Precise sentence structuring and paragraph composition.
    • Proficiency in composing electronic communications, essays, and narratives.
    • Implementation of spelling and grammar correction tools.
  1. Advanced Lexicon and Idiomatic Proficiency:
    • Augmentation of lexicon with advanced verbiage and idioms.
    • Assimilation of idiomatic expressions and colloquial language.
    • Discernment of cultural subtleties within expressions.
  2. Professional English Fluency (Optional):
    • Specialized lexicon and abilities for corporate correspondence.
    • Composition of business communications, reports, and documents.
    • Facilitation of meetings and presentations in a professional context.
  3. Cultural Cognizance and Insight:
    • Exploration of American cultural tapestry, heritage, and traditions.
    • Interpretation of cultural references within the linguistic context.
    • Discussion of contemporary events and topics of interest.
  4. Accent Refinement and Diction Precision:
    • Precision in pronunciation of commonly challenging phonetic elements.
    • Elocution improvements to diminish accent for enhanced articulation.
    • Practical application with native speakers for practical fluency.
  5. Role-Playing and Real-World Scenarios:
    • Real-life scenario simulations for pragmatic application.
    • Role-playing exercises for job interviews, social encounters, and more.
    • Boosting self-assurance in the proficient utilization of American English.
  6. Customization and Flexibility of Curriculum:
    • Tailoring the syllabus to meet the distinctive prerequisites of individual learners.
    • Course fine-tuning to correlate with the current proficiency stages.
    • Incorporating the distinct goals and interests of each participant.

American English Speaking Classes FAQ’s

WizMantra offers a monthly American English class module, beginning at a rate of 8000 INR. If you're interested in more extended learning, you have the option to bundle it into a 3-month package, which can provide you with additional discounts to enhance your savings. For further guidance and assistance tailored to your specific needs and preferences, we encourage you to engage in a conversation with our dedicated counselors. They are here to provide you with valuable insights and help you make the best choice for your English learning journey.
At WizMantra, we offer immersive American English online classes that cater to a diverse range of language learners. Determining the duration required to master American English involves a multifaceted evaluation, considering individual language proficiency, target proficiency levels, dedication to learning, and the pedagogical approach adopted. Let's delve into the intricacies of language acquisition:
  1. Basic Proficiency: Embarking on a language-learning journey, beginners can grasp fundamental conversational skills in a few short months. This phase involves acquainting oneself with core vocabulary and sentence structures.
  2. Intermediate Mastery: Progressing to an intermediate level, where in-depth conversations on diverse topics become feasible, generally takes from six months to a year. Learners navigate complex grammatical constructs and expand their vocabulary.
  3. Advanced Competence: Achieving advanced proficiency, synonymous with fluency and the capability to engage effectively across diverse linguistic contexts, typically demands several years of unwavering commitment. This stage encompasses mastery of idiomatic expressions, subtleties of pronunciation, and regional linguistic variations.
  4. Accent and Cultural Finesse: To master the nuances of American English accents and cultural fluency, one embarks on a profound linguistic journey. This phase may extend beyond traditional language learning, exploring the rich tapestry of American culture.
While we offer American English learning modules at WizMantra, it's important to understand that language acquisition is a gradual and individualized process. The effectiveness of any language learning program, including American English, depends on various factors, such as your starting proficiency, the amount of time you can dedicate to learning, and the teaching methods used. While some language programs may promise fast results within 30 or 45 days, it's crucial to approach such claims with a degree of caution. The speed at which you acquire proficiency can vary significantly from person to person. At WizMantra, we offer high-quality American English classes and courses that are designed to enhance your language skills effectively. Our classes and courses are structured to accommodate various proficiency levels and provide personalized learning experiences. We encourage you to reach out to our expert counselors to discuss your language learning goals, assess your current proficiency, and determine the most suitable class or course duration for your specific needs. This personalized approach ensures that you make substantial progress in your American English learning journey.
In the bustling urban landscape, Wizmantra's American English classes transcend traditional boundaries. Our language modules are exclusively conducted online, offering a personalized one-on-one teaching approach. Say goodbye to the constraints of fixed batch schedules, and welcome the freedom to secure a slot that suits your lifestyle. With slots available from as early as 7 AM to as late as 11 PM, you're in control of your American English learning journey.
The duration required to master American English is subject to a multitude of dynamic elements, thereby making it a uniquely personalized journey for each learner. The time frame hinges on individual determinants, encompassing the initial language proficiency, the intensity of commitment to the learning process, and the particular objectives set within American English classes and courses.
  1. Foundations of Fluency: For novices embarking on American English classes and courses, acquiring rudimentary conversational skills in American English is an achievable milestone within a few months of consistent dedication. The potential to grasp essential linguistic constructs, paving the way for comprehension and dialogue in commonplace settings, emerges as a rewarding outcome.
  2. Intermediate Mastery: Ascending to an intermediate echelon of American English proficiency entails traversing a more intricate terrain. Encompassing multifaceted conversations, adeptness in discerning idiomatic expressions, and competence in composing elementary essays, this phase typically necessitates a span of 6 months to a year of devoted scholarship.
  3. Advanced Competence: For those harboring ambitions of attaining advanced American English fluency, thereby enabling seamless, nuanced communication, and the capacity to peruse and craft texts of elevated complexity, a comprehensive trajectory extending from 1 to 2 years or beyond, contingent on the rigor of study and practical engagement, is the anticipated trajectory.
  4. Specialized Fields: When the aspiration is to gain proficiency in American English pertinent to particular sectors like business or academia, the timetable is intricately linked to the intricacy of the subject matter and the precise vocabulary essential for the intended discourse. This may lengthen the learning curve.
  5. Accent Refinement: Subsuming accent adaptation within the curriculum to align with American English pronunciation may necessitate a protracted commitment, extending from several months to years. This entails finesse in articulation and modification of phonetic elements to emulate native intonations and speech patterns.
Incorporating American English classes and American English course into the learning process introduces the structured guidance and support required for expedited language proficiency. A comprehensive learning journey underscores the significance of sustained application, direct interaction with native speakers, and an immersive language learning environment in fortifying one's linguistic competence.
Mastering American English is a pursuit underpinned by a myriad of multifaceted facets, rendering its assessment an intricate tapestry. The duration of this linguistic odyssey hinges on an array of dynamic determinants, including your initial language proficiency, the intensity of commitment to the learning process, and your specific objectives within American English classes and courses.
  1. Foundations of Fluency: For neophytes embarking on American English classes and courses, the acquisition of rudimentary conversational skills is an attainable milestone within a few months of unwavering dedication.
  2. Intermediate Pinnacle: Ascending to an intermediate echelon of American English fluency entails navigating a more intricate terrain.
  3. Advanced Adeptness: For those harboring ambitions of attaining advanced American English fluency, thereby enabling seamless, nuanced communication, and the capacity to peruse.
  4. Specialized Fields: When the aspiration is to gain proficiency in American English pertinent to particular sectors like business or academia, the timetable is intricately linked to the intricacy of the subject matter.
  5. Accent Refinement: Subsuming accent adaptation within the curriculum to align with American English pronunciation may necessitate a protracted commitment, extending from several months to years.
Absolutely! At WizMantra, we take great pride in being a leading online American coaching center that is dedicated to offering meticulously designed and high-quality English courses. Our mission is to provide a systematic and effective English learning experience with experienced trainers and teachers to help you achieve your language goals. You can certainly count on us to deliver the structured and comprehensive English courses you're looking for. Whether you're a beginner or aiming to enhance your existing skills, our trainers and teachers are here to guide you. We have a range of courses tailored to meet your unique requirements. Join us at WizMantra and embark on a journey towards English language mastery
We offer a demo class for our American English course at a nominal fee of 299 INR. Once the demo fee is paid, the demo session is scheduled and conducted within 24 hours. For a more detailed discussion and to address any questions you may have, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced counselors. They are here to provide you with all the information and guidance you need to get started on your American English learning journey

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