How to achieve fluency in English language?

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When our tongue automatically weaves sentences in English language and the speech becomes effortless, it is known that the speaker speaks fluent English i.e. when the words come out of mouth without translation and hesitation.

You often call this ‘thinking in English’. One must understand that truly automatic speech occurs at a faster pace, thereby, overlooking any possibility of ‘thinking’ involved in the process.

How to stop translating in your head and start thinking in English like a native?

Fluency in English

But have you ever given a thought as to why automatic fluent speech is important?

It is because it opens endless avenues to get results, a way to connect with native language speakers. As a next step, it becomes easy for us to make friends with native speakers, confidently attend business meetings, understand customers and importantly, to improve our job prospects.

At the same time, if we follow certain rules, we believe one can easily achieve fluency while speaking in English, especially if this is the only goal you have with regards to learning English language.

And this is in fact, we ought to achieve at WizMantra through our English speaking sessions on phone. As we have already shared, we aim to impart English lessons to students via phone by making them understand the nitty-gritty of language so as to make them confident to face the world.

Practice what you speak or hear

Regularly speaking everything you have learnt will make it easy for you to achieve English fluency. One small exercise one can do every day is to read the newspaper loudly by standing in front of the mirror.

One can also engage in dialogue with friends while talking. This way even if you will use incorrect words, greater fluency in the language can be achieved. When you’ll join any of the training courses from WizMantra, we will help you learn to fluently speak English language.

Our team of trainers will help you learn important phrases in the English language with regular practice sessions on phone. Reports suggest every mind has an innate capability to learn a second language.

Too much focus on grammar is not right

too much focus on grammar not right

Many a times, people estimate that speaking a particular language equals having a fine understanding of its grammar.

Learning grammar should be on your goal list if you want to sit for any examination. If your aim is to comfortably speak the language, grammar is not a requisite.

Even if you vow to learn grammar only to converse in English, trust us it will slow down the process of learning and confuse you.

So the next time you will try to frame your words in a sentence; your focus will turn to rules of grammar instead of naturally uttering a sentence like a native speaker.

If trends are to be believed, only a fraction of speakers of English language are aware of 20% of all the rules of grammar.

In fact, if you really want to achieve fluency in English language, our next step holds true importance in this respect. And this is why you were not able to improve your English communication?

Learn the use of phrases

As soon as one starts learning English, it has been seen that s/he tends to start with learning the vocabulary. They do this to learn how to put many words together to create a meaningful sentence.

Instead, they fail to understand even if a person may know words, until they learn to frame the sentences; no fluency in language can be achieved.

WizMantra suggests one of the easiest ways to learn phrases is to daily read a newspaper. No time should be spent to learn words, in fact make effort to learn phrases and in no time you will get closer to achieve English fluency.

Refrain from translating every single sentence in an attempt to learn English

So now that you have decided to fluently speak English, you must refrain from translating words from your native language into English.

The learner must understand that by doing so, the process of learning will get slow. On the other hand, learning sentences and phrases will make your task easier since the process must flow flawlessly.

Above all, what effort you must put is to regularly practice everything you will hear. In fact, you may ask your friends, family and peers to talk to you in English and you must give replies in the language.

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  1. Sneha Delhi  - May 14, 2017 - 4:58 am
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    Thankyou for sharing such a useful resource. The way you have covered all the aspects of English learning is impressive.

    Can you recommend some tool or resource to learn some words or phrases daily?

  2. admin  - May 14, 2017 - 5:03 am
    Reply /

    We are glad that you liked our English learning tips.
    You can find many websites who provide vocabulary/phrases daily for student to learn. But major issue is that you need to decide whether they are relevant to your country or your surroundings.

    Or you can opt for our classes where as a routine we send such content to our students on daily basis.

    Hope that helped.

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