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Do you want to settle abroad in an English-speaking country? You should be proficient in the English language. The best way to demonstrate your proficiency is to appear for the IELTS-General Examination and obtain the minimum qualification score.

  • The IELTS General qualification is necessary for those who wish to settle abroad, especially in an English-speaking nation.
  • IELTS General constitutes 60% of the total eligibility criteria
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Acquiring the minimum qualifications in the IELTS demonstrates that you have the necessary communication skills in English that could make it comfortable for you in the foreign land. Being able to communicate with a fair degree of fluency in English makes you a confident person. It reflects in your attitude and thus, proves beneficial to you on the psychological front as well.

How do you prepare for the IELTS?

Preparing for the IELTS should not be an issue with Wizmantra around to help you with the process. We train you in all aspects of the IELTS test and get you acquainted with the Test format.

WizMantra’s Contribution on your IELTS Success

We conduct classes wherein you learn how to communicate properly in English. We train you in the individual aspects of IELTS such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

We also make you aware of the type of questions you encounter in your IELTS exam. It helps to eliminate the examination fear that could inadvertently creep in. As you become comfortable with the format, you gain confidence.

Practice makes you perfect

There is no substitute for hard work and diligent practice. The more you practice seriously, the better you become at the language. The advantage of practicing IELTS exam sets is that you judge your weaknesses and can strive to eliminate them.

Our professionals help you with the individual aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our experts bestow personal attention with the sole objective of preparing you for the IELTS examination.

Key Features:

  • Methodologies & importance of Reading sections.
  • Improving reading speed and comprehension.
  • Annotation guidelines for improving accuracy.
  • Tips for quick understanding of True/False/Not Given questions.
  • Handling for completion type questions.
  • Mastering matching type questions.
  • Reading Practice Tests Evaluation and Discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and recap on weak areas.

  • Listening test pattern- detail comprehension.
  • Listening strategies & important points.
  • Developing proficiency in listening test.
  • Working on listening speed.
  • Paraphrasing skills for listening actions.
  • Solving complex Questions.
  • Practice tests on listening section, with analysis and discussion.
  • Grammar lessons and extra attention on weak areas.

  • Understanding & FAQ’s speaking section.
  • Strategies for tasks
  • Phrases, vocab and idioms
  • Grammar lessons and Drills on weak areas.
  • Preparation & discussion on general questions
  • Random speaking practice from random questions
  • Conceptualization of ideas and expression on thoughts

  • Introduction/ Conceptualization IELTS writing tasks.
  • Understanding Summary/Report writing.
  • Writing presentation for Bar/Pie/Line and different diagrams.
  • Vocabulary and Idioms for Summary/Report writing.
  • Understanding Writing complexities-Component of a good essay.
  • Writing: Argumentative, Opinion-based, Cause-effect etc.
  • Concept Ideation, visualization and writing essay flows.
  • Scientific technique for improving coherence and cohesion.
  • Writing Specific Grammar and vocabulary.
  • Writing Task 1 mocks and Evaluation.
  • Essay Writing mocks, Evaluation and Discussion.

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