How to handle anxiety during public speaking?

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Public speaking is the art of delivering speech to the large audience with the aim to inform, persuade and entertain the audience. Many people experience this anxiety that cannot be eliminated but can only be managed.

Handling Anxiety Public Speaking

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Various tips need to be kept in mind to handle the anxiety levels while delivering the public speech:

1. Don’t try to achieve perfection in every sphere of public speaking.

2. The speaker should avoid memorizing the speech word by word.

3. The speaker should also avoid trying to read everything from the paper itself.

4. The speaker should not relate their personal worth with that of public speaking skills. The speaker may be an intelligent person but he may not be that confident on the stage. Thus avoid stressing too much about this particular skill as this can be easily learnt.

5. The speaker should be well versed with the topic and prepared with the answers to the expected questions that can be asked by the audience.

6. The speaker should be calm and composed before the speech and may practice some meditation or deep breathing exercises to remain calm and composed for the event.

7. Try to engage the audience with some tools for presentation as may help to divert the attention towards the display board etc.

8. Use humor and deep breaths wherever required.

9. Have a glass of water to reduce the anxiety attacks during the speech.

10.Try to find some friendly faces amongst the audience and try to focus on them during the speech.

11. Practice before the session as practice gives perfection and don’t remember the bitter experiences of the past on the subject.


Public speaking is an art that can be mastered with the continuous practice. But some people suffer from the anxiety issues while delivering the speeches to the audience. They need to follow some tips to control the level of anxiety in the delivering of speech and gain perfection in the same.
The practice is a basic requirement to overcome the fear of audience. Choosing an appropriate tool for delivering the speech may go a long way in gaining perfection. The speaker may also follow some breathing exercises and using humor as a filler to keep the audience engrossed.


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