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Advance English Writing Course

**Learn English Writing to emerge winner in a Business context**

Writing in English effectively and in a properly structured manner has become the prerequisite in the modern corporate world.

To be perfect in writing the language the person needs to work on the vocabulary, grammar, structuring of the parts of speech etc. the student should also be able to pen down his ideas with a proper and smooth flow.

The proper division of ideas with proper pauses should also be taken care of. The course also focuses on academic and the technical aspects of the writing. Fees structure:

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1 Month
Rs 4900 + Tax
2 Month
Rs 9800 + Tax

English Learning & Professional writing course is specifically designed for:

1. Corporate people who want to achieve commands in writing letters, E-mails, reports, surveys, descriptions etc.

2. The school and college students to improve upon their writing skills.

3. The person who have the passion to write stories, experiences, descriptions but lack the perfection in the same.

4. People who want to start their blogs and want to polish their writing skills for the same.

5. Students who want to appear for some competitive exams that require checking their writing skills too.

6. Students who want to start writing for some magazines or books.

Understanding the Parts of Speech

English Writing course starts with learning the eight parts of speech, which are the building blocks of the English writing language. Deep dive into it and learn about:

1. Nouns
2. Pronouns
3. Verbs
4. Adverbs
5. Prepositions
6. Conjunctions
7. Adjectives and
8. Interjections

Thus at WizMantra online English Spoken Academy we have designed an elaborative course that would work upon improving different aspects of writing, working upon the technical skills of writing.
The English writing course provides a way to the flow of ideas of a person so that they are able to achieve the achieve proficiency for the same.

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