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English has become the official language for many companies. It is most widely used medium of communication in all areas ranging from politics, business, education, services etc. it is used as a language for international communications. Thus knowledge of English in today’s scenario is of utmost importance. The use of the language at work place has many benefits like:

Importance of English Communication at workplace

1. Building trust with colleagues and clients: Today is the era of globalization. The businesses are not just limited to one state or territory. They are breaking the boundaries and spreading fast across the borders. So a company has branches across different areas. In such a case English is used as the language of communication across international borders. Hence the clients and colleagues are from different language speaking areas. By using English as a mode of communication the company can build a line of trust with the colleagues and the clients.

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2. Building and improving international relationships: By using English as the language of communication the companies can better understand the needs of the customers. There can be free flow of ideas with the international customers if the official language is widely used by the employees too. This way they can build far better relations with the international clients too.

3. Better understanding the cross cultures: If the employees have a comfort level in conversing in English, then they can better understand the cultures of other countries where they are operating the business or plan to start new operations. This way a better understanding of the cross cultures helps in understanding the new markets and spread the areas of business.

4. Enhancing skill set and command higher salary: the employees speaking English can command higher skill set during the period of service and hence a higher salary and growth opportunities.
Employees who are fluent in English command have an edge over the employees who are not comfortable with the language. Thus in this era of cut throat competition, the employees need to be continuously working on improving the skill sets.

5. Helping the company to succeed: the Company where the employees are quite expressive and fluent in speaking and written English has an edge over the company where there is not an efficient English speaking environment. This way the company can get a large share of business and increase its market standing as compared to its competitors.

6. Most of internet knowledge is in English: Most of the knowledge available on the internet is in English. So the employees who have knowledge of the language can better surf the available information and put it in practical use.

7. Helps in creating harmonious relations: The use of English as a language helps in creating a clear communication process without any barriers to the communication process. A clear and specific good English communication helps in creating harmonious relations in the company.

8. Proficiency required for writing mails, reports: the proficiency is of utmost importance when one has to write mails, reports etc. that form an important part of a professional life.

Thus we have seen that an English speaking environment has become a necessity in today’s competitive world. Some jobs like BPO’s , KPO’s recruit people based on their English speaking skills only as they have to interact with the international as well as national clients.


Having English speaking environment at the work places has become the necessity of the day as today the business are breaking the boundaries and moving to foreign lands. Since all the foreign lands have different culture and language so some official language or medium of communication need to be adopted to make the process effective and integrated.

So here comes the requirement of English as a means of communicating with the international clients and suppliers. It makes the internationally spread countries into a small world. Hence having a professional English speaking environment is the need of hour.




  1. Jyamiti corporate  - May 14, 2017 - 5:01 pm
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    I am working in a corporte of Gurgaon and no one can understand the pain of not having good communication skill better than me. I was struggling with the problem from longtime where I was not able to express my feeling and thoughts among my colleagues.
    Although I was very good at tech but most of the time I was not given the opportunity to speak to the clients.
    Not only in the circle of my friends and colleagues but also for promotion I had to struggle alot to get through.
    Initially it takes dedication and practice to speak fluently but somehow I was able to get through.

    • WizMantra Online English  - May 14, 2017 - 6:35 pm
      Reply /

      Thank you Jyamiti for sharing your experience.
      We have seen hundreds of students who strive in their day to day communication because of their lack in confidence, and hesitation.
      We at WizMantra focus on consistence practice to get rid of such situation, there are no other shortcuts.
      2 keys of success are-
      Regular practice and dedication.
      stick to your schedule for 50 days and see the wonder.

  2. Vikas  - May 14, 2017 - 6:38 pm
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    awesome blog post. I cant see option to subscribe to your learning blog. Can you please help?
    Thank you for sharing

    • WizMantra Online English  - May 14, 2017 - 6:42 pm
      Reply /

      Hi Vikas,
      We are glad you liked it. We have placed enormous free English resource at our blog. In order to get custom learning tips everyday you will have to enroll with our courses.
      You can check details about our all English courses at https://www.wizmantra.com/online-english-speaking-classes/
      Or feel free to call us at 8826083900 or email at info@wizmantra.com
      Thank you

  3. Prashant  - May 16, 2017 - 2:57 am
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    I think most important thing in workplace to increase your surrounding is to have your problem solving skills among your daily routines. Whether it’s handling complicated tasks of enjoying lunch at your surrounding. You need to have a strong positive energy coming out of your action.

  4. Bala  - May 16, 2017 - 3:39 am
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    I like your tips.

  5. Rupali Sehrawat  - May 17, 2017 - 3:10 am
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    For me to give you a brief; there is worst feeling humiliation when you feel neglected at a group discussion and you are not able to express yourself in meeting or joint discussion session because of your problem in English communication.
    Many time the thoughts come to leave the job and start the life again after gaining confidence in communication.
    This is such a big issue which can never be underestimated,

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