9 official vocabulary to express appreciation

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Appreciation is the way of acknowledgement of a person for the work that has been done. Be it sport, business or social work, we all know how effective appreciation is and how powerful it can be. Everyone who has worked with humans knows that Appreciation is a potent force which when said in a correct way you would come up with an effective motivator.

Official vocabulary

We usually express appreciation with simple words but to make it more effective and very accurate there are some other words as well. Using these words you would be able to add more essence to your feelings which will make the most impact on the person you are saying. Let us check 9 words to Express Appreciation in detail.


“Excellent Idea Ramesh, why don’t you make a presentation and show me tomorrow”. Ramesh would be very happy to hear that his boss liked his idea and chances are, make sure to finish it by today itself.

It gives an out of the world feeling why someone is appreciated by comparing his idea with excellence which is next to perfection in its own way.


“Outstanding Performance Manjit, now get ready to reach for the sky”, said his astronaut trainer. Making Manjit feel very proud of his lab performance, his senior appreciated him by telling him to get ready for his first journey.

Outstanding here gives him the power and courage to showcase his talent further for his project, which is a huge feeling itself. Thus try to use outstanding when speaking around performances.


“That was so inspirational, I want to be like him one day”, said Virat looking at Sachin Tendulkar’s Biography. Used to express how inspired he was by looking at his idol’s biography.

Inspirational is used when someone motivates you in and out. Thus while describing the stories of any famous personality; you should use the word inspirational.


“That was an out of the box shot, played exceptionally well,” said a cricket commentator on a reverse sweep of AB Devillers. This word means a task which cannot be performed by anyone else has been performed.

Thus, this word makes a person stand apart from the crowd giving a feeling of being one of a kind.


Impeccable means a person doing his work with highest standards. To add more, it means that the work is done with utmost care and precaution towards maintaining the standards and without any mistakes whatsoever.

Thus you can use this word when describing a person’s art or creation of something.


Here, one compliments a person on his extraordinary performance which cannot be performed by everyone. Adding to this is what gives that person a feeling of being one in thousands who can make something like this happen.


Remarkable means one has done a good work in his/ her time but not superlative which makes it stand one step ahead of being good and below exceptional. So other than calling someone’s work good, you can call it remarkable which more or less means the same, but makes a person feel better.


This word gives a feeling of one hundred percent satisfied and happy with the person’s work which makes it your bureaucratic one meaning, “Meets and Exceeds Expectations”. This adds up to the most promising words while appreciating the work of someone.

It gives them the feeling of thinking about it and smiling all along about how awesome the person is.

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This word Immaculate is used when mentioning a work done perfectly by a person shown in the example given below. ‘He was an immaculate player when it comes to golf.’

This tells us about the type of player that person was giving us a hint on how he used to play his game of golf i.e. very neatly.

Thus, we hope that these words would help you to appreciate people in a more precise way making them feel good about the work they do. Also, if you are a boss or an employee this can help you get the most by appreciating using specific words for each other. If you have any queries do let us know in the comments section below.

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