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Wizmantra is a renowned institute that is offering various courses that primarily deal with spoken English, personality development, public speaking, interview preparations. Its various courses are designed keeping in mind the interests and requirements of different customers.

WizMantra Online English Trainer

For successful designing and implementation of any course the role of a trainer is of utmost importance. Though there are many other English speaking institutes working on the same business line with a number of trainers with them but the trainers of WizMantra stand out amongst the crowd.

The reason for uniqueness of the trainers is the dedication and hard work which they put with each student. They treat each student as a unique personality having different needs and requirements. At WizMantra English speaking Institute, trainers try to evaluate the present standards of the student and the main areas of their weakness.

Our English trainers, being patient they customized the basic structure of the program to suit to the requirements of each student. Depending on the grasping level of the student they adjust the pace of their learning sessions.

They not only play the role of trainers but also play the role of motivators. They give due emotional support to the students and encourage them to work hard to achieve much better results. They give extra efforts on the students that require more time and hard work.

Trainers at WizMantra English Learning institute deploy different methods to create the interest of the students in the sessions. For the beginners they focus on developing base of the grammar and making them understand the important concepts of the English coaching classes. They use role plays and situational analysis to make the students understand how to handle the daily situations and schedule their day.

This way the hesitation level amongst students gets reduced and they become much more confident.
With the advanced level the trainers work on formation of their opinions on various topics. They take various current topics and hold discussion sessions with the students as would help them in forming with their opinions. The students at our Institute are encouraged to brush up their grammatical skills side by side.

The trainers at our Institute follow a different approach for courses related to writing skills. They try to make the students aware of the current writing format and how to write mails and reports in the most professional of the manner. This way along with the speaking part they also try to focus on the writing part of professional too.

The students going for personality improvement, interview preparations are to be handled in different ways as they need to taught about the right socializing skills, do’s and don’ts of interview, right approach in handling the interviews etc.

Thus, based on the type of course and the level of student the trainers at WizMantra Institute follow the right combination of teaching strategy and the study material. This flexibility in teaching and understanding the requirements of the students make them out stand other trainers.

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The trainers at our Institute are also involved in designing the study material that has been designed after studying the levels and needs of students over the time. The different creative techniques like role plays, situations, and discussions help the students in understanding the practical aspect of the online English courses.

The trainers (who are multilingual and can speak Hindi, Kannad, Tamil, French & German) at WizMantra English spoken Institute have a better competitive edge than their counterparts. Their flexible and personalized way of teaching the subjects makes their students more competitive and fluent in the subjects. They take each of the students as a different personality and structure their material according to their requirements of the students. The flexible approach in teaching, dedication, handworks and the motivational attitude helps the trainers to outshine the trainers from other institutes.

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