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Hindi is the official language of India. However, you have pockets in India, especially the southern states like Tamil Nadu and so on where a major proportion of the population does not know Hindi. When the time comes for these people to move to other parts of India, they are at a disadvantage. Since Hindi is a unifying language in India, it becomes imperative for these people to learn Hindi. Wizmantra conducts special classes to teach Hindi.

Basic Hindi Course

The medium of instruction in almost all colleges and universities in India is English. Hence, people not knowing Hindi need not go deep into the subtler aspects of the Hindi language. The basic Hindi language-speaking course aims to develop your conversational ability in Hindi.

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On successful completion of this Hindi-speaking course, the participants can

  1. Have basic conversations in Hindi with native Hindi speakers
  2. Be able to convey their opinion in various matters in the Hindi language
  3. Express desires, needs, and wants in Hindi
  4. Use the right tense when speaking in the language
  5. Handle situations in areas dominated by Hindi-speaking people
  6. Learn the proper vocabulary and pronunciation of Hindi words
  7. See and understand Hindi movies without feeling the need to have subtitles in English or any other language

Basic requirements

  • Students without any knowledge of Hindi can enroll and benefit from this course
  • They should have a basic understanding of English as we conduct this course in English

This basic course teaches you to read, write, and speak in Hindi. If you happen to visit the northern parts of India, you must know Hindi to engage in simple conversations with the local people. You cannot expect them to understand English as most South Indians do. Learning to read Hindi is advantageous because you can read signboards and bus indicators that are invariably in Hindi in northern India.

The students intending to appear for the Prabodh, Praveen, and Pragya exams can also attend these classes. Wizmantra uses innovative methods of teaching that includes both the audio and video mode. These exams give you a specific level of proficiency in Hindi. It is necessary for everyone in India to know Hindi because the majority of Indians understand the language.

Wizmantra is one of the right places for you to be in if you are looking to learn Hindi effectively and in the quickest manner possible.

German Course Content Module & Pattern

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German Online Course Objectives

WizMantra conducts these German language courses for all students and professionals aspiring to make Germany their future home. It is a tremendous advantage to know the local language of the country. It helps you mix with the local population in a better manner.

The main objective of the syllabus and pattern covered in Basic English Speaking Module is

• To provide engagement to the students so that they can pronounce more for new and existing vocabularies.
• To provide them schedule so that they can read more of their own
• To provide them schedule to write daily for their writing improvements
• To establish a environment where they can develop their listening skills
• To establish etiquette so that they can comfortably work on their social and professional surroundings

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