Contents OF The IELTS Academic Test

If you really want to excel in this proficient test then it is extremely important that you must be familiar with all the test contents and know the format of the test. This will help you to make a good strategy and prepare better for the test.
This test covers all the aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Hence, to excel in it one needs to cover all three areas and perform better in all the domains for good test results. This test is divided into two types of modules.

One is the general level test while other is the academic training module. Academic training module is much more difficult and advanced as compared to the general training module.


Now, let us have a look over the courses and formats these two modules include:-


The first 30 minutes of this test are devoted to the listening examination. In this test, you will be given a series of recordings of native English speakers while you will have to listen carefully. You will be then asked questions based on this which you will have to answer based on what you have listened. In this manner your listening ability will be tested.

The recordings are usually of four types:-

• Recording 1:- Conversation between two people
• Recording 2:- Monologue speech usually in social context
• Recording 3:- Conversation between four people based on educational training
• Recording 4:- Monologue on academic subject

In this way the candidate is checked for his/her listening skills.


Now, 30 minutes are devoted to reading comprising of 40 questions where a candidate will be given a lot of stuff to read and then answer the questions. This reading is not very much limited to a specific area and contains a variety of readings including main ideas, skimming, details, passages and many more.

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In the academic test content the texts are generally long covering both the analytical and factual parts. This test actually examines the reading capability and understanding developed based on this reading, Hence, one needs to carefully go through what has been written and understand the content to excel in this area of this test.


As far as writing is considered again 30 minutes are devoted for this part. This test usually includes the topics which are of common interests of the aspirants and tests the writing skills in English language checking their vocabulary and use of worlds in sentences.

In the academic part of this test, pie charts or graphs are given to a candidate and then the candidate is asked to write the conclusions drawn from the particular chart. This might also ask the candidate to explain the chart of the graph in his/her own words.

The second task in the writing examination is to write an essay on any given topic based on your own understanding and views. In this manner with the series of these two tasks a candidate is examined for the writing test.

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Last but not the least is the speaking test where one to one interview is taken of the candidate in order to check his/her speaking ability and capabilities. Usually 11 to 14 minutes are devoted for this test depending on the examiner where the candidate is examined through general questions, card representation, and further questions.

In this way, the examiner will test the candidate and evaluate based on what he/she speaks, how he/she speaks etc.
So, now you know the format of this test, hence make your strategy and start preparing for all the aspects.

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