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Open your world to the wonder of English language

Whether you are a student, businessman, civil services aspirant, a simple housewife, or the one who fumbles while talking in English, this British language has given us a fair share of goose bumps some time in life. Given that English is the most widely spoken language in the world, nowadays, speaking it fluently can serve as an excellent avenue towards better job prospects, life and of course, increased confidence.
It’s time to get the fear out of faces while speaking English language. We at WizMantra, give you all the freedom to decide when and where to fluently speak English language. And Above all it’s Online.
Learning English was never so easy. Pick your phone and start learning English from the comfort of your home and get ready to take on the world. While you choose your own expert according to your level of proficiency, our qualified native English teachers will design the classes to efficiently suit your needs and capabilities.
Our highly qualified team of native English experts provide excellent language speaking and pronunciation training based on thorough training modules developed in-house. While you get all the power to choose English lessons and specialist online, we also ensure that you test your English from time to time via practice sessions on phone.

A way to improve your spoken English

Our comprehensive training material and English language experts are there to take all your hesitations away.

Personalize your English language learning experience with us.



General English Spoken & Learning classes
General English

For those looking to enhance their confidence level (Students, house-wives, government employees and businessman) while speaking in English.

Job Interview Preparation With Spoken English
English for JobSeeker

For those preparing for any examination or looking for job prospects & struggling to get through Jobs & Examinations. A Dedicate Job Seeker Package.

Spoken English classes For Corporates onlineEnglish for Corporate

For corporate people who need to prepare for 360* of personality development and technical skill set. A package for client/business skill sets.



  • WizMantra courses designed to improve your English Grammar
    WizMantra courses designed to improve your English Grammar

    With years of study and practice, mastering a language has a huge success rate. But the steps you choose all through this time you invest in for mastering the language are crucial enough to decide your course and fate. How many of you can fluently speak English but avoiding grammatical errors is still a huge…

  • Importance of English in your Career
    Importance of English in your Career

    If at all you haven’t realized yet how important it is to learn English for your career, we have a list of reasons that will help you realize the importance of English in your profession and help you stop procrastinating ( meaning: to delay until the opportunity is lost). Proper grammar, impressive vocabulary, smart sentence…

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  • Anita Singh

    Learning English is not about just vocabulary/grammar etc, after joining WizMantra i came to know what i missed past.

    Anita Singh


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