Student schedule for Learning English.

English learning is an extensive exercise that requires continuous and focused approach in study. Thus a student needs to tactfully divide his /her time schedule amongst various aspects of English learning so that it is able to achieve the best possible results within the stipulated time period.

To gain fluency in the program the student must focus on all the aspects of learning language like reading, speaking, listening and writing too.

How to overcome obstacles while learning English?

WizMantra Schedule for English Learning Students

1. Session timings: The student should actively participate in the 30 minutes sessions daily with the assigned English trainer thereby working on the speaking and listening areas of language. You can interact with your trainer in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi & Kannad.

2. Reading: The student should give at least 15-20 minutes to reading newspaper, novels, story books etc. This will help them to understand the structuring of the sentences, understanding the grammatical concepts and the flow of language while writing a language.

3. Discussions: The students while taking sessions with the trainer should also focus on taking some discussions with the friends, relatives or the family members. This way they can reduce the level of hesitation while speaking and improve the confidence level.

4. Speaking in front of mirror: The student should focus on while standing in front of the mirror. This will help to improve the body language, facial expressions and other non-verbal parts of the language. This simple activity for 10-15 minutes can bring a lot of change in the personality of the student.

5. Learning and applying the vocabulary: The vocabulary sessions that are regularly sent to the students should be learnt and applied in the daily conversation as would have a lasting impact in the learning process.

6. Write-ups: The students can also take out time and write few lines on daily basis on any topic of their choice or the topics sent to them on daily basis. This will help the professionals to improve upon their writing skills for mails, reports, reviews, blogs etc.

Thus a mix and match of the above mentioned techniques would help in achieving the desired results within the reasonable time.

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