Vocabulary and success

The Human Engineering characteristics Laboratory found that one of the common characteristic which was found among many successful people were there ability to grasp and remember the meaning of words. And this was also the major reason for them to be at the top of global branding.

The Laboratory also conducted research on thousands of people in all ages of life and found that successful people who are getting maximum salaries have the highest level of communication and vocabularies skills.

And this is how the Laboratory established the relationship between vocabulary and success of people among different communities and countries of the World:

strong vocabulary for success

“Why do large vocabulary characterize executives and possibly outstanding men and women in other fields?The final answer seems to be that words are the instruments by means of which men and women grasp the thoughts of others and with which they do much of their own thinking .They are the tools of thought.

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There is other evidence.

At mant universities groups of freshmen were put into experimental classes for the sole purpose of increasing their knowledge of English words.These groups did better in their sophomore,junior,and senior years than control group of similarly endowed students who did not receive such training.

And finally :

Educational research has discovered that your I.Q. is intimately related to your vocabulary.Take a standard vocabulary test and then an intelligence test—the result in both will be substantially the same.

You can increase your vocabulary and within few days you will start experiencing the rapid growth on your thoughts and efficiency to handle and coordinate with the people and your colleagues.

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