IELTS aspirants can download and review all latest question papers and model  practice sets for IELTS General & IELTS Academics exams. From the section you can download free sample sets and previous years model question papers of IELTS.

Herein you can find IELTS question papers and practice test samples for test-takers to practice and prepare for the IELTS exam. This is organized category-wise, and can be easily navigate through the different sections to find the relevant resources needed.

Herein you can find variety of previous year question papers and practice test samples that cover different sections of the previous year IELTS exam, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Each sample comes with detailed instructions and answers, which can help users understand the format and structure of the exam.

You can also check for previous year tips and strategies to help them perform better on the IELTS exam. These tips cover various aspects of the exam, such as time management, vocabulary building, and sentence structure.

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IELTS Exam Sample Paper Test General Training Module

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IELTS Exam Sample Question Paper Academic Module

Here are some tips on how to use IELTS practice question papers to prepare for the exam:

  1. Start Early: It’s important to start practicing IELTS question papers well in advance of the exam date. This will give you enough time to identify your weaknesses and work on improving them.
  2. Choose Quality Practice Papers: There are numerous IELTS practice papers available online and in bookstores. It’s important to choose good quality practice papers from reliable sources, such as the official IELTS website or reputable publishers.
  3. Simulate Exam Conditions: To get the most out of IELTS practice papers, try to simulate exam conditions as much as possible. This means practicing in a quiet environment with no distractions, timing yourself, and sticking to the same time limits as the actual exam.
  4. Analyze Your Performance: After practicing a module, review your answers and analyze your performance. Identify the types of questions that you struggled with and work on improving them. You can also seek feedback from a tutor or a study partner to get a different perspective on your performance.
  5. Practice Regularly: Practicing IELTS question papers regularly is essential to improve your language skills and build confidence. Try to practice at least one mock test per week, and gradually increase the frequency as the exam date approaches.

Online IELTS Speaking Classes offer flexibility without compromising on quality. Perfect for busy individuals, these classes provide a structured curriculum and interactive sessions that replicate the real exam environment. Prepare for the speaking component with convenience and excellence.

Refine Your Strategy with IELTS Previous Question Papers

Practice makes perfect, and our collection of IELTS Previous years Question Papers ensures you’re well-prepared for the actual exam. These papers allow you to familiarize yourself with the question patterns, time management, and overall exam structure, boosting your confidence on test day.

Tailored Coaching in Mumbai

For those in Mumbai, our IELTS Coaching Classes provide a comprehensive learning experience. With a focus on individual strengths and areas for improvement, our instructors guide you through the nuances of each exam component, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success.

Unleash Your Potential with the Best IELTS Online Course

Explore our Best IELTS Online Course, a comprehensive program designed to cover all aspects of the IELTS examination. From speaking and writing to listening and reading, our course equips you with the skills and strategies needed to excel, all within the convenience of your digital realm.

Prepare for success with WizMantra’s IELTS preparation courses. Each program is carefully curated to address specific exam components, ensuring a holistic learning journey that propels you towards achieving your desired IELTS score. Embark on your path to excellence today.

IELTS Recent Papers & Mock Test, FAQ’s

The International English Language Testing System, more commonly known as IELTS, stands as a beacon for millions aspiring to showcase their English language proficiency on a global stage. Designed meticulously, this acclaimed test measures a candidate's ability to read, write, listen, and speak in English, serving as a golden ticket for endeavors ranging from higher education to global migration. At its core, IELTS offers two distinct test versions: Academic Module: Tailored for those seeking to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels or for those joining a professional organization in an English-speaking country. General Training Module: Designed for individuals moving to English-speaking countries for work, training, or migration purposes. Spread across four pivotal sections - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking - the IELTS exam is a rigorous assessment, ensuring candidates are well-equipped to navigate the nuances of English in diverse real-world scenarios. What sets IELTS apart? Its global recognition. Esteemed universities, employers, immigration authorities, and professional bodies across countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada rely on IELTS scores as a trusted metric of English proficiency. With WizMantra's repository of "IELTS exam last year papers," candidates gain an unparalleled edge, offering insights into the exam's intricate fabric. Dive deep into our resources, and let the IELTS journey unfold, fortified by thorough preparation and global ambition.

Stepping into the vast arena of IELTS preparation can be akin to navigating a labyrinth. Each turn, each decision you make influences your final outcome. So, where does one find the map to this intricate maze? The answer lies in the chronicles of the past: last year's IELTS papers.

Authentic Insights: Delving into last year's IELTS papers offers a genuine snapshot of the exam's landscape. It unveils the topics that have been in the limelight, the twists in question types, and the subtle nuances that might be missed in standard preparatory materials.

Benchmark Your Preparation: These papers act as a mirror, reflecting your strengths and areas that beckon more attention. By attempting these, you get a tangible measure of where you stand in real-time exam scenarios.

Boost Time Management: The clock can be an aspirant's friend or foe. Practicing with last year's papers hones your time-management skills, ensuring you strike the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

Tackle the Unexpected: The IELTS, with its global repute, often sprinkles a few surprises to assess genuine proficiency. Familiarizing yourself with previous papers equips you to face these curveballs with confidence.

Enhance Strategy Application: Different sections might demand varied approaches. By revisiting past papers, you can fine-tune your strategies, ensuring they're not just theoretical but also practical.

In the digital age, the quest for genuine, untainted resources can often resemble searching for a needle in a haystack. As aspirants of the globally-renowned IELTS examination, the stakes are even higher. At WizMantra Academy, we understand this gravity and are committed to providing only the most authentic resources. So, what is the pedigree of our last year's IELTS papers?

Official Channels: Every paper we showcase is sourced directly from the official IELTS administering bodies. Our direct liaison ensures that the materials presented are nothing short of genuine.

Curatorial Precision: Our dedicated team of IELTS aficionados meticulously scrutinizes each paper. This rigorous vetting process ensures that what you access is not just authentic but also relevant.

Aligned to Latest Trends: The IELTS exam, while consistent, subtly evolves over time. Our collection of last year's papers reflects the latest patterns, question types, and topical preferences, offering a timely snapshot of the exam's current persona.

Feedback Integration: Our global community of IELTS aspirants and achievers often share their exam experiences and insights. These first-hand accounts further validate the authenticity of our papers.

Digital Verification: In an era of rampant digital manipulation, we employ advanced digital verification tools to ensure the integrity of the papers remains untarnished.

Transparent Origins: We believe in transparency. For every paper, we provide a clear source or origin, allowing our users to trace back and validate the material's lineage if they so wish.

Within the realm of IELTS preparation, understanding theory is only one side of the coin. The true test lies in simulating the exam environment, where time, pressure, and unpredictability play crucial roles. And what better tool to recreate this scenario than last year's IELTS papers? At [Your Institute's Name], we elucidate the transformative impact of these invaluable resources on your preparation.

Actual Exam Feel: Navigating through last year's papers provides a firsthand experience of the real exam setting, acquainting you with the format, flow, and focal areas of the test.

Strategic Time Management: Time is of the essence in IELTS. Regular practice with genuine papers hones your ability to allocate adequate time to each section, striking a balance between precision and pace.

Spotting Patterns: While every IELTS paper is unique, discerning patterns in question types or recurrent themes can offer a strategic advantage. Historical papers act as a window into these subtle trends.

Skill Enhancement: Be it enhancing vocabulary through reading tests, improving listening accuracy, or refining writing structures, last year's papers offer a comprehensive toolkit for skill augmentation.

Benchmarking Performance: By periodically testing yourself with past papers, you can gauge your progress trajectory, identifying strengths to harness and weak spots to address.

Confidence Boost: Familiarity breeds confidence. The more you immerse in authentic exam-like scenarios, the more poised you become, alleviating pre-exam jitters and fostering exam-day confidence.

The linguistic landscape is vast and varied. Amidst this expanse, certain benchmarks emerge as trusted waypoints, guiding learners towards globally recognized proficiency. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) stands as one such monumental landmark. But how does the curriculum at [Your Institute's Name] weave its threads with this illustrious framework in the context of IELTS?

Synchronized Learning Objectives: Our IELTS modules are meticulously structured to align with CEFR's competency descriptors. From elemental language command to intricate linguistic mastery, we ensure our learners' journey resonates with global standards.

Pragmatic Approach: Echoing CEFR's ethos of real-world language application, our IELTS lessons immerse students in practical scenarios. This design ensures they're not just exam-ready but world-ready.

Harmonized Assessment Metrics: Our evaluation techniques are sculpted with inspiration drawn from CEFR's guidelines. Be it oral interactions or written assessments, we ensure our metrics reflect a global calibration.

Tailored Progress Pathways: Mirroring CEFR's gradient from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Master), our IELTS courses offer learners a lucid, step-wise ascent, with clear milestones marking their progression.

Cultural Nuances: Beyond lexicon and grammar, both CEFR and IELTS emphasize the significance of cultural context. Our curriculum is richly interlaced with cultural explorations, offering students a panoramic view of English across global canvases.

Transparency in Reporting: Drawing from CEFR's commitment to clarity, our IELTS course feedback is exhaustive, providing students with granular insights into their performance vis-à-vis international benchmarks.

In the vast realm of English proficiency testing, there's nothing quite as invaluable as firsthand experience. At WizMantra Academy, we ardently believe in not only arming our learners with theoretical knowledge but also offering them a genuine taste of the IELTS examination ambiance. How do we achieve this? Through meticulously curated mock tests that echo the challenges and nuances of actual IELTS examinations.

Replica of Reality: By leveraging last year's IELTS papers, we ensure our mock tests mirror the most recent question patterns, topic pools, and assessment criteria. This alignment guarantees our students are navigating terrain that's strikingly akin to the real examination battleground.

Honed Strategy Implementation: The privilege of practicing with previous year's papers allows students to implement, iterate, and perfect their test-taking strategies. By the time they confront the real exam, they're not just equipped but exuberantly confident.

Feedback Finesse: Post-mock test, our seasoned instructors dissect your performance, offering granular insights, strategic advice, and actionable feedback. This ensures that every practice session culminates in palpable progress.

Flexibility & Abundance: Whether you seek the challenge of a complete test or wish to focus on specific modules, our repository, enriched with previous year's papers, offers flexibility in abundance. Dive deep, practice relentlessly, and emerge exam-ready.

Navigating the challenging currents of the IELTS exam necessitates more than just raw knowledge; it calls for strategy, self-awareness, and targeted practice. Past papers stand as invaluable relics, offering a window into the exam's very soul. Here at [Your Institute's Name], we've devised a systematic approach to leverage these papers, ensuring our students' preparation is not just thorough, but also astute.

Commence with a Diagnostic Test: Kickstart your IELTS journey by taking an unassisted test using a previous year's paper. This will serve as a diagnostic tool, unveiling your strengths and areas that demand attention.

Identify Patterns and Recurring Themes: The IELTS, while vast, exhibits certain consistent patterns. Dive into multiple past papers, earmarking recurring question types, themes, and even potential pitfalls. This empowers you to tailor your studies accordingly.

Simulate Real Exam Conditions: Don’t just solve, simulate! Transform your study space into an IELTS exam hall. Adhere strictly to the time limits, minimize distractions, and even replicate the exam's sequence. This immersive approach accustoms you to the exam's pressure and pacing.

Strategic Review Sessions: Post every test, don't just correct, introspect. Analyze each mistake, seeking its root cause. Was it a lack of knowledge, a misread question, or perhaps time constraints? By doing so, you metamorphose every error into a learning opportunity.

Engage in Focused Drills: Based on your diagnostic test and subsequent practices, zone in on the sections that pose challenges. Use relevant sections from past papers to partake in focused drills, honing your skills segment by segment.

Stay Updated and Versatile: Remember, while past papers are golden tools, the IELTS exam is evolving. Stay updated with the latest formats and trends by integrating current study materials with your practice sessions.

Absolutely! At WizMantra Academy, we recognize the immense value that collaborative learning and peer-to-peer interaction bring to the table. Consequently, we've meticulously crafted an interactive space for IELTS aspirants like you — our dedicated IELTS Discussion Forum. Topic-Centric Threads: Navigate through a myriad of discussion threads, each dedicated to specific past papers, question types, or unique challenges faced in the IELTS examination. Whether it's the nuances of the listening module or the intricacies of the writing task, there's a conversation awaiting your engagement. Expert Interventions: Our forums aren't just about peer discussions. Periodically, IELTS trainers and seasoned experts from our team dive into these conversations, offering insights, clarifications, and even advanced strategies. With [Your Website's Name], you're never in the learning journey alone. Personalized Query Resolution: Got a specific doubt or faced a unique challenge with a particular past paper? Initiate your thread and watch as fellow aspirants, alumni, and our in-house IELTS mavens come together to assist you. Resource Sharing and Recommendations: Beyond discussions, our forum emerges as a repository of resources. Discover shared notes, recommend books, or even find recordings that can aid your preparation. Stay Updated: In the ever-evolving realm of IELTS, our forum ensures you're always a step ahead. Be it changes in the exam format, emerging question patterns, or just valuable tips; the forum is your dynamic IELTS newsfeed
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 4 reviews
 by Jyoti

I read somewhere for the significance of idioms in IELTS exams.Can you email me the questions relevant to Idioms for exams. As I am not able to find those in question papers above. Wondering if you can help me with latest IELTS question papers too.

Sample papers are good but need additional insights on patterns.

 by Ratan

Thank you for helping me all these question papers. These were really helpful for me to clear my IELTS.

 by Phuong Aung

Best place for IELTS aspirants, It was a great opportunity to be friends with aspirants across the World in "Know How" & "Friday engagement sessions" I met a lot of new exciting friends from many countries. Technology, webinar and streaming was par excellence and made us easy for us to take all classes deliberately effective.

 by Prateem

WizMantra is the perfect gateway towards getting your desired scores for PTE & IELTS exams. At WizMantra you are provided with insightful information & tipscto tackle with questions in a speedy way & on how you should work on different modules to complete everything in time during exam. I got enormous tips and motivation for English essay part, which was my actual week point. We do have options to download all free mock tests and latest IELTS questions papers for free and they arranges special sessions to address my concerns regarding the papers.

Even if you have earlier appeared for the exam or you are a first timer, its a perfect Institute to start with everything. Best of luck on your time management skills. As you know thats the key.

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