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BPO Call Centre Training Classes

Business process outsourcing (BPO) refers to the process of contracting the operations and responsibilities of business functions that are non-primary to the third party service provider. It is a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors.BPO is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It is a segment of the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry.Business process outsourcing started in mid 90’s in India and is now getting a move on. It is one of the best industries to develop your career.

The BPO industry is one of the highest job providers in most countries. In fact, in some of the Asian countries, it is ranked second in terms of the number of jobs created. This industry provides employment to many excellent youngsters and gives great compensation. In addition, it opens opportunities for you to work in other countries than India. Our BPO training will surely help you a lot if you see your future in one of the BPO companies. Also, you will be able to learn many things that will help you to give your career the right direction.

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    India is now the most favored for BPO market than other competitors like China, Ireland and Australia. This is largely due to the low labor costs and extremely professional workers of India, who are highly skilled and have extraordinary English speaking skills. Thus, the demand for Indian BPO services are growing by 50% every year. In addition, as India handles 56% of the world’s business process outsourcing, the career opportunities in the BPO industry are growing day by day. Working at a BPO includes services, such as customer support, technical support, data processing, telemarketing, bookkeeping, forms processing, insurance processing and online research. You must be very good at these skills if you want to get into the BPO industry. To become proficient enough at these skills, you require the right amount of practice and the right environment. We, at WizMantra, provide you that environment and train you to make you competent for the BPO industry.

    What are the benefits of our BPO training?

    • Gain Experience – Before joining BPO companies, if you gain the experience of how the work is done in such companies, it will not only help you to get into the company, but will also help you to be acquainted to the environment very easily. We will provide you the hands on experience of what it feels like to work for the BPO industry. Our training will give you the real feel of working for a BPO company.
    • Improved Speaking Skills – Great communication skill is a must for the BPO industry. Until and unless you have extraordinary communication skills, you will not be able to communicate with the clients calling from outside India. A lot of work in the BPO industry is related to customer support in which you have to assist the customers calling for their queries. After you attend all our sessions, you will see a major improvement in you communication skills, as it will be a major part of our training.
    • Interview Preparation – BPO companies require skilled professionals and they have rigorous interview procedures to select candidates. It is not at all easy to get selected without having prior knowledge about the interview. The interview process sometimes includes group discussion as well. Our training program will surely help you to develop a better understanding of the interview procedure of the companies. Our professionals will impart the qualities in you, which our required to clear such interviews. Also, we will help you with your confidence building and other skills, which will help you in other phases of your life, apart from these interviews.

    What does the course include?

    • Help Desk Services – As a part of BPO, you would be required to work as a help desk support technician. You would be the face of IT in medium sized organizations as well as larger enterprises. We will teach you the basics of working for help desk support. This will give you the required exposure.
    • Accent Training – You always need to keep in mind that you speak in the right accent while taking international calls from clients. Our faculty will teach you the right way and the right accent to talk to people from various places. We will teach you the difference between few basic accents that are used across the globe and will help you in MTI removal and accent neutralization.
    • Problem Solving Techniques – With exposure, experience and shared learning provided by our sessions, you would develop a repertoire of problem solving techniques that you can use when faced with new problem solving situations. This will surely give you an edge above others and will help you to be calm and deduce a solution in tough situations.
    • Soft Skills Training – Soft skills, on the other hand, are interpersonal (people) skills. These are much harder to define and evaluate. While hard skills are job-specific, most employers are look for soft skills in their job candidates. Soft skills are the personal attributes, personality traits, inherent social cues, and communication abilities needed for success on the job. They characterize how a person interacts in his or her relationships with others. Soft skills include communication skills, listening skills, and empathy, among others. Our training will help you to develop all these soft skills.

    Who all can join these classes?

    • Students or adults who want to work their way into the BPO industry should enroll for our classes as these classes will make your path way smoother that it is right now.
    • Professionals who are currently working as a technical support executive but are hesitant while taking calls from foreign clients can enroll for our classes as these classes will teach you the right communication skills and will bring the required confidence in you.
    • People, who are looking for jobs related to web research, bookkeeping, data processing etc., can take this training, as our sessions will help you to develop a better understanding of all these tasks.
    • People who are currently working in BPO’s but aspire to do better in their job or are looking for better career opportunities in the same industry, can join our classes as these sessions will improve their personality by a noticeable margin. This will help them to showcase their skills in a better way to the existing or a new organization.

    From being a mere $7 billion industry in 2006, to currently being estimated at about $120 billion, the growth prospects in BPO are tremendous, and has shown a lot of promise.Many businesses, from small startups to large companies, choose to outsource processes as it provides new and innovative services in an ever-changing, highly competitive business climate. Factors like cost advantage, large number of English speakers, economy of scale as well as superior competency have driven the BPO segment boom in India.

    Outsourcing BPO services has become a significant part of almost all businesses these days. The BPO industry has been responsible for providing cost-effective services to many businesses. BPO jobs have lot of benefits and provide opportunities to move abroad. Currently the BPO industry is responsible for creating the second highest number of jobs, and it is estimated that overall worldwide BPO market will cross a staggering $400 billion by 2020. Thus, getting into the BPO industry will be a bit easier as it is and will create a lot of career opportunities. The BPO training at WizMantra will help you with all the pre requisites that are required to join the BPO industry. If at all, you want a career with a BPO company, to ensure life security, career growth and personal skill development, then look nowhere else than WizMantra.

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