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Intermediate Advance English Speaking Courses

Looking for ways to hone your English Communication skills? Planning to take that next big leap to a promising career?
Searching for an authentic resource to help you attain those unbelievable heights you ever dreamt of?
Ideal for people who hold office jobs, Advance Spoken English language course is designed and curated to give the users a competitive edge over their peers in the workplace. It equips the user with the much-needed communication skills, which is an essential tool for his/her own personal as well as professional growth. Developing your communication skills is the most important thing one should do to develop one’s career and further his life ambitions. Fees Structure:

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Advanced English Grammar Classes

Advance English Grammar for Adults & ProfessionalsOur advanced English classes, tailored for proficient adult learners, are meticulously designed for those who have already achieved a high level of linguistic competence. Specialized programs delve into the intricacies of the language, offering a challenging yet enriching environment where students can further enhance their communication skills. Classes empower individuals to become eloquent and accomplished communicators, unlocking new vistas in professional spheres. Ready to embark on this journey? Book a Demo today @ INR 299.

Advanced English Classes for Exam Preparation

advance english classes for exam preparationAdvanced English Classes for Exam Preparation are expertly crafted to empower you with the language skills needed to ace your exams. Designed for success, this course will sharpen your linguistic proficiency, boost your exam performance, and set you on the path to excellence. Join now and embark on a journey of academic achievement. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach your full potential. Enroll today and unlock the doors to your academic success! Book Demo today @ INR 299

Advanced English Classes for Business

advance english classes for businessThis comprehensive course is tailored to enhance your professional communication, giving you a distinct advantage in the corporate world. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an aspiring entrepreneur, our program equips you with the language and skills necessary to excel in the business realm. Unlock the doors to networking, negotiations, and leadership. Enroll demo today @ INR 299 and become a confident communicator in the real world.

Advance English Specialization Course – 4 course series

Verb Tenses and Passives

Unlock the gateway to advanced linguistic mastery with our course, “Verb Tenses and Passives.” As the inaugural step in our Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation specialty, this program delves into the intricate world of verb tenses. You’ll not only revisit the fundamentals but also explore lesser-known tenses, comprising all 12 English verb tenses and passive forms. Learn the art of seamlessly intertwining these tenses, a skill that distinguishes native speakers. This course is your pivotal journey towards achieving fluency and eloquence in the English language. Join us today and embark on the path to linguistic excellence. Ready to embark on this journey? Book a Demo today @ INR 299.

Conjunctions, Connectives, and Adverb Clauses

Embark on an enriching linguistic journey with our course, “Conjunctions, Connectives, and Adverb Clauses.” As the second chapter in our Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation specialization, this program delves deep into the art of weaving ideas together, creating intricate and engaging sentences. Explore two distinct forms of conjunctions, a plethora of connectives, and the intricacies of adverb clauses. Master the punctuation that gives life to these expressions and the sentence structures they yield. This course is an indispensable step towards attaining a high level of English fluency. Your linguistic prowess awaits! Enroll today and unlock the doors to your academic success! Book Demo today @ INR 299

Noun Clauses and Conditionals

Uncover the intricacies of advanced grammar with our course, “Noun Clauses and Conditionals.” As the third installment in our Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation series, this class delves into the realm of intricate linguistic structures. You’ll explore various facets of noun clauses and conditionals, mastering multiple types and honing your usage skills. While these concepts may appear daunting, our course simplifies them for easy comprehension. These grammar nuances are indispensable for those on the path to English language fluency. Join us now to make your journey towards linguistic mastery both insightful and rewarding. Your fluency begins here! Book Demo today @ INR 299

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    Syllabus/ Modules Covered in Intermediate Advance Courses

    Advance English Speaking Classes for corporate

    Why you should Enroll for Intermediate Advance English Communication Courses?

    You’re qualified. You’re eligible. You’re smart. Yet, your peers capture the whole presentation and meeting with their effortless and strong English Communication Skills. You’re held back by your own hesitation which makes you fumble with your presentation. Your confidence level and the command over the English language can match your status, it can turn you into a charming personality and a smooth talker.

    See this second scenario, just imagine yourself sitting in front of your prospective employer, the next big job, much needed with all those talents and unmatched skills up your sleeves. But just one thing, you don’t have the proper words to let the employer know about those qualities. You’ll go unnoticed and probably the job will be passed on to a person having better communications skills than you have! WizMantra can be your guide to alter your personality entirely with the Advanced Spoken English Course.

    WizMantra offers this custom-tailored course while keeping in mind the needs of communications skills required in a business setting. The entire training module features the workplace communication techniques in English, making the individual understand the nuances of making effective business presentations, participating in meetings and interviews while acquiring basic business writing skills.The training sessions help the users improve and enhance Business English vocabulary and learn how to use phrases for varied purposes like business letters, presentations, interviews, negotiations, telephone conversations, meetings, emails, group-discussions, and marketing.

    English for Business courses allow you to quickly improve your general English fluency, as well as focusing on effective communication in business contexts. Business English Courses help you deliver your thoughts lucidly in your workplace and communicate with on-site professionals in neutral English. These courses also make you capable of understanding the accent of UK/US based clientele and converse with them without any glitches.
    The ever-changing environment of business landscape together with blurring global boundaries, culture, and language, these days, plays a very dominant role in every corner of the world and at every level of business. India is no exception to this fast emerging trend.

    India is one of the fastest growing economies is attracting huge foreign direct investments (FDI). This brings in investments from companies all around the world. Thanks to the emergence of newer economies, the presence of newer opportunities, the corporate sector has been the most welcoming when it comes to employing people from different cultures and countries. Due to the changing economic circumstances, rapid growth led by better policy-making decisions, statistics show that India climbed one notch to attain the 9thposition on FDI inflows list in the year 2016, where the United States retains the top spot. These factors all the more give one a reason to master the global business language- English; which a much-needed aspect if one wants to survive in this competitive world.

    While the corporate world believes that by employing multi-lingual people, they can create a cosmopolitan culture within their organization; individuals must also understand that they must make themselves suitable for such a broader work culture. It has been found that language skills are useful in various business scenarios like customer service, sales, business development, etc.; it has now become a mandatory component if a person wants to become a global corporate citizen.
    Thus, it can be said that one skill that can make or mar your chance of success in a corporate world is the level of Spoken English. While English continues to be a dominant language in the world of business, the language is yet to be spoken proficiently by most of the workforce. In a recent report, nearly 63 percent of the organizations claim a gap in critical English skills when it comes to hiring a suitable candidate for the job. As in many cases, it has been found that the employee may have some level of fluency when it comes to conversing in English, but there is always a scope for improvement.
    In this digital era where content is called the king, English is termed as the lingua franca. From corporate world to social media existence, English dominates the Internet. Therefore, not only speaking but writing and conversing well-enough for the other person to understand is as important.

    Check glimpse of Advance English syllabus & How Advance English Trainers can help?

    It is a known fact that organizations expect their employees to gain mastery by developing an industry-specific terminology; an employee can at least try to bridge the gap by gaining competency with workplace – specific words and phrases in the English language. Training the employees in the domains such as Communication, Email etiquette, Telephone etiquette and listening skills can help the organization to reach new milestones. This results in an attitude which can take the employees to a global level for representing their organization, thus benefitting the Indian Economy.

    Advanced Spoken English classes module offer an immersive and dynamic curriculum for individuals who seek to master the English language. These classes employ advanced methodologies that are designed to develop the learners’ fluency, precision, and eloquence in their spoken communication. The pedagogy used in these courses is learner-centric, interactive and encourages students to participate in various activities that promote their language skills.

    One of the primary objectives of these classes is to expand the learners’ lexical range. The instructors use advanced English vocabularies in their lessons, activities and exercises to challenge students to use a more extensive range of words and phrases to express themselves. The curriculum includes vocabulary building exercises, word games and activities that focus on the nuances and subtleties of the English language. Through these activities, students can express themselves more clearly and confidently, while using a more diverse range of words.

    Advanced Spoken English classes module also focus on developing students’ comprehension and interpretation skills. The curriculum includes the study of complex written and spoken material such as academic journals, news articles, and podcasts, which help students to understand and analyze different perspectives on a topic. These materials are then used in group discussions, debates and role-playing activities to develop the students’ critical thinking skills and foster their ability to express their opinions coherently.

    Broad Syllabus and Topics covered in spoken English Classes

    • Advanced Listening Skills: Understanding authentic English spoken at a natural speed. Identifying the main ideas and details in a variety of contexts. Developing the ability to follow a lecture or presentation without difficulty.
    • Pronunciation & Intonation: Developing accurate and natural-sounding pronunciation of English sounds, stress, and intonation patterns. Understanding the differences in pronunciation between British, American, and other English dialects.
    • Advanced Vocabulary: Building an advanced vocabulary through exposure to authentic materials such as news articles, podcasts, and videos. Understanding complex sentence structures and collocations.
    • Grammar for Spoken English: Understanding grammar in context and using it naturally and appropriately in spoken English. Practicing complex grammatical structures such as conditionals, reported speech, and phrasal verbs.
    • Conversation Strategies: Developing advanced conversation skills through role-plays, debates, and discussions. Understanding how to use language to persuade, negotiate, and express opinions.
    • Presentation & Public Speaking: Developing skills for delivering effective presentations and speeches in English. Understanding how to use body language, visual aids, and other techniques to engage an audience.
    • Pronunciation & Accent Reduction: Focusing on individual pronunciation difficulties and reducing accent for clearer communication.

    Series: Heroic deeds

    Series: Heroic deeds

    Series: Heroic deeds

    Advance English Grammar

    1. Complex sentence structures
    2. Modal verbs
    3. Reported speech
    4. Passive voice
    5. Relative clauses
    6. Gerunds and infinitives
    7. Conditionals
    8. Prepositions
    9. Articles
    10. Conjunctions

    Advanced English Vocabulary

    1. Word families
    2. Collocations
    3. Idioms and expressions
    4. Synonyms and antonyms
    5. Technical and academic vocabulary
    6. Prefixes and suffixes
    7. Phrasal verbs
    8. Homophones and homonyms
    9. Foreign words and loanwords

    Speaking Activities

    1.Debate and Discussion
    2.Public Speaking
    3. Pronunciation
    4. Role-plays
    5. Listening and Responding
    6. Storytelling
    7. Vocabulary Building
    8. Cultural Awareness

    Personal Grooming

    1. Communication Skills
    2. Body Language
    3. Etiquette:
    4. Time Management
    5. Personal Grooming
    6. Interpersonal Skills
    7. Leadership Skills
    8. Confidence Building

    Voice & Accent

    1. Vowel and consonant sounds
    2. Stress Syllables and Intonations
    3. Cecily berry exercise
    4. Breathing and the way you hold your body
    5. Tongue position- words recognization
    6. Mouth muscles building
    7. Ability to copy and recognize RP* sounds

    Writing Skills

    1. E- mail writing
    2. Formal letters
    3. Creative writing
    4. Clear, Concise, & Direct Writing
    5. Response to Opposing Viewpoints

    For individuals truly committed to honing their English communication finesse, a realm of captivating opportunities beckons. Amidst the dynamic urban landscape, Delhi presents an array of meticulously curated English Speaking Classes, carefully tailored to cater to a diverse spectrum of learning aspirations. Embarking on the journey toward pedagogical excellence, the pursuit of the best English speaking course holds the promise of cultivating unparalleled mastery and self-assuredness in spoken English. Equally, for the residents of Ghaziabad, the narrative extends to embrace English Speaking Classes in Ghaziabad, fortified by the distinguished repute of the best English speaking course.

    Within the cosmopolitan fabric of Gurgaon, an array of avenues unfurls with English Speaking Classes in Gurgaon taking the forefront. Enrolling in their best English speaking course promises an immersive symphony of linguistic refinement. This symphony resonates across urban hubs like Pune, Mumbai, and Lucknow, where comprehensive English Speaking Classes in Pune, English Speaking Classes in Mumbai, and English Speaking Classes in Lucknow adeptly cater to a diverse array of linguistic proficiencies.

    Embracing the realm of flexibility, the virtual sphere casts its enchanting spell with the allure of Online English Speaking Classes, seamlessly merging learning with the comforts of home. Simultaneously, for the discerning residents of Jaipur, the specialized realm of English Speaking Classes in Jaipur awaits as an oasis of scholarly indulgence.

    For those yearning to ascend the pinnacle of linguistic prowess, the domain of advanced English speaking classes beckons invitingly. This trajectory is illuminated by a comprehensive spoken English syllabus for advanced level, adroitly navigating the intricate tapestry of lexicon and grammatical subtleties.

    Acknowledging the kaleidoscope of aspirations, bespoke offerings such as spoken English classes for housewives stand as a testament to the depth of linguistic inclusivity. Simultaneously, the curious minds of young learners embark on their educational odyssey fortified by the online English speaking course for kids, igniting the spark of enchantment in the pursuit of knowledge.

    Online advanced Spoken English classes FAQ’s?

    1. Language Proficiency: You need to have a solid understanding of basic English to better comprehend an advanced English curriculum. You should be sound enough in grammar and basic reading and writing skills.
    2. Age and Education: There is no restriction of age and education, you just need to have clarity and understanding on basic and intermediate english.
    3. Access to Technology: Our spoken english modules are taught online, you'll need access to a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection to take our regular classes. Better to have web cam enabled for interactive learning session.
    4. Registration and Payment: You need to complete the registration process and make the payment in advance. Please reach out to the counsellor to know more.
    5. Commitment: Be prepared to commit to the class schedule, as some advanced courses may have a more intensive workload.
    Wizmantra Advance English modules are 100% online and you can choose any slot in between 6 AM -11 PM. You just need to stick daily on to the designated schedule.
    Wizmantra specialize in providing practice sessions. All our modules are 100% conversational, hence you don't need to get into any study material. You just need to practice spoken english with your mentor.
    Advance Spoken English modules at Wizmantra are 100% 1 on 1. You will be getting dedicated session with trainer. So there is no batch but 1 on 1 customized learning sessions.
    Advance English modules at Wizmantra are 100% customized so we don't follow any pattern. You can get all your classes customized as per your requirements. But broadly you may get these topics covered.
    • Noun complements.
    • Relative clauses.
    • Adverb clauses.
    • Adjective clauses.
    • Causative clauses.
    • Hyphenated adjectives.
    • Possessives and compound nouns.
    • Subjunctive structures.
    Advance Spoken English Courses can be challenging for several reasons:
    1. Complex Grammar
    2. Advance Rich Vocabulary
    3. Pronunciation and Accent
    4. Cultural Understanding
    5. Critical Thinking
    6. Advance Writing Skills
    7. Listening and Speaking
    Yes, we offer advanced classes tailored specifically for senior citizens. These classes are designed to meet the unique learning needs and interests of older learners, helping them further enhance their spoken English skills.

    An advanced English speaking course, unlike its beginner or intermediate counterparts, delves into the deeper intricacies of the English language, offering learners an opportunity to master eloquent articulation, nuanced expressions, and complex grammatical structures.

    While beginner courses set the foundation by introducing basic vocabulary and sentence patterns, and intermediate courses expand on thematic topics and conversational fluency, advanced courses elevate one's linguistic prowess to a professional and often native-like level. Participants engage in sophisticated discussions, debate on multifaceted subjects, and immerse themselves in high-level listening and speaking exercises.

    This advanced exposure empowers them to articulate thoughts with precision, adopt diverse linguistic styles, and navigate complex social and professional English-speaking environments with confidence and finesse. Hence, opting for an advanced English speaking course is a step towards attaining unparalleled proficiency, refining one's oratory skills, and ensuring an impressive command over the English language.

    Our advanced English speaking course is meticulously designed to offer more than just lessons; it's a comprehensive learning journey. Participants have access to a plethora of premium resources tailored for advanced learners. This includes:

    Interactive Modules: Immersive digital modules that delve into the nuances of eloquent articulation and advanced conversational structures.

    Expert Webinars: Periodic sessions led by linguistic experts, delving deep into the cultural and contextual subtleties of the English language.

    Digital Library Access: An expansive collection of e-books, journals, and papers to enrich vocabulary, improve comprehension, and understand various linguistic styles.

    Advanced Listening Labs: Audio resources simulating real-world interactions, accent training, and comprehension exercises, ranging from professional dialogues to poetic narrations.

    Personalized Feedback: Regular, in-depth assessments followed by constructive feedback sessions to pinpoint areas of improvement and celebrate progress.

    Community Interaction: Access to our exclusive online community of advanced learners for peer interactions, discussions, and practice sessions.

    Our course recognizes the vibrant tapestry of linguistic backgrounds its students hail from. Appreciating this diversity, our curriculum is designed with a universal approach that ensures inclusivity and effectiveness for everyone, regardless of their native tongue. Here's how we achieve this: Cultural Sensitivity Training: Our instructors undergo rigorous training to be attuned to various cultural nuances. This ensures that every student feels understood and valued during their learning journey. Multilingual Support: Understanding that sometimes concepts are best clarified in one's mother tongue, we have multilingual support available to bridge any comprehension gaps. Customized Learning Paths: We employ adaptive learning algorithms. This means, based on your initial assessments and feedback, the course adapts to offer a tailored learning experience that suits your unique background and pace. Diverse Content: Our course materials include readings, audios, and visual content from various cultures and regions, ensuring that learners are exposed to a wide range of accents and dialects of the English language. Interactive Global Forums: We provide platforms where students can interact with peers from around the world, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas, experiences, and learning strategies. Inclusive Language Tools: Our digital tools, like voice recognition software, are calibrated to understand and respond to a myriad of accents, ensuring every student gets accurate feedback on pronunciation and fluency. In essence, our advanced English speaking course transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, offering an enriching learning experience that's truly global, yet personal. We believe in the power of language to unite, and our course is a testament to that belief.
    In the quest for impeccable English-speaking skills, our advanced course is a beacon of structured learning and consistent progress. Here's how we guarantee advancement in your verbal prowess: Structured Curriculum: We've meticulously crafted a syllabus that covers foundational to advanced topics, ensuring step-by-step improvement in your verbal proficiency. Real-time Feedback: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our platform offers immediate feedback on pronunciation, intonation, and clarity, allowing you to rectify mistakes on-the-go. Interactive Learning Modules: Our course employs a diverse range of audio-visual modules, engaging role-plays, and real-life simulations that mimic genuine conversational scenarios, priming you for the real world. Peer Interactions: Engage in lively debates and discussions with fellow learners from across the globe. These interactions not only enrich your vocabulary and expression but also boost confidence. Personalized Assessments: Periodic evaluations tailored to your learning path gauge your progress and highlight areas for further focus. Expert Mentoring: Our instructors, with their vast experience and expertise, offer insights, constructive critiques, and personalized tips, all aimed at refining your speaking skills. Supplemental Resources: Alongside the main course, we provide a plethora of supplementary materials like podcasts, interviews, and articles, further honing your listening and speaking faculties. At the heart of our course lies a commitment to your linguistic progress. We amalgamate the best of technology, pedagogy, and expert guidance to ensure that your journey to eloquence is both effective and enjoyable.
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    Advance English Speaking Classes
    Average rating:  
     27 reviews
     by Roshan

    I recently completed WizMantra's Online Advanced Spoken English Course, and I must say it was an amazing experience. The expert trainers provided personalized attention, and the course was designed to enhance my communication skills effectively. The online platform allowed me to attend classes from anywhere, and the flexible timings made it easier to manage the course alongside my daily routine. With its advanced curriculum, WizMantra's Online Advanced Spoken English Course is undoubtedly the best online course available to improve one's spoken English skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for expert guidance and effective learning experience.

     by Ravinder

    I recently completed the WizMantra Online Advanced Spoken English Course, and it was an excellent experience. The expert teachers provided in-depth knowledge and personalized attention throughout the course, making it the best online course available for improving spoken English skills. The online platform allowed me to attend classes from the comfort of my home, and the flexible timings made it easy to balance the course with my daily routine. Overall, I would highly recommend WizMantra's Online Advanced Spoken English Course to anyone looking to improve their spoken English skills with the guidance of expert teachers in a convenient and efficient online format.

     by Mohit from Ghaziabad

    Hi I am Mohit from Ghaziabad. I would like to suggest WizMantra online course to all students who want to improve their spoken English. I have joined WizMantra Academy for my intermediate level, Learning English online on the phone was a new experience. I must admit that my trainer Shipla mam was very good and cooperative, She always gave me time to understand the concepts of grammar and pointed out my mistakes, Which helped me building my confidence, make me able to speak with a proper vocabulary and grammar. Customized syllabus helped me a lot, which included my problem area of grammar part. It has been wonderful learning experience with my trainer.
    Thanks to WizMantra online classes for giving us this wonderful Platform.

     by Nitin Ghaziabad gautam nagar

    I think if you want to improve your spoken English language, then you must join WizMantra online classes.
    In my opinion, everyone's need is different and each student has a different level. The key feature of WizMantra online classes are that they provide student centric classes which means "classes at your level". I was not able to speak in GD.
    Mam understood this and suggested me one topic per day for discussion which helped to gain confidence. The most important thing what I have realized is that individual training will give you that platform where you can ask question without fear of getting bullied.I used to make mistakes and my trainer was there to correct me. She corrected me and explained well so that next time I dont make similar mistakes. I thank my trainer for having patience with me and WizMnatra team for their support.

     by Deepa

    I was an B.A Economics graduate with a little knowledge of Spoken English when I first joined WizMantra online classes for my interview preparation, As I had limited time for my interview. I have joined advance level for my spoken English because I want to develop my self-confidence. WizMantra online classes was pretty good in helping and developing my spoken English through individual trainer. The support from my trainer was remarkable as I was less time to prepare for my interview, Mam gave me the list of questions and played the role of an interviewer:). She recorded all the questions and analyzes them.Which helped me a lot in my interview preparation. Thanks WizMantra online classes for such an awesome support!!
    I highly recommend WizMantra online classes.

     by Amit gupta

    Transformation of personality can be achieved by working on it. And this I have learnt from WizMantra online classes. I have enrolled for my public speaking and interview preparation. I have given so many interviews but because of my communication and the way I speak, I was unable to crack it. WizMantra gave me that platform where I can actually work on my speaking and speech part. First few days of starting I was fumbling a lot. The best thing when your mentor gives you time to think and suggest tricks that how you can remember while speaking.. This is all I wanted... I feel more confident when I speak.. Communication is the most important thing now a days if you want to work in MNC. My sincere thanks to my trainer and WizManta making my professional journey hassle free ???

     by Deepika

    I was an B.A Economics graduate with a little knowledge of Spoken English when I first joined WizMAntra online classes for my interview preparation. At that time, I had very limited time for my interview. I joined advance level for my spoken English because I wanted to develop my self-confidence. WizMantra online classes were really good in helping and developing my spoken English through individual trainer. The support from my trainer was remarkable. Mam gave me list of questions and played the role of an interviewer :). She recorded all the questions and analyzed them, which helped me. I can't thank WizMantra online classes enough for such an awesome support!!

     by Rahul Raj

    I was clueless what to do about my English fluency. I have tried so many things like reading new paper and grammar books but not worked for my fluency. No doubt I have gained good knowledge of grammar but still fluency was my big problem, Then I have joined WizMantra online classes intermediate level for my spoken English..

    I found online classes are extremely useful love the way they teach.

    1.The individual trainer is assigned for each student.

    2. You will get Conversation partner as your trainer.

    3.Different topics discussed daily.

    4.Covered vocabulary and grammar part fully.

    5 Above all you will gain confidence and fluency in no time.

    I must appreciate unique teaching methods of my trainer. My fluency improved a lot.Thanks WizMantra online classes for giving me a quick boost of confidence!!

     by Riya

    How to speak English fluently? This is all in my mind before joining WizMantra online classes. I have joined for my intermediate level, WizMantar online classes does wonders for me, My trainer Neelema mam' Who is very humble and supportive right through my course.She noticed my mistakes and worked on my Spoken English and my fear points . WizMantra online classes make you more confident while speaking and help to develop confidence.what I wanted from my Spoken classes to improve my fluency by practicing speaking English with my trainer and that’s exactly what WizMAntra online classes practice provided

    thanks to Neelema mam my trainer.

    WizMantra online classes for making me the best version of myself.

     by Naveen

    I always wanted to improve my spoken English fluency.
    I fumble a lot while speaking English.I have joined intermediate level for my fluency. WizMantra online classes proved to be a high-quality platform.WizMantra online classes trainers are very high qualified and gives the comfort level to the student to improve English level proficiency, Trainer worked on my grammar and vocabulary.Flexible class with the dedicated trainer helped a lot to improve my personality and fluency.The encouraging and active surroundings in the class created by my trainer makes learning an enjoyable experience.
    Thanks WizMantra for your great help!!

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