90 Minutes a Day Keeps English Jitters at Bay

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90 Minutes a Day Keeps English Jitters at Bay

It’s difficult for a non-native English speaker to speak and converse fluently in English. Everybody faces this problem, the internal struggle of letting your words out or not? This mind-made trauma has resulted in issues severe and grave. Promotions, Proposals, Conferences, Seminars, Parties, and Family Gatherings all these places have seen less of you. You have become scarce from public meetings just for the confidence or you may say lack of English grammar.

Confused? Let us help you!

practice english speaking everydayTo speak English without hesitating is what everybody aspires as English has daunted the entire community. English is most widely used and accepted language across the globe. You see English everywhere around you, in your cellphones, on the billboards, on the Television, and on the Internet.

With the advent of technology, English has gained momentum as Internet teaches you unknowingly a few bits and pieces. Whenever you log in to any internet browser, you try to decipher the meaning of the said words and take a step further by going forward with it. Social Media Platform teaches you to read and understand so that you can match up with the on-going trend. Messengers help you type in your message to let the other people understand whatever you want to converse with them. WizMantra Social Media Platform-




If not all, at least just by browsing on your phone you learn many new names and its meaning. This is indirect learning of English in which you aren’t aware of how much valid and genuine it is. The remedy to cure this English illness is to have a coach or a mentor who can be your companion in this walk of life.

Get to know the roots of the English language, grammar as ‘what is what and why is that’, phrases, clauses, sentence formations, conversational skills, soft skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, etc. from the who’s who of English language world. Check WizMantra English Speaking Classes for your personal tutor.

Learn Grammar

Spare 30 minutes from your hectic and stressed schedule to learn English like never before. An exciting, comprehensive, and one-to-one way of learning was never so much fun. If you are unable to come down to our place, we’ll reach yours with our extensive technology-based online platform.

An array of courses to choose from, unlimited resources to study from, and timeless worksheets to practice your skills on, WizMantra has tapped its reservoir with an unprecedented knowledge base. A study from anywhere at your pace with a quick head start along with WizMantra.

73 ways to learn English

Practice makes a man perfect. Rather, WizMantra’s successes say, Perfect Practice makes a man perfect. Along with gaining knowledge, it’s essential to practice and put it use as well. It’s necessary towards a consistent and faster improvement of your English skills. Accumulating only knowledge would be same as accumulating wealth and not using it. There is a huge difference in knowing English and speaking in English about the things that you know.

Let’s get you started on how to spend 90 minutes (30 minutes with English Speaking Courses + 60 minutes Personal training) to learn and practice excellent English.

Here’s how:

Reading English

Practice English by readingMake books your best friend. Trust us, they’ll never betray you. Go on a friendly journey with some author, fall deep into the abyss of some philosopher’s or crack the code of that dungeon with Mr. Detective. Learning isn’t limited to mugging up from books, sometimes it’s wearing their hat and glasses and searching the meaning of life from their end.

Read anything you can put your hand on, mark words which you find new and go look out for it. Read a story or a blog, a biography or an obituary, encyclopedia or anything you find useful and entertaining at the same time to keep you hooked.

Listening English

Listening Practice to learn EnglishWhile going to work, or while walking listen to excellent podcasts available online for every English learning enthusiast based on their skill levels. You get dozens of Ace English speakers sharing their tidbits on this expertise subject.

It’s preferably not easy to understand any of the English series at the start, but watching it on a regular basis may help you learn the pronunciation, tonality and new words from it. It’s an interesting way so you’ll be using your recreational time learning a thing or two about English.

Scroll YouTube videos, find your genre in the English language, find people who inspire you, stories that motivate you and there is so much more to learn from them, not just English but other mundane things which are often ignored. Try to get a gist of their preaching and practice it.

5 Most effective secrets of English learning

Speaking English

speaking for English practiceMake a fake call to yourself and try conversing with basic questions like ‘How are you?’ ‘What are you doing?’ etc. without any pause. Take your own time to think but reply in the English language. The main problem with every English learner is they think in their native language and then convert it into English, which results in a pregnant pause.

English Speaking Classes

After already getting the basics of pronunciation clear from WizMantra, try to speak out those words out. Focus on the sound of the words and you’ll understand its application.

Have a cup of coffee with your boss or colleague with good English skills and manage to carry out the entire talk in English. Record your voice to know where you need improvement.

Writing in English

Writing is a very good practice, one can develop. It helps to get a lucid view of the subject you are writing on. Pay heed to your grammar and your sentence construction and formation.

Start with a short bio about yourself. Try to include everything you can think of and then read it aloud. Ask your mentor to proofread it for you and guide you for the same.

Write an email to WizMantra’s Staff about your basic queries instead of asking it loud. This would help you learn the basic etiquette of an email and meanwhile trigger the writer in you.

Blog on the topic which interests you most and start discovering new ways to engage your readers in it.

English Writing Courses

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

Richard Branson

Confused? Let us help you!

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