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WizMantra with the help of Brussels professional have developed custom reading, writing and speaking module for the students who are willing to learn French language online.

Learning French open the doors of many opportunities in India as well as abroad, knowledge of french will open you the doors to be the part of Travel & Tour insustry, hospitality, international business units, research and diplomats.

French Classes for Kids

Kids Children ClassesKids Starter course on French understanding & speaking. Dedicated classes with French mentors. Book a demo now @ 299 INR & get class in next 24 hours.

French for Adults

French Classes for Adults

Comprehensive courses for Adults for French understanding & Speaking. Inclusive of levels of French. Book a demo now @ 299 INR & get class in next 24 hours.

Ad-hoc French Courses

Adhoc French Classes online

AdHoc need based French courses for Kids & Adults. Customize your modules according to your need. Inclusive of levels of French. Book a demo now @ 299 INR & get class in next 24 hours.

– Greeting People
– Alphabets
– Talking about yourself / where you live / family members
– Your likes and dislikes
– About Date and Time
– Engage in a simple buy and sell situation

Vocabulary: Numbers, Nationalities, Prices, Classroom Objects, Countries and Cities, Colors, Seasons, Residence, Weather/Climate, Marital Status (Married/Single)

Grammar Topics:– Present Tense, Common verbs, Interrogation, Adjectives, Negation, Expressions of Days, months, Season year, Connectors – but, and, Articles (Indefinite/Definite), Masculine/Feminine, Expressions of Places.

– Talk about yourself, educational background, your job
– Ask for goods in a shop /Order meal in a restaurant
– Book a hotel / Buy tickets
– Ask your way and give directions
– Instructions / Use Transport
– Indicate the nature of a medical problem

Vocabulary: People, Physical Description, Hobbies: Sports, Shows, Going Out, Animals, Food Ingredients, Daily Shopping, Actions

Revision of A1 Level (Grammar Topics), ER, IR, RE verbs and Common verbs, Pronominal verbs, Infinitive Prepositions of time and place, Future tense, Future Simple, Interrogative adjectives,

In Details
– Daily Life
– People
– Feelings
– Places
– Events
– Work
– School
– Media
– Current Affairs
– Arts
– Everyday Life
Grammar in detail from A2 Intermediate Level

Learning French language online these days is becoming the passion of students who want to add international touch to their career cycle. Large numbers of people are seeking courses that provide them the opportunity to learn the language and move faster on the ladder of competition in today’s scenario.

French is the world famous language these days. It is the second most widely accepted language in the world after English. There is large number of institutes, cross cultural programs etc. being operated to spread the language across globe.

Learning the language not only improves the personality of the person but also gives him/her an edge in the international jobs market. This is an added advantage in one’s CV. Having knowledge of French helps to travel across the globe without the need to worry about the language barriers as this the widely spoken and accepted across different continents.

It is the language of all the cultures as all the major theaters work, art, music; dance can be better understood if you have a thorough knowledge of the language.

It is fun to learn French as it forms a root for learning other languages. It helps in getting associated with the international bodies where the individuals from different countries work on a common platform using some common mediums of instructions.

Learning French language gives the students a platform to expand its business and potentials across the national boundaries and to the international fronts.

Thus we at WizMantra have designed a specialized course that provides the opportunity to the students to learn the language through online conversations; possibly Skype, Hangout and phone calls. French learning syllabus custom designed for individuals who want to gain an international exposure in their professional and personal life too.

In French, verbs are divided into 3 groups :
First Group – Verbs whose infinitive ends in –er.
Second Group – Verbs whose infinitive ends in –ir.
Third Group – Verbs whose infinitive ends in –re.
Details of French Verbs

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

Talk to an expert now!

  • A- aa (pronounced in “Maa” as in mother in Hindi)
  • B-bay.
  • C- say
  • D- they
  • E- eu
  • F- ef
  • G- jey
  • H- ash
  • I- ee
  • J- ji
  • K- ka
  • L- el
  • M- em
  • N- en
  • O- 0
  • P- pay
  • Q- cue
  • R- er
  • S- es
  • T- tay
  • U- iu
  • J- jo
  • K- ka
  • L- el
  • M- em
  • N- en
  • O- o
  • P- pay
  • Q- cue
  • R- er
  • S- es
  • T- tay
  • U- iu
  • V- vay
  • W- dobbl
  • X- eeks
  • Y- ee
  • Z- zed

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 5 reviews
 by Aarti Student,from Noida

Hi, I am Aarti from Noida, WizMantra french online classes are just fantastic. I honestly like the classes, Half an hour online class with the individual trainer allows you to speak on the given topic, Course series broken in 30 minute modules. Which provide understanding to learn the language in a proper way. Learning a new language is not always easy but my trainer made it easy for me. My trainer Shilpa mam started through grammar and sentence formation series for making my language base strong. She worked on my pronunciation and emphasis more on speaking. It has been only one month since I have joined WizMantra french online classes. I feel confident while speaking french. Worksheets and videos are very helpful to develop fluency. encore beaucoup de chemin à parcourir 🙂

I highly recommend ,WizMantra french online classes.
Thanks WizMantra Academy:)

 by Yogita

I enjoyed learning French with WizMnatra online classes. It was very Different experience to learn French language from WizMantra. In demo class I have been observed that they more emphasis on speaking part that what I always want, My trainer covered writing part as well. But learning a new language is bit difficult,My trainer helped me lot and developed confidence in me . WizMantra French Classes are completely worth.

If I have time, I will surely come back for another module.

Bonne chance! WizMantra french online classes

 by Richa

Hi I am student from Delhi I have learnt French in school as a part of curriculum. I only learnt at school how to read and write the language. I didn’t know the correct pronunciation of the words. I have applied for a job, and they want me to know French as well.Decided to go with WizMantra French online classes as my friend suggested it is a premier online language academy ,for learning French. I must appreciate the way they teach, trainers more emphasis on speaking not only theory part,I have joined French speaking classes one month ago and it is getting better day by day.
bon apprentissage!! 🙂

 by Anu

Was wonderful learning French language with Institute online classes where combination of fun and learning together resides. Great experience learning French language course with the experts .
Était merveilleux l’apprentissage de la langue française avec les cours en ligne de l’Institut où se mêlent divertissement et apprentissage en groupe. Grande expérience d'apprentissage
Anu, Dwarka Delhi India

 by Janvi

I had an awesome time learning French online with WizMantra , It is the best online classes for French Language,online classes provide Flexible learning on your schedule. It Was an amazing learning experience French language with WizMantra online classes where fun and learning are together makes learning easy ,they have great teaching technique. I highly recommend WizMantra French language online classes!! Merci 🙂
Je suis heureux d'avoir rejoint WizMantra

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