Make efficient use of your Smartphone and learn to speak fluent English. Join WizMantra’s Online English Speaking Programme

Advance English Speaking Classes for corporate100% effective way towards English speaking-

Our Trainers are multilingual and can speak Hindi, Kannad, Tamil, French & German

 WizMantra English Speaking Course Features

  • Session duration per month: 30 minutes/day
  • Session activity: Conversation, discussion, role play, interview
  • Days of activity: Monday to Friday
  • Timing of activity: To be decided by you (8 am to 9 pm)
  • Interactive session size: one-on-one (You & trainer)
  • Duration: Choose as per your level (one or more than a month)
  • Audio lessons (can be downloaded): 24 (Record and utilize at your smartphone)
  • PDF book: Lessons for learning basics of grammar & vocabulary

 10 Common Interview Questions Along With Answers and Examples

4 Real Challenges in English Learning

10 Personality development tips you can’t afford to Ignore

WizMantra English Course Highlights

  • Grammar basics: English speaking activities + audio book + PDF
  • Vocabulary: Study sheets and activity based + audio book + PDF
  • Pronunciation: Through practice sessions and simultaneous correction by the trainer
  • Accent: Building Neutral Indian accent through live practice sessions

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