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Our mission is to make the largest community of speaking English people in India as well as across the world, doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a businessman, or a housewife and the one who hesitates & fumbles while speaking in English with others. The British language some way around has been giving tough time to deal with it’s beautiful language “English”. Fairly & Widely spoken language in the world serving an excellent opportunities to those, who speak the language with its real prospective, hence the “WizMantra” offers the immense freedom and new path, with its new innovative ideas to grow the most “English speaking community” in India. Our qualified native English trainers help you to maintain your level of proficiency, and create an atmosphere where learners get comfortable zone in English learning, as the old method of teaching English has been demolishing the abilities and capabilities of the learners for many decades, but now “WizMantra” is a ray of hope for those passionate aspirants who never had the easiest innovative ways to learn this beautiful language the way we are representing to learners. ”WizMantra” is giving you a chance to learn this language online with all the comforts. You can choose among best trainers, with preferable time of yours. It was never such easy before to fulfill your all needs by sitting at home.

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Our comprehensive English speaking training material, and English language experts are there to take all your hesitations away.

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WM General English
General English Program near me
For those looking to enhance their confidence level (Students, house-wives, government employees and businessman) while speaking in English.


WM PRO Select ( Job-Seekers )Online Courses for Interview Preparation near you phone skype
For those preparing for any examination or looking for job prospects & struggling to get through Jobs & Examinations. A Dedicate Job Seeker Package.


WM Advance Communication Skills
Advance English Classes near me
For learners who need to prepare for 360* of personality development and technical skill set. Advance custom package for professionals etc


Learn English Speaking through LIVE sessions with the ease of flexible timings. Our qualified team of English trainers ready to help their Students/ Adults 24×7 by being online and provide them helpful study materials and the correct guidance according to their level of speaking with conversation. Our team helps learners with their “Pronunciation skills, soft skills, vocabulary, conversation and grammar and word power” with all that “WizMantra” maintains the recorded performance of the students and assures them to give satisfactory result. BOOST YOUR CAREER WITH “WIZMANTRA” & GET MIRACLE IN YOUR LIFE

Series: Heroic deeds


Series: Heroic deeds


Series: Heroic deeds


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  • English and Employability skills for higher education students in Delhi
    English and Employability skills for higher education students in Delhi

    We know and see how significant English language has become today. This language plays a crucial role in connecting people from far and wide, across diverse regions, cultures and nations. English is the legacy left behind by the British that has turned out to be a common language globally now. With globalization, the domestic companies…

  • 13 reasons to learn a new language with WizMantra Online Academy?
    13 reasons to learn a new language with WizMantra Online Academy?

    It has become a trend to learn more than one language in today’s scenario. Every person tries to learn any new dialect that is different from his mother tongue. There are many reasons for a person to learn a new language. Every person has its own reason to learn a new language. 1. It opens…

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  • Delhi WizMantra Review Students

    I am from Noida, and with the God grace and with the help of WizMantra I was able to crack the Interview at NIIT and now I am placed at it’s office of Delhi location. I Enrolled for it’s Interview Preparation model in January and in 2 month I was able to understand the Nitty-gritty of “self-presentations.” I like it’s online method of training.

    Others best English Speaking Institute in Delhi

    I really appreciate the methodologies of Mss Sarita & Mr Vikas who trained me for 2 months and I’ll be always thankful to them.

    I wish good luck for WizMantra Academy.


    Jyoti Beri Delhi South Ex
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