Steps for Learning Grammar!

Grammar is usually defined as the system of language. Though it is often described as the rule of language, in fact no language has rules. If we use the word rules, we suggest that somebody created the rule first and then spoke the language. But language didn’t start like that. Language begin to exist when people started making sounds which evolved into words, phrase and sentences.No commonly spoken language is fixed. All language change over time. What we call grammar is simply a reflection of a language at a particular time.

Learn GrammarHowever if you are keen upon learning English language, it is necessary to learn grammar, as it can help you to learn a language more quickly and more efficiently. It’s important think of grammar as something that can help you, like a friend. Understanding the grammar of a language would enable you to understand many things yourself, without having to ask a teacher or look in a book.

So think of grammar as something good, something positive and something that you can use to find your way like a sign post or a map.

5 Easiest and Effective Ways to learn Grammar

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Sometimes, learning and at the same time practicing English is a task which makes one lose their interest if they fail to succeed in doing so. Learning English grammar is actually not as difficult as you may think. People spend months sometimes even years trying to memorize all of the different verb conjugations and tenses and the proper grammar.

Under proper guidance and with a bit of self-confidence, you could achieve what you always wanted in just a matter of months and get out in the world to make a strong and bold statement.

Become what you always dreamt of, learn English and carve your own way to excellence. As they practice makes a man perfect, reserve yourself a seat and make way through success. Go through these five quickest and easiest steps to learn, memorize, and practice English Grammar:

Learn the Parts of Speech

Grammar starts with learning about the eight parts of speech, which are the building blocks of the English language. The parts of speech are the essentials of learning Basic English, its pronunciation and in the communication. Every single word we use in our routine represents one or the other parts of speech. Once it gets in your blood, there’s nothing that can stop you. Not a single statement you make would go unnoticed.

Parts of Speech

The parts of speech are taught in every class in the school. So why do so many students fail to know or understand them? It’s because the parts of speech are only learned by those who are motivated and willing to make their life different. You’re here, in fact, because that spark is ignited in you to learn more about it. Getting the basic know-how regarding the parts of speech and their implementation and usage will help you understand how to improve your reading and writing skills in no time.

Get your learning hat on and learn about Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Adjectives, and Interjections.

1. Nouns: These are words that represent Name, Place, Things, and ideas.
2. Pronouns: These are words which take place of the nouns.
3. Verbs: These are words which depict actions or state of being.
4. Adverbs: These are words which modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
5. Prepositions: These are the words which are placed before a noun or a pronoun to display in what relationship the person or thing signified by it stands in regard to something else.
6. Conjunctions: These are words which join two or more sentences, phrases, or clauses.
7. Adjectives: These are the words which describe nouns and pronouns. and
8. Interjections: These are the words which show excitement or any other emotion. It does the work of injecting life or expression into a statement. They are not grammatically related to the sentence

If you ever find yourself wondering which part of speech a certain word is, the best solution is to check it out in any dictionary you possess or online and web-search for the same. The dictionary will give you the answer you need, together with examples on how to apply that word in your daily communication. A Web search would provide you with different results or say articles which would provide you with the part of speech its usage along with examples. The knowledge gained over here is priceless.

Learn Phrases

What are your clauses?

Phrases can be termed to be helpful in English as they make your sentences look impressive and communicate your message in shorter tones.

A phrase is a group of meaningful words which do not contain a subject or a predicate but are found in clauses. Either a phrase can be very short or quite long and can be used as standalone meaningful words which are also called as idioms.

For ex:

A diamond is forever.

A Knight in shining armor. 

There are several types of phrases, namely they are:

-Noun Phrases

A noun phrase is built around a single noun.

For Ex:

He always told his children about a great literature book which turned his destiny.

A vase of lilies stood at her office table.

-Verb Phrases

A verb phrase is the verbal part of a clause.

For Ex:

She had been wishing him on his birthday since childhood.

I will be reading the first book of the Shiva Trilogy.

-Adjective Phrases

An adjective phrase is built around an adjective.

For Ex:

He’s led a dull team of footballers to victory.

A lot of kids were keenly interested in learning guitar.

-Adverbial Phrases

An adverbial phrase is built around an adverb by adding words before and/or after it.

For Ex:

She recovered from her illness very slowly.

They wanted to leave the office as soon as possible.

 –Prepositional Phrases

In a prepositional phrase, the preposition always comes at the beginning.

For Ex:

Rohan always kept his toys under the study table.

She longed to be near him despite his hatred towards her.

 Get deep into the phrases and you’ll find that these are easy to use and makes your sentences short crisp.

Learn Clauses

Learn Effective English

The essence of your sentences lies in the usage of clauses.

A clause is the group of related words which consist a subject and a verb i.e. a predicate. Every complete sentence in English is made up of at least one clause.

A dependent clause (or subordinate clause) does not make logic by itself. It does not express a complete thought of what the sentence is actually about.

Ex: Because he is elder than his sister, he protects her from every evil.

Here, the sentence doesn’t make any sense because, without any independent clauses, a dependent clause is just a sentence fragment.

An independent clause (or main clause) makes sense by itself. It expresses a complete thought making it easy to understand.

Ex:  He is elder than her sister.

Here, the sentence on its own sounds complete which is an independent clause.

Learn more about dependent and independent clauses and how they are implemented in the sentences. Clauses make sentences meaningful so they are mandatory to learn. Start having conversations with your friends and analyze in your head about clauses, it will make learning a fun experience.

  • Get comfortable with tenses

Split your sentences into doer and doing .i.e. the subject and the predicate which will help you get the gist of the sentences to learn even the complex sentences the easier way.

One important tool is to get perfect with the tenses. Tenses are mandatory verbs which help you deliver your actual words to the bearer.

Verbs usually come in three tenses: past, present, and future.

The past tense describes things that have already happened in the past.

Example: earlier in the day, day before yesterday, last month, and five years ago.

The present tense is used to describe things that are happening right now, or things that are continuous.

Example: now, are eating, read etc. 

A verb that refers to something which is going to happen or the future time is said to be in the future tense.

Example: later, tomorrow, next week, next year, three years from now.

You can sail smoothly once done with tenses and their proper usage.

Here mentioned below are the forms of the tenses to make the exact sentences.

Present Tense – Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous.

Past Tense – Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous.

Future Tense – Simple Future, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous.

Practice what you have learned

Once you have grasped the parts of speech, intend the proper usage of each in every sentence and sail smoothly while speaking or writing in English. These few tricks can help your journey be smooth and knowledgeable.

Effective Grammar skills

Reading is the key – This may sound weird but in fact, all the time you are listening or reading English, you are indirectly taking in models of grammar that will assist you in your own writing and speaking. Whether you want to or not, the information is stored in your brain which develops as a thought over a period of time. It will help you when you express your ideas clearly whenever stating a normal conversation. It can be even done this way better if you read with the grammatical awareness and you say to yourself from time to time: Ah, that’s how it works in English!

People usually are afraid of what they don’t know or what is difficult for them to learn. They find the topics in which they are comfortable and stay in their comfort zone. But once you get out of your comfort zone and challenge your own knowledge that’s where you learn the most.

Concentrate on those pieces of grammar you personally find most difficult. Particularly while writing you can focus on these aspects for special care and attention when editing your piece of dedicated work. It gets more difficult while speaking if you’re not well aware of it but even here you can sometimes take a fraction more time to try and get that particular element right with the help of your mentor. For example, if you are reading a book, notice the sound of the words and the way some words differently almost every time to portray different emotions.

If you don’t prefer grammar exercises or to be taught about it, then it’s more important that you follow the advice of making reading a daily task. You should chalk out the patterns and rules of the English language for yourself.

If you are excited to do grammar exercises, then don’t stop even if you fail. Being good at grammar exercises does not mean you will not make mistakes or errors in your work. It’s like someone who has learned how to play badminton by reading and memorizing a book, but once he is on the badminton court, he can’t squash properly.

If you decide to do grammar exercises, try to go beyond completing it. Make your own sentences that follow the same rule that you are practicing and try to make it look effective and easy to interpret.

Getting a grip on Grammar is difficult but once you get the essence of this language, its heck easy. Read, write, listen, speak and repeat is what you should do for getting to the crux of Grammar.

Learning is important but with no practice, it’s of no use. So learn but do not forget to go through these every day until you become familiar with this amazing language.

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Enroll yourself in WizMantra and be a Grammar geek as they say words still hold power amongst everything else.

Have a Wise Selection!

Happy Learning!

Have Fun!


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