Give your best shot with these essential tips for Campus interview

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After writing last semesters, every student in a college is in amidst the puzzle, how to present themselves and get a look over whatever they have learned until now. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty from our side that you should look upon before facing a campus interview:

campus interview tips

1. Know the Gist of a Company

Ever since you started your graduation, you dreamt of a company to work for. And you know all the minute details of that company as when did the company commenced, what were the challenges a company faced and what’s their specialization is on. So, the company going to come at your campus may not be your dream company but the foremost thing is what they specialize on. That’s the cornerstone for you to choose a company you want appear for. First step is to take a deep research about the company.

2. Check for the Reviews of Company

As you find the company fits your expectation on grounds of what they specialize on, then their eminence should be your priority. So there are various websites over internet with which you can check the company’s reviews, ratings and questions asked in an interview and the package offered for a specific profile. One of the prevalent website named glassdoor, you can acquire genuine reviews about what employers seek in an employee with detailed description of interview rounds. And different companies got different interview rounds, all that information gets clear at that website. Apart from that employees of that company add pros and cons of that company which is totally a plus point.

3. How to Prepare for First Round i.e Written Round of a Company

If you found out this is the company you wanted to join then next step would be to revise the formulas and concepts for aptitude test. For practice go to which was mainly designed for students only who are going to appear for the interview’s written round.

Clearing this first round is the only mean with which you can proceed to further rounds. Mostly companies try to acknowledge your logical reasoning and check the quant, so just prepare for this round because this round draws a streak between who could reach the finish line or not.

4. Check the Last Years Placement Papers

You get notified before 15 or 30 days if a company comes for campus placement. And certainly the topics to be covered are wide and varied. So, going through the last year papers of a company’s placement is the most brilliant way to crack the interviews. As you could seek a pattern of questions that are asked so instead of going through each topic make list important topics, this will ease out your preparation. Learn more about Interview Preparation Classes.

5. What if the Company you’re Appearing for is the Software One

If you’re appearing for a software company then acknowledgement of what different profiles a company could have is essential so that you can prepare likewise. For instance, if you want to be a software developer then you must master one programming language. Because all the languages have same logics mostly but have different syntax that you can’t remember once for all so try to focus on a single language.

6. Work on your Communication Skills and Read Trending Topics

Next round comes Group Discussion where your communication skills are assessed by companies. Suppose you’re great with communication but you lack knowledge of trending topic then what you gonna say. So, that makes having Knowledge and Communication Skills hand-in-hand thing.    

7. Presenting your Best

Always try to have formal appearance while giving an interview. Avoid casual clothes at the time of interview and cut your finger nails, be with Right & Clean shoes, Crease free Shirt & Trouser, in short perfectly groomed candidate is the most impressive point for an employer.

Apart from that a candidate is always expected to be punctual. And you should always carry an extra copy of your resume with notepaper and a pen to note down important points.

And last but not the least never lie in front of your interviewer because they will catch it in an instance and beware of what you show on your resume. As sometimes students pretend the skills they are not even aware of. So, read your resume before a personal interview and give your best shot. You will definitely crack it!

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