How & why to improve your sense of humor?

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It is the state of being funny and amusing. It is the way of expressing things in a hilarious way. Having a humorous way of dealing things helps in oiling of the wheels of tensions and worries and gives it a smooth functioning. People like to be around people having good humorous nature.

It not only makes people around good but also helps in taking jokes on them in a positive way and don’t feel offended. A humorous way also helps in expressing most hard and tough things in the most light of manner. And anything that is said in the light manner remains in the heart for a long time and helps in strengthening the social bonds between the parties.

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Developing sense of humor

There are various ways in which a person can develop good level of humor.

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1. Always look for funny side of things: A humorous situation can be created if we trying to find the light or funny side of things. Though it is not possible to always look at the funny side of all situations but trying to find one will help in lowering the temperaments of people involved in the situation.

2. Learn from other people: One can learn the humorous aspect of the speech by observing other people who have good sense of humor. One can learn about observing their timings of humor, phrases they used etc.

3. Learn some basic jokes: One can learn some basic jobs that can be used as filler in the daily conversation to add the humorous part to the conversation.

4. Kids are the best teachers: Kids have the natural sense of humor because they see the things from different perspective. They take things in the light manner that adds a humorous content to the boring conversation.

5. Learn to laugh at yourself: one can develop and learn good punches by practicing on them. They should not take themselves in a very serious way. Instead take them in a light manner and add a humorous part to one’s life. And this is proven medicine to lower down your anxiety level while speaking in public.

6. Immerse yourself in the humorous way of life: Any new thing can be learnt when we involve ourselves too much in the subject. Similarly humor can be learnt if we involve ourselves in it. We can listen to live stand up shows of comedians, pre-recorded shows etc. This way we can get an idea about how to make this subject a part of life.

7. Add humor at a place of work: By adding humor at a place of work we can have a light and healthy environment even at the time of so much pressure and work.

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8. Try to be witty but not silly: The person should try to act smart and be witty. But he should not engage too deep in the extreme content that he turns out to be silly for the audience.

9. Try to understand the audience: Before starting the session one should understand the nature of audience. This will help in deciding what level of humor is acceptable and which won’t be accepted.

10. Be original: the person should try to learn from in and around the environment but he should try to create something original that does not appear to be a copied version.

11. Don’t offend the audience: The person should understand which level of humor will be acceptable. Don’t make some extreme remarks that may hurt somebody’s sentiments.

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There are different ways in which one can improve the humor. He should try to learn from the famous comedians about the way they deliver punch lines, timings of humor etc. they should try to engross in the humorous environment to learn the tactics of the same.

He should be witty and try to maintain the originality of the punch lines. This way one can develop a light and healthy environment.


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  1. Adah  - June 22, 2017 - 11:15 am
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    I came here from your tweet and it seems it’s worth sharing such a impressive post on building humor senses.

  2. Aniruddh  - June 22, 2017 - 11:19 am
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    Even the people with humorous skills are considered to be more successful at their work space and social surrounding.

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