Punctuation can be defined as a series of rules of writing English language. It’s an art to optimize your English writing and speaking skills.You can use semicolon instead of starting a new sentence. And also you can string series of phrases and sentences with the use of comma.

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You can interrupt the flow of a sentence with a use of dash.All of these involve constructing beyond simply applying rules. However it is very important for a English learner to understand the rules of punctuation to give the proper touch of English speaking and writing. English learner must understand what slows a sentence and what stops it.

What is the need to punctuate a sentence?

There are many people who have reached to a successful careers without ever knowing or understanding the difference between dash, colon and semicolon. You may consider punctuation to be an inconsequential bit of arrangements, nor worth of giving your valuable time on it. On the other hand, perhaps you even regard punctuation as a deeply personal matter, a mode of self expression not unlike your taste in food or music.

You must avoid poor punctuation as it makes life difficult for the reader and listeners who needs to understand and read what you have written and spoken.

Talking about English, there are many tools that we can use to make the meaning clearer: stress, intonation, rhythm, pauses even if all else fails, repeating what we have said. While writing however, we cannot use any of these devices, and the work that they do in speech must be almost entirely handled by punctuation.

Written and spoken English has developed a conventional system of punctuation marks, which is most of the time regular and sensible; all the punctuation mark that we use has one or more particular tasks to do.

Now consider the sentences below with distinct punctuation-
-We had one problem: only Shaman knew we faced insolvency
-We had onle problem only:Shaman knew we faced insolvency
-We had one problem only Shaman knew we faced:insolvency.




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Punctuation Quiz

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