How to follow a schedule for learning languages?

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The key to achieve success in any field is consistency. Learning a language is no exception to this. To successfully learn a language, especially one that is not spoken in your everyday life, being regular is as important as learning the rules of the grammar.

Schedule plan for leanrning English

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Let’s quickly discuss what can be done in order to maintain the regularity.

Set Realistic Goals

The process starts with setting up realistic goals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. You have to follow a certain plan to attain the goals. And it is very important to set attainable or realistic goals.

1. Don’t expect to finish learning hundred pages in a day.
2. It is OK if you are not able to learn more than ten new words.
3. It is also OK if you don’t follow the schedule for a day. But remember do not make this a habit. It is OK to skip only for a day.

Set up a fixed duration

If you decide to study for 2 hours a day, it may be easy. But, if you decide to do it between 7 AM and 9 AM or any fixed time every day, it will be more effective and easy.

1. Therefore, set up a fixed time for practicing the language.
2. Do not fix very long hours. Let it be doable.
3. Do not rush. Start a new concept only when you are thorough with what you have learnt so far. And check for our English speaking courses

Devise a plan

plan for english speaking

Internet is a boon for self-learners. So make use of this platform and perform a lot of research, and devise a plan for yourself. Give equal importance to all the aspects of the language. A language consists of many factors like Grammar, Vocabulary, Accents, Standard language, Colloquial language and many more. When you devise a plan, keep in mind to take into account all these factors. Each one of these aspect needs to be covered under the said plan.

Focus on the spoken part

The ultimate objective of learning a language for majority of learners is to be able to speak the language fluently. There are a lot of Exchange programs available online and one can make complete use of it. Find a language partner. Practice the language online with them. This will help one improve their pronunciation, accent and fluency to a great extent. Though it is unavoidable to completely eliminate your native accent from the language, it is advisable to put in your best efforts to speak sans the influence.

Learn the fun way

Include a lot of activities in your learning process. Read a lot of stories, try narrating the same story in this language. Reading is an easy way to improve the vocabulary. While reading along with the word, the usage can also be learnt. Watch cartoons and TV series with subtitles in the language you are learning. Additionally, listening to songs is also a great way to learn the languages.

90 Minutes a Day Keeps English Jitters at Bay

Balance Grammar & Vocabulary

Grammar and Vocabulary are the two sides of a coin called language. Both these sides need to have a more balanced approach. If you possess high level vocabulary, but are not good with the grammar part, the sentences you frame will not be grammatically correct. On the other hand, profound knowledge of grammar without good amount of vocabulary will render the sentences monotonous.

A new language not just opens up a lot of opportunities but also provides a new paradigm. With the above given approaches being followed regularly, it is very easy to learn and speak any language in a quicker and more effective manner.

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