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Mistakes are part and parcel of life. Mistakes make us rich with experience; they help us learn a new thing or a hobby.

Speaking a second language is undeniably a difficult task. At the same time, it is not an impossible dream to achieve. Still it has been found that every time a non-native speaker decides to gain a new language skill, s/he expects to get proficient in the language right from the day one. They just don’t want to commit any mistake however; alien they are to the language. There are learners who are afraid to say the wrong thing, which if you ask any expert, is a wrong approach. It is because language is a medium of conversation between two people- a medium of conveying thoughts and emotions to the other person. In the process of gaining proficiency in the language, learners fail to understand that making mistakes is the only way to achieve fluency in English.

learn english by making mistake

Why do people fear making mistakes? Well, to save an embarrassment, to save a face in a gathering. This is primarily what we could think of. Now think about a scenario where you will be able to embrace your mistake with an open heart? The next moment you’ll likely to feel the connection with fellow learners since we all make mistakes. Importantly, making mistakes is vital to the scientific process as it always lead to the path of learning.

Mistake is something we all make from time to time. Since it is unintentional in nature, one mustn’t associate it with feeling like a self-critic in the grip of emotions. As a matter of fact, mistakes can really have a positive impact. Ever thought why parents encourage their kids even if they have pronounced certain words wrongly. This kind of encouragement generally goes a long way to make sure that the kid keeps on trying till s/he gets it right. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that making a mistake is all about educating yourself for the future.

Similarly learning a language is like charting an unknown territory. In the process, you will be blown off the course, run over by a different explanation and importantly, you will unintentionally make a mistake, which is not wrong at all. So when it comes to English language, one must understand that regular practice is the key to gain fluency in the language rather than refraining from not speaking it at all due to fear of becoming a laughing stock.

After you’ve had made the mistake

Mistake is one of the major ingredients of a learning process. In fact, our expert believe that if you want to have a learning experience that makes a lasting impact, the first step after committing a mistake is to ‘process it’. As soon as, you get to know that you have committed an error or made a mistake, try to look for a logical reason to it. Referring to a dictionary, keeping a notebook and recording it, will help you process your mistake well in time.
Thus, it can be said that when you will enroll with WizMantra, our prime focus will be to help you learn the language rather than gain perfection in it. How we are going to achieve this, you may ask. Well, given below are few steps that we at Wizmantra will take in this direction.

We’ll often make mistakes:

One thing every trainee at WizMantra must understand is that they shouldn’t shy away from making a mistake. Our English trainers (who are multilingual and can speak Hindi, Kannad, Tamil, French & German) are well-learned professionals who fully understand that more mistakes equals better learning. In fact, more mistakes you’ll make in the process of learning, faster you’ll learn the language. Also know how to improve English at home. And 73 ways to learn English.

We’ll always learn from mistakes:

We’ve mentioned before that it is vital to process your mistake. So after a mistake has been made, take time to study it. With us, you wouldn’t only connect with us via phone in fact; we will make sure you do some homework after every phone session and timely feedback will be shared with you by our trainers. Keeping a track of mistakes or maintaining a diary is an ideal way of doing so. This way you will know the scope of improvement.

We’ll help you appreciate your mistakes:

By now you may have understood that making mistakes is the fastest way of learning to speak English language. The moment you will start appreciating your mistakes, you will be amazed at the fluency you’ll achieve in the future.
To conclude, we can say that there is no need to be afraid of making a mistake as it is the very result of the action taken by the individual.






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  1. Sneha Delhi  - May 14, 2017 - 9:11 am
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    Agree..there should be someone to encourage us when we make mistake while learning.
    Correction and encouragement goes hand by hand. I appreciate your effort to deliver such a comprehensive tips on learning english.

  2. WizMantra Online English  - May 14, 2017 - 9:15 am
    Reply /

    We are glad you liked it. And thankyou so much for your nice words. For more tips on language learning you should be in regular touch of our blog section.

  3. Gehna  - May 14, 2017 - 2:26 pm
    Reply /

    Nice post..and it’s true we all learn from mistakes. But what i feel that correction is simultaneously very important.
    Whether it’s learning a language or living a life.
    Recently I learned French and I know how difficult is to learn a language from scratch especially when you surround yourself with the environment first time. And here comes the role of teacher into play.

    • WizMantra Online English  - June 4, 2017 - 5:11 am
      Reply /

      This is where WizMantra online learning module comes into picture; learning a language is just not about pronouncing words alone but as you told it requires simultaneous corrections.
      Wish you the best at your French learning journey. Stay connected.

  4. Vicky  - June 8, 2017 - 11:56 am
    Reply /

    I like your tips on improving English communication at home but worried about the confidence that you will gain out of the style.

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