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The Indian job market is growing by leaps and bounds and competition is fierce like never before. If you’re fresh out of college and recently finished your graduation, and are looking forward to take the world, this is the place for you.
With our English for jobseekers training programnme, Wizmantra aims to help individuals develop their English language speaking skills specifically related to employability. The training is best for the fresher candidates who seek job opportunities in sectors like hospitality, retail, call center, MNCs, government body and many other organizations.

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    You are looking for job. And you believe that somewhere there is a person who has the perfect job offer for you. The one job that will fully utilize your knowledge and capabilities while offering you opportunities for growth and development.

    Well, you are just on right track. But do you know finding a dream job involves well-planned job search strategy complete with endless hours and research, application followed by interview and group discussions.

    While your knowledge, skill base, and experience together make a product that you need to sell in the market; you must also understand how you can market yourself in the job market more effectively.

    Whether you are just out of school, ready to give a kick start to your career or are looking for job after gaining 20years of valuable experience, it pays to know that thanks to globalization, Indian job market has also evolved to a greater extent.

    Understandably, English speaking was never in trend as it is today. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that English has now become the language of masses.

    Our ‘English for Jobseekers’ training program is customized as per the requirements of the individuals i.e. it is tailor-made to suit the basic level of the English language skills of the person.

    The English language skills you will acquire after enrolling for the program will help you navigate easily through every aspect of a job interview.

    Reasons to take “WizMantra Interview Preparation” course

    • Successful application writing consulting and tips
    • All round Interview preparations
    • Workplace vocabulary and professional consulting
    • Enriching confidence
    • Medium- Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Phone etc

    What I Love the Most about My Job?

    Essential English Speaking Tips for Job Interviews

    Series: Heroic deeds

    Series: Heroic deeds

    Series: Heroic deeds

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    Interview Preparation
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     15 reviews
     by Meera Gupta

    Hi I am Meera, I am from Jalandhar, Punjab. WizMantra is a new way of learning while working. I have joined this Academy for my interview preparation, online is the best way of preparing myself. I have learnt many basic things which are important to develop my personality. I personally believe if you want to crack interview, you need confidence to convince interviewer and you will get that confidence with your speaking ability, right words at the right time. You need preparation before your final interview. I have prepared with my English trainer. I like the way they teach with different techniques. Thanks WizMantra and my trainer for supporting me and clearing all my doubts.

    Meera, Jalandhar, Punjab, India

     by Akhil

    Namaste everyone, Akhil here from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am highly obliged while writing this review because of how beautifully these people have changed my life. Being northeastern I was always the center of teasing because of my accent. My colleagues here in college used to tease me every day until I got fed up and asked my senior close friend on what can be done to improve my vocabulary and fluency. I was told by him that I should take a course which helps me in both the areas namely Corporate Skills & English Speaking. Therefore I joined Wizmantra’s English for Job Seeker and Corporate skills Course. After taking this course I was able to speak fluently and confidently in front of huge audience. The people who use to tease me became my friends and took classes from me on how they can improve to which I always suggested them to take Wizmantra’s English for Job Seeker Course.

    Akhil, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

     by Rajesh

    Hello everyone reading this review, I, Rajesh from Ahmedabad. I would like to tell you about how my once lost wish got fulfilled with the Wizmantra’s English course for Jobseekers Course. When I was studying in a Gujarati medium school I never got to know more about English therefore my English was very week which actually got worse when I had to interview for a college in my 12th standard. I got rejected and then go admitted to another college but to my knowledge this dint add anything but a regret of not learning English. But sooner or later I knew I had to learn English, so as I got opportunity after my graduation I decided not to get rejected in another interview. Therefore I got registered for Wizmantra’s English course for Jobseekers Course. They helped me immensely to get the job of my dreams. I will be thankful to you guys.

    Rajesh, Ahmedabad, India

     by Raju

    Hi people, I am Raju Rajanand Srivastava from Jaipur, Rajasthan. As I was from a reputed family I had to get job in a good company because my elder brother had a very good academic score which lead him to get a high paying job in India’s top most multinational company. He was my idol and thus I decided that I will also study hard and get a high paying job just like him. But when I was about to finish my final year I got to know that for interviews technical skills are of equal important as your English is. Then I decided to study English by myself but I was not able to understand and speak because of lack of guidance. Then I got to know about Wizmantra’s English for Job Seeker course. After taking this course I got the same high paying job as my brother did. Now our parents are proud of us. Thank you wizmantra

     by Ujjawal

    Myself Ujjawal, I was ill-educated as I come from a rural village of Raigad district in Maharashtra, India. I studied in Marathi medium and thus my English was very poor. Then when I came to college I got to know that for job purpose you need to have a strong English vocabulary with fluency.But not paying heed to any of my friends I tried to give an interview without practicing my communication skills, as I was confident with my academic and technical skills. But even after getting selected in the technical round while giving my final HR round I got rejected more than twice. But then, one of my friends suggested me about online English classes which can help me improve my vocabulary skills and help me get a job easily while pursuing my ongoing studies.When I came to know how I can improve my English, I thought to give it a shot and went for WizMantra’s Job-Seeker’s Program + Interview Preparation. They helped me to write a successful application with their apt consultation and got me prepared for the interview. Therefore I was able to get placed in a good company after taking their course. That course helped me with my confidence as well. One should definitely take this course.

     by Akki

    Being a fresher hailing from Hindi medium, I faced quite a bit of struggle in finding a good job that could do justice to my engineering degree. Other candidates were given preference over me because they possess better English speaking skills. After sometime I realized that I am not going to get a job and my career will be ruined. Luckily one of my friends suggested me about joining Wizmantra’s Job-Seeker’s Program + Interview Preparation.

    Soon after I joined the course with the institute and I in a few days of time I could find myself improving my English. The training that was provided to me over call and video chat involved learning basic things like forming simpler sentences, how to introduce myself as well as how to start conversation.

    I learned quite a lot during the three months and developed a confidence that I could now face any competition. After the training, I got job in my second interview only and that too in my core branch. I am grateful to the Wizmantra for shaping my personality and my career.

     by Shobit

    Having been moved from Kanpur to Delhi, I found it tough to land a suitable job for me as I was quite weak at English. Hailing from sales background, I was looking for a job in the field. Each interview that I gave required me to communicate in English. After plenty of unsuccessful interviews, I was clear that I needed to improve my English speaking capabilities. It is at this time I joined Wizmantra’s Job-Seeker’s Program and Interview Preparation course for 3 months.

    After I enrolled for the program, the trainer helped me in learning basic language while helping me to improve my writing skills. Along with this, I was taught to write job applications and other things like successful implementation of vocabulary while speaking and writing.

    The training imparted by the expert shaped my personality and helped me boost my confidence. Moreover, I landed a job in the 3rd month of the course itself that too with a reputable company. I sincerely thank Wizmantra for the opportunity that helped me become a better professional.

     by Jeevan

    I realized the core meaning of interview questions after joining WizMantra interview preparation classes. For me the surprising part was to understand the key net-ti-grities of each questions.

    And I am thank full to my mentor who is a HR in Accenture for actually clarifying and setting right parameters for me behind each questions.

    During the session I was being prepared to answer for around 70 possible HR interview questions. And during my interviews I realized that nothing was asked which was not prepared by me.

    Thank you WizMantra for your valuable life changing support

     by Prateek

    Thank you WizMantra for such a wonderful learning experience. It was unique on skype/phone learning experience.

    I have gain tremendous confidence to handle my overseas clients. Thank you so much for your support.

     by Ethan

    It is pleasure adding reviews here...
    I recommend Wizmantra as one of best english learning institution in South Delhi.
    Thankyou very much

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