10 Tips for writing effective emails

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E-mail writing is the most important way of communicating in a professional world. Writing a proper mail has therefore become quite important as it represents the image and position of the sender as well as the company. So following points must be kept in mind while designing the mail.

writing efeective emails tips

Have a meaningful subject line: The mail should always have a short, crispy and meaningful headline that should be able to clearly reflect the purpose of writing the mail.

Always use a professional language: the sender should try to use a formal language while writing a mail. Use of abbreviations and casual slangs should be avoided.

Start with an effective greeting: Sender should always open the mail with the suitable greeting depending on the level of comfort level it has with the receiver. If the relation is more of formal then the family name should be stated (e.g. Mr. Raj). If the relation with the receiver is somewhat casual then a casual greeting can also serve the purpose (e.g. hi Raj). If you are not sure about the identity of the person to be addressed then a greeting like “To whom so ever it may concern” can follow.

Thanks the Receiver : Try to thank the receiver for showing interest in the communication. Example: If the receiver has enquired about your company’s product and services you can thank him for showing interest in the same.

State the purpose clearly:  Try to state the purpose and reason for writing the mail if you are starting the communication process. The purpose stated should be clear and concise followed by the main body of the mail.

Add a closing remark: Before you close the mail it’s better to thank the receiver again for showing his interest and time for the same.

End with a polite remark: The mail should be closed with polite remarks like “Best Regards”, “Best wishes”, “Thanks” etc.

Reviewing the mail: The sender should try to review the mail for any grammatical errors, punctuation marks, spellings etc. as the mails represent the professional image of the sender.

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Try to use small paragraphs: The sender should try to divide the whole mail into small meaningful paragraphs so as to make it more presentable and easily readable.

Include signatures at the last: The senders Should include the signatures, designation in the company and the contact numbers on which the sender can be contacted. Also check for Five Tips For Effective Email Communication

Thus by following the above guidelines the sender will be able to design a professional Email. or join our course and learn advance level of English writing.

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