An important component of taking any learning activity is the communicative interactions between a teacher and student.

Through teach English by digital technologies, WizMantra aims to bridge the gap between the low level of interactions between the teacher and student, which is the most prominent feature of a classroom environment. The fundamental learning activities are essentially comprised of student’s ability to ask questions, share an opinion and of course, share his/her disagreement in the class full of 40 or more fellow students.

Online Vs Offline English Classes

However, we ensure that making small adjustments on the part of both teacher and student the same (successful interactions) can be achieved while taking English classes on phone.

Importantly, we cannot overlook the importance of classroom teaching in a student’s life; it is also true that taking classes on phone/skype/hangout itself has a fair number of advantages, namely,

  • Dedicated trainer for every student
  • Direct trainer-student interactions
  • Dedicated time per call
  • On-the-spot clarification of doubts

It has been found that the conversations, exchange of thoughts, discourse, and debate between instructors and students that a concept is clarified, an assumption is challenged, a skill is practiced, an original idea takes shape. Ultimately, through regular practice a learning objective is aptly achieved.

This is the same ideal on which WizMantra’s foundation is built. Our training material is well-designed while keeping in mind the student-to-instructor element of our online coaching program.

73 Ways to learn English online

The course is aimed to boost the confidence level of the learners while speaking in English. We believe our English Speaking course holds the key to give students’ an experience to enjoy mutual interdependence, build a “sense of trust,” and have shared goals and values with their respective instructor.

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