How to Improve Your English Communication Skills?

Constructive communication is definitely a standout amongst the essential skills that we can learn during the course of our lives. Yet, we don’t label it as a skill set that necessitates a great deal of practice from our side.

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Regardless of whether you aspire for better conversations with your peers in your social circle or putting forth your ideas in an exceptional manner at your workplace, the art of communicating effectively comes into the picture in every sphere of life. Here is a rundown of tips for you that will help you communicate effectively and constructively.

Tips to improve your English communication skills

1. Understand your audience: The best talkers acclimatize how they talk keeping in mind the kind of people they’re addressing. If you think communicating with your boss is similar to communicating in your social circle, then you’re wrong and you need to get your facts clear. The art of successful communication lies in understanding your audiences better and customizing the way you talk to each one of them. Your endeavour to be part of conversations needs a careful consideration of the other person’s mind frame so that you can get your message across without any hindrances.

2. Know your body language: We often end up telling people that we are open to discussions, but our body language conveys just the opposite. During conversations our arms are crossed; we say that we’re listening but we haven’t looked up from our phone even for a minute. Our verbal and non-verbal signals reveal what is going on in our head. What should be done in such cases? You can adopt a pose that you are comfortable with before the conversations start or learn to respond to people’s body language to help you respond effectively.

3. Ask questions: This has happened to each one of us. We are lost in our own thoughts when someone is talking to us. While communicating with the person in front of us, we’ve to remember to ask questions and make the other person repeat the last few words that were spoken in case we failed to hear him out properly. This shows that we’re keen on having a proper conversation with him.

This also enables us to fill in awkward silences. Instead of talking about mundane topics like the weather, try to personalize your questions a bit. For example, “What are you reading lately?” or “What are your plans for the weekend?”. Instead of concentrating on being interesting, try to be interested. This helps you in letting the other person know that his words are important.

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4. Throw away the unwanted conversation fillers: What do you think improves your speech in day to day conversations? Definitely, not the um’s or ah’s that you utter! If you are keen on improving your communication skills know that these are the hindrances in your way. You need to cut them out to feel more confident and persuasive while you are talking to someone. For a change, try to simply relax by taking your hands out of the pockets and pause a little before you speak the next sentence. The silences in the middle of conversations are more awkward to the speaker than to the listener.

5. Be a good listener: Communication doesn’t just mean talking. Listening too plays an equally important role over here. In order to improve your communication skills, you’ve to let the other person talk without you interrupting in between. It is hard, all of us know that, but to spark that one great conversation with someone you have to let the other person speak. When you do this, you can be assured that the other person is listening to you too when you talk.

6. Have a script: Engaging in small talk is an art and unfortunately, not many people have mastered in this. Awkward silences are inevitable. Having a plan for such cases will definitely help you in the long run. If at all you find it difficult to come up with topics you can engage in conversations concerning family, recreation, dreams, and occupation as these are generic topics which everyone likes talking about. Who knows? A small talk can you make you happy in the near future.

7. Distractions are bad: You should know that it is considered to be rude when someone is talking to you and you are constantly on your phone. Have you ever wondered what will the other person end up thinking? You’ve to know that when you spend time with people around you, they do expect time from you. The amount of attention that you pay to what they talk definitely matters.

For some time, maybe we can think of putting away technology so that we avoid distractions pay attention to what the other person is trying to convey.

8. Be brief and specific: Do you know what’s the acronym for BRIEF? It means, background, reason, information, end, follow-up. This is to help you keep your emails short without leaving any important information. This is a good technique that helps you in both written and verbal communication. The information that you convey across to someone else needs to be concrete, coherent, complete and courteous.

9. Be empathetic: Before doing anything else to up your communication skills, you should know that communication is a two-way street. When talking with someone else, it is important to know their viewpoint too, and not oppose a person all the time. You’ve to develop empathy towards the speaker when they express their opinions as this helps you respond more effectively.

We all know that receiving a formal qualification is important in life. It enables us to secure our dream jobs. But all of may not be aware of the fact that a skill that makes us an asset to any organization or social circle is the art of communicating effectively.

Having good communication skills helps us to connect and collaborate with people around and paves a way for shared goals. It is vital that we demonstrate this skill in an appropriate manner to become a crucial part of great conversations.

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