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Basic “English Learning Classes”

Take a step to stay ahead by learning basic English language skills
WizMantra Basic English Learning programme is ideal for individual who needs to enhance their Basic English speaking level skills to boost confidence and get ready to face the world.

To be precise, the entire course is designed to help the trainee achieve ability to communicate effectively in real life situations.

Our typical course content offers balanced approach to learning the English language while focusing on the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing English.

The training material for “General online English learning” aptly covers essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation of words, use of idioms and colloquial English language.

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Rs 3800 + Tax
2 Month
Rs 7600 + Tax
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Rs 11400 + Tax

Reasons to enroll for WizMantra’s “Basic English Spoken” module:

• You’re willing to develop your fluency and learn English in everyday contexts
• Your Spoken English level is between Beginner and Advanced
• You want to improve your English level quickly and effectively

The right candidate who can undergo spoken English training:

  • Student who have studied till 12 standard

This spoken English course offers effective learning sessions to students who need to work on their English fluency level, or want to study or travel abroad.
With the spoken English class/ course, students can prepare to appear for competitive examinations like banks, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

  • Government Employee

The improvement in the system and old age ways of how government bodies used to work have long gone by. With the hi-tech world and technological advancements, It’s high time to remove hesitation while speaking to English nationals/speakers.

WizMantra helps you improve your level of English speaking and enhance your ability to use and speak English with this course.
Housewife looking for improvement in English communication or job

Want to help your school going kid learn English? Talk to him/her in the language.

Well, don’t be disheartened if you can’t speak fluent English. Our Basic English language course is ideal for beginners like you.

In case, you are looking for job or crack your first job interview, this is the course for you.

  • Businessman who travels for business purposes

With the advent of digital age, the world has become a smaller place and businesses are done online. However, this makes it mandatory for businessman to remain updated to stay ahead of their competitors. And if they are in the business of import and export, travel opens the avenues to meet new people and do business with them.

With this online spoken English course, we give you the opportunity to learn English from the comfort of your home while you get ready to confidently do the business in a foreign land.

Basic Spoken English Course Content

  • Structured days per month: Monday to Friday 30 minutes
  • Focus Activities: Spoken by conversation, discussion, role play, interview
  • Audio lessons: 20 (allowed to record and download)
  • Daily Vocabularies: 2 daily to memorize and practice, sent by Email
  • Daily sentences & phrases: 2 daily to memorize and practice sent by Email
  • Class size: Dedicated trainer; one to one class
  • Syllabus: No fixed pattern or syllabus, module is speaking centered and it is created and modified in the real live sessions just to meet the actual needs of students.
  • Reference activities to practice daily

WizMantra Basic English Course Objective

The main objective of the syllabus and pattern covered in Basic English Module is

  • To provide engagement to the students so that they can pronounce more for new and existing vocabularies.
  • To provide them schedule so that they can read more of their own
  • To provide them schedule to write daily for their writing improvements
  • To establish a environment where they can develop their listening skills
  • To establish etiquette so that they can comfortably work on their social and professional surroundings

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Series: Heroic deeds


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