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Spanish language is being widely spoken by some 400 million speakers. It is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the mother tongue in 21 countries across the globe. Learning this language gives a push to one’s career in various aspects. It not only opens opportunities in the professional aspect but also help in upgrading the personality of the individual.

The learning and gaining fluency in the language has become the need of hour because of the following reasons:

  1. The person having knowledge of the language can better understand the Hispanic culture and understand its art, culture etc.
  2. The person with the good knowledge of the language can set up and expand the cross culture business as understanding of the native language is very much required to handle the trade across the boundaries.
  3. It allows the person to carry on the research on certain issues of the country in which the language is widely spoken.
  4. Knowing the language provides an added advantage while working in any MNC as it provides the opportunity of handling the international dealings of the company.
  5. It provides the golden opportunity of working as translators in the embassies and provides a great international exposure.
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Why you should learn Spanish?

  1. This language is considered the easiest of all who want to actually learn a foreign language and are native English speakers as they derive 30% of the vocabulary and the grammar from the roots of English only.
  2. It provides great opportunities to dive into the work culture of USA as majority of the population in the country speak Spanish.
  3. It helps to make travel more easy and exciting as majority of the foreign countries have spanish speaking population. So travel becomes all the more exciting if we are familiar with the local language.
  4. Having knowledge of the language helps to enjoy amazing books and movies written in the language. It helps in expanding the knowledge base.
  5. Having knowledge of the language provides wider opportunities to study abroad. There are number of options available for study for the students who have knowledge of the foreign language especially Spanish. So somewhere having a command over any language apart from the native language opens great options before the students.
  6. Having knowledge of the language helps the individual to better appreciate the Spanish culture as it will help them to understand the broad features, past regimes and the present scenario of the cultures.
  7. Learning this language will help in making new friends across the globe. It diminishes the international boundaries that arise because of the language barriers.
  8. Learning this language will actually help in improving the English language as both languages are complimentary to each other.
  9. It helps to people who are enjoying the vacations in the Spanish speaking countries as it avoids undue hassles while enjoying.
  10. Learning a second language will surely improve the mental calculations and lead to mental and intellectual development.
  11. Spanish is considered as a “Gateway Language”. It becomes a catalyst and helps the person to learn additional 3 or 4 languages further.
  12. Having a hold on the language provides the chance and listens to the conversations between the Spanish speaking people and comprehends their talks.

We at Wizmantra are providing well balanced and structured telephonic Spanish speaking classes in which the students will be given one to one personalized Spanish trainer that would provide an extensive study of the language and helps student in developing the basic grammar, vocabulary and finally the fluency in the language.

Spanish course with WizMantra is available in the online mode through skype etc

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

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