How can you learn English through music & songs?

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Learning English is an art that can be mastered by regular and conscious practice. A person needs to follow the right tool and technique to learn and understand the language. There are many techniques that can be applied but the most effective of them all is learning English through music and songs.

ways learn english by music

It has been proved that the impact of learning a language by listening to music is the most effective tool because:

1. People like listening to music: It has been observed that anything can be learnt by play-way method in a better way. Thus if anyone learns the language by listening to the music and the lyrics then it would give results quickly and in a more effective way.

2. Provides means to improve the pronunciation: Listening to the music helps in improving the pronunciation of the person as one can clearly understand the proper diction as the speakers have English as their mother tongue.

3. Helps in building vocabulary: this also helps in building a strong vocabulary as the person can adopt and use the different words used in the lyrics of the song.

4. Has a deeper impact: Music has strong emotional value too. So while listening to different songs they have deeper impact on the mind sets of the people and they can retain it for a longer time.

5. No need to put extra time: There is no need to put any extra time or efforts to learn through music as this activity can be simultaneously be carried out with other works also.

6. Understanding the culture: the music of any country helps in understanding the culture of the country. So by listening to the music the person can understand its culture that would go a long way in learning the language too.

Thus while using music as a tool of learning some points should be kept in mind like:

1. Right place and the right song: The person while searching for the music should search at the right determined place that have good selection of songs. Second step is within the right place the right selection of song should be made.

The song should be such that is neither very hard to understand nor very easy. It should be in accordance with the person’s caliber. The person should also choose the song and music that interests him otherwise the learning process becomes all the very boring.

2. Sing along: the person should practice singing the song along with the recordings so that he is able to learn it by heart.

3. Understanding lyrics: The person should try to understand the lyrics of the songs so that the meanings of the words get clear.

4. Recalling vocabulary: The person should learn new vocabulary, memorize it and put it use.

5. Regular checks: after devoting some time to a particular song the person should check for how much has been learnt from the same before he moves on to take a different song.


  1. Jeetu  - May 14, 2017 - 7:10 pm
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    Wow nice post and unique concept to learn English language.
    Thank you for sharing

    • WizMantra Online English  - May 14, 2017 - 7:12 pm
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      Dear Jeetu,
      We are glad you liked it.
      Practice all these tips at your home and you can see wonder.
      Thank you

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