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Why being fluent in English is important these days? Why learning English is on everybody’s mind these days?

English is the most commonly used language these days. It is the official language of many countries. It is being used as a means of communication in almost all the industries, professions, business, social circles etc. It is the language that is used for communications amongst people of different countries as it serves to be a common medium of communication.

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Thus to achieve an edge over your colleagues, or classmates in school or college, or have a greater impact while interacting in social circles learning this language has become of great importance.

There are many institutes that have come up that are offering extensive courses on English speaking, writing etc.

Thus importance of spoken English in our lives can be summarized as follows:

  1. English is the link language between different countries.
  2. English is the most widely used medium of education. In most of the schools all the books and the study material is largely printed in English.
  3. It is very important to be perfect in speaking English, writing in English; if the person has plans to study or settle abroad.
  4. English is used as a means of communication between states having different official language.
  5. English is used extensively by corporate having foreign clients, suppliers etc.

But these days the trend of online English classes is spreading widely. There are many advantages of taking online spoken classes as compared to the old traditional classroom classes:

  •  These online spoken English classes have an element of flexibility in them. The spoken classes can be taken from your home, place of work without the need to come to the classrooms.
  • One to one students-teacher sessions helps in drawing personal attention towards the student as compared to the divided attention in case of the classroom sessions.
  • Online spoken programs are flexible and can be customized according to the needs and the requirements of the student. A specially focused online spoken English program helps in bringing the due and consistent results.
  • Online Spoken classes are cost saving as the cost on transportation and the traveling time is discarded. Thus these are more cost effective.
  • The students have a choice of flexible time schedule according to their needs and requirements as there are spoken classes at short intervals.
  • The students need not miss or cancel the sessions in case of emergency. These can be carried forward.

Thus there is a great demand for on line English speaking institutes. We at WizMantra have specially designed online English speaking courses that outstands the courses of other institutes because:

1. We have a set of trained and experienced trainers who have excelled in their respective fields and have the power to convert the students with fairly average and unstructured English speaking skills into complete professionals with fluent and outstanding English.

2. WizMantra has designed a focused and extensive course material that provides complete practical knowledge about the language and its usage.

3. The courses are tailor made to suit the requirement of different students. The specially designed courses for working professionals and the job-seekers provide a positive environment to achieve the targets.

4. We are offering a flexible study schedule that offers an advantage to the working personnel, students etc.

5. These online spoken courses follow an overall personality development program. Along with the regular sessions the trainers provide additional tips for improving the personality too.

Thus WizMantra spoken classes institute offers a platform for fulfilling the expectations of each and every student.

Fees Structure of different Online English Speaking Classes/ Courses-

General English Speaking Classes– Fees Starting from 450o INR / month

Advance English Speaking Classes– Fees Starting from 7000 INR  / month

Interview Preparation Classes– Fees starting from 5900 INR / month

Advance English Writing Courses– Fees starting from 4900 INR / month

American English Speaking Classes– Fees starting from 7000 INR / month

Personality Development Classes– Fees starting from 4900 INR / month

Public Speaking Classes– Custom Package

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

Series: Heroic deeds

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