wizmantra grammar course

Fuel your English communication by adding essence of Grammar into it. Read and spend time learning English grammar with WizMantra.


English Vocabulary by WizMantra

Learn Vocabulary to add more meaning to what you say. Presentation and personality moves hand by hand and directly proportional each other.


learn preposition

Prepositions and prepositional phrases in English communication perform many functions within sentences. Click here to know WizMantra’s custom preposition functions


learn phrases online

Phrases are the key elements behind fluency of any fluent English speaker. Try and memorize one phrase daily.

Parts of Speech

Learn Part of Speech for English communication

Part of speech are basic building blocks of English communication, you cannot even punctuate sentences without parts of speeches. Explore WizMantra’s customized English spoken course on parts of speech.


learn how to make sentences

Structuring right words in sentences are very important. You need to understand the essence of your thoughts to structure right words. This involves right knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Learn how to structure words in sentences.


Punctuation Learn English Online With WizMantra

Punctuation can be defined as a series of rules of writing English language. It’s an art to optimize your writing and speaking skills. You can use semicolon instead of starting a new sentence. And also you can string series of phrases and sentences with the use of comma.

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