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Want to make a promising career in the healthcare sector?

Are you already working as a healthcare professional and seeking to work in countries abroad?

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of healthcare sector but not getting a chance to work internationally?

Occupational English Test, popularly known as OET is an English speaking test specifically designed to assess the English speaking abilities of, particularly healthcare professionals looking to practice abroad in an English speaking environment. It is a highly respected and well-organized test recommended especially for the healthcare sector.

OET goes way back in the late 1980’s and was established under the contract signed with the Australian Federal Government. From then till now, OET remains germane owing to constant updation through research and authentication.

OET remains as a recommended test accepted widely by the healthcare boards and councils across various countries like United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, and Dubai. Various organizations comprising hospitals, colleges and universities make use of the test to observe and validate a candidate’s skills in communicating through the English language.

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    What is OET?

    Occupational medical testWhat is OET Test:

    Occupational English Test is widely used test to measure English speaking skills of a candidate. It provides with an accurate reflection of an individual’s abilities to converse in an English speaking healthcare workspace.

    Once a candidate clears the OET he can be recognized as an effective communicator in the English language on various matters that can be anything – emotional or technical.

    Keeping in view the requirements of healthcare workplace where English is used as a mode of communication, OET has been specifically devised that tests the abilities of healthcare professionals to reflect scenario based simulated tasks of 12 different healthcare professions.

    With a history since late 1980’s OET has evolved over a period of time and the development continues with an ongoing research that draws conclusions and recommendations through vital research studies.

    The test structure puts emphasis on all four areas of the language i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking but is limited to only healthcare environment and candidates are time-tested in all these four areas.

    Who can opt for the OET test?

    Occupational English Test or OET is an English language assessment test for the healthcare professionals that are looking for a career in an English-speaking surroundings. The test can be attempted by health practitioners or individuals looking for a career in the following 12 professions:

    – Dentistry
    – Medicine
    – Occupational Therapy
    – Dietetics
    – Nursing
    – Pharmacy
    – Radiography
    – Optometry
    – Physiotherapy
    – Speech Pathology
    – Podiatry
    – Veterinary Science

    Eligible for Exam preparation

    Who can accept my OET scores?

    Occupational English Test (OET) is widely accepted test for the healthcare professionals. OET results are accepted as a proof of English language proficiency to the universities or institutions you are applying to.

    Various regulatory healthcare boards and councils depend on the OET scores for recruitment and selection. It is also accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and healthcare educators.
    Check here the list of countries, colleges, and universities where you can apply.

    When and where can I take my OET test?

    Occupational English Test has a certain list of venues where the exam is held each year. They include esteemed and reputable universities, English language schools and exam centers.

    For the OET test, dates available are several in every month of the year. However, the only next two test dates can be registered at a time. You need to choose wisely for the dates of the test before you apply.

    You can find here the list of OET test centers and available test dates you can apply on.

    What are the fees for the OET test?

    The price of the OET test is in Australian dollars inclusive of Goods and Service Tax (GST). The candidates who are going to appear for the first time for the Occupational English Test must sit for the 4 sub-tests. A booking fee of $7.00 is applicable to all applications which are effective from 1st June 2010. The cost of the Occupational English Test is $587 AUD globally. The fees are inclusive of booking fees, GST and sample practice tests, daily language tips and a Masterclass to help you prepare for the test.

    Why choose OET?

    – An ooze of confidence
    An environment which showcases real-life workplace scenarios will make you muster up the courage and confidence to pursue OET on your estimated day.

    – Use those skills for success
    Everyday language skills can be put to proper use in your learning pathway or even for the rest of your career.

    – 24*7 Availability of Preparation Material
    Gain access to unlimited resources for the preparation of the OET Exam anytime and from any place around the world.

    – Suitable for Healthcare Professionals with abroad opportunities
    An apt test for the Healthcare Professionals to enter their dream college/university.

    Registration for the test:

    To take an attempt at OET, you can select a test date available every month in a calendar year in over 40 countries. However, at a particular time registration is open only for the latest two dates.

    To apply for the test online, visit the official website. The window for receipt of applications closes three weeks prior to the test. If you are willing to take an attempt at the latest date available, ensure that you apply three or more weeks prior to the date of the test.

    Preparation for the test:

    OET comprises of four sections that are time-based. One needs to prepare for all these sections and attempt the questions in the time limit as provided for individual sections.

    Listening Reading Writing Speaking
    50 minutes approx. 1 hour 45 minutes 20 minutes approx.
    Similar content for all 12 healthcare professions Profession based simulations on typical workplace situations
    Part A: Consists of audio-recorded and simulated professional-patient consultations with note-taking questions Part A: Requires skimming and scanning short health-related texts and complete a summary paragraph by filling in missing words. The task is letter – writing, usually, it’s a referral letter for another professional. At times, especially for few professions, a different type of letter is required: for instance, a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advise or inform a patient, carer, or group. A role-play based consultation, you take your professional role (as a healthcare professional) while the interlocutor plays a patient or client, or sometimes a relative or carer. Face-to-Face interaction takes place and is examined on the basis of communication that takes place.
    Part B: Consists of lecture or recorded talk on health-related topic, with range of short and multiple choice answers. Part B: Requires reading longer health-related paragraphs and answer multiple-choice questions based on such text.

    When you want to thrive in a proper healthcare institution, you need the required skills to clear the levels in OET. This can be perfected and mastered with a qualified mentor at WizMantra.

    With a number of coaches specialized in different sections of the test, you would be provided with the much required help to master the contents and excel the test. At the cost of just 90 minutes a day along with a level of dedication, Wizmantra provides you an opportunity to take a step ahead in your career with eloquent direction and comprehensive training sessions.

    On the test day:

    OET consisting of four different sections is conducted entirely on the same day of the test with an allotted time span. The first three sections i.e. Listening, Reading and Writing would take approximately 3 hours to complete. The speaking test would come in the last which would take another 20 minutes give or take and for further reference on test format you can visit the official website.

    The first test on the testing day starts at 9.00 am at your allotted testing center. Make sure to reach at least 1 hour prior to the start time to complete the formalities at the test center.

    Scores in OET:

    Once you’re completed with your OET, you can expect to receive your Statement of Results online within 16 working days of your latest attempt at OET. Once the results are published online, every candidate would receive the hard copy of the Statement of Results by another 10 working days.

    The grading is reported from A (highest) to E (lowest) for every subsection individually. In case you’re not satisfied with the grades you’re provided with, you can always apply for re-marking. If that doesn’t resolve your concern, you can re-sit for the examination at the next available date.

    Some quick techniques to help you in OET preparation:

    Keep in mind the following quick facts while preparing for your OET:
    – Identify your English speaking abilities and start working on the improvement of your skills.
    – Polish your skills by reading, writing, listening and speaking in the English Language.
    – Try increasing your reading speed with accuracy.
    – Upgrade your knowledge of healthcare facilities and requirements.
    – Apply for mock-tests and develop analytical skills in reading and listening.
    – Make sure not to break the conversation into silence while speaking.

    With a few pointers, an expert guidance and a self-dedicated goal, you are sure to be equipped with everything that you might face at OET. All you have to do is break your glass ceiling to experience a sky-rocketing career that awaits you.

    Cheers to a new beginning of your career.

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