How to develop a positive attitude?

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Attitude refers to tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person or a situation. An attitude influences how an individual reacts in any situation, how it takes on the challenges, threats and the rewarding situations.

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Thus it refers to the feelings and the emotions associated with the subject.

The three major components associated with the same are:

1. Emotional Aspect: It refers to the feelings of the person about the other person or the object. The feelings for the subject can be positive, negative or neutral also.

2. Informational: The beliefs and the information that the person have about the subject also form a part of attitude.

3. Behavioral: This component makes the individual to behave in a particular way towards the subject.
Thus attitude consists of what you think, what you do and what you feel about the subject.

Example: There are two students who have enrolled for learning English at an institute. Both have the same level.
Student A takes classes for 2 days and analyses it is difficult for him to learn the English language as his base is weak. So he gives up. That means based on his way of thinking he quits the classes.

Thus his action is influenced by his negative attitude.

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Student B also takes classes with the same trainer for 2 days. He interprets that though his base for the language is weak but he will put extra efforts and hours of self study to get the desired results. Thus he continued with the sessions for 2-3 months along with rigorous self study.

Thus because of a positive attitude and right interpretations he was able to achieve the positive results for himself.

This is the difference in attitudes that gives different results for different people.

Thus by having a control over what we think, how we interpret things we can achieve a positive results as such. We should be more attached to the persons, things or subjects that have positive effects on the bent of our mind, keeps our thought movements in the right of way.

Hence healthy company produces, healthy thoughts that in turn produce healthy and positive results.



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