Why you were not able to Speak English fluently?

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It has been really observed that people spend a lot of time on learning enormous vocabulary and memorizing various grammatical rules. But when it comes to speaking and communication they are unable to muster the courage and confidence to express their ideas and often beat about the bush.

So what is this? They are unable to put their learning lessons in practice. They lack in the most important area of applying the knowledge gathered over the years. So how to overcome this weakness?

Why not fluency in English?

We intend to do a number of things to make our self comfortable in speaking the language but it does not lead to the desired or expected results. Here come to the rescue these basic tips that can go along way in making enormous improvement in the speaking skills.

1. Reduce your pace of speech: This is the most important tip to improve upon the English speaking sessions. The speaker should try to control the pace of speech. A slow and clear speech is treated to be better than the speech at fast paced. a slow pace helps to better express the ideas and even makes the pronunciation of the words clear and impressive. It gives an opportunity to involve voice modulations and different pitches thereby leaving lasting impression on the listeners.

2. Using fixed phrases: The speaker should try to use certain fixed phrases like Well that’s a great question, let me think about it for a moment etc. this way the speaker gets sufficient time to think about the topic and start with the discussion. Even using such phrases in between the conversation helps the speaker to take a break and plan for the next part of conversation.

3. Ask question: communication is a two way process. It is not about just answering to the queries but also involves asking questions at the right point of time. This habit of asking questions helps to involve the listener in the discussion. This way the speaker will involve the interest of the listener in the speech and also gives the speaker a break within the speech.

4. Make sentences: the best way to learn the vocabulary is by making use of the words in different sentences. It is not enough to learn new words and their meanings as you may not be able to apply them in the daily practice. So best way to built up a strong vocabulary is by making sentences out of the words and understands its application.

5. Practice, practice and practice: Practice is the only way to achieve the perfection in English speaking is through practice. The person can improve upon the skills by writing on different topics that would make their sentence formation and expression power better. Even the person should form an English speaking group among his friends or relatives to practice the speaking part.

6. Be a good listener too: Learning a language is not just about speaking. It also involves good listening skills. The person should be able to give due importance to the other person’s ideas or comments that would help him to further improve upon. This is also a way of showing due respect and patience to the audience.
Thus by following such steps the individual may move get good results out of the efforts put in.


It has been mostly observed that the individual don’t get results as expected while learning to speak in English. This is mostly because of some shortcomings in our efforts or maybe because the learning programs are not properly organized. Thus the student should keep few things in mind while planning to learn the language.

The student should try to follow a slow pace of speech while using certain fixed phrases. The student should engage the audience in the conversation by asking few questions in between and properly listening to their views. Last but not the least the student should also make efforts in building up the vocabulary by understanding the application of those words.

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