16 ways to prepare yourself for competitive exams

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Exams are the testing points or techniques to check the learning or grasping power of the students. They are the evaluation criteria to give the grading to the students on the basis of the performance in the exam. Thus the student needs to properly make pre-exam and on the day preparations.

Prepare competitive exams

Some of the tips that need to be followed for getting prepared for the day are:

1. Well planned and step by step study: the student should follow a balanced and step by step approach for study. There should be regular study sessions instead of leaving everything for last minute. A divided study approach helps in better management of the syllabus and retaining the same in the better way.

2. Make short notes or flash- cards: The students should better prepare flash cords or small notes to highlight the elaborate topics. These tools can be used in the last minutes for quick revisions.

3. Well maintained study area: The study area chosen by the student should be peaceful and quiet. It should be well lit and properly ventilated. The study table should be comfortable and there should not be any source of distraction.

4. Use diagrammatic representation: The students should use diagrammatic representations and charts to make the chapters easier to grasp. The pictures and graphs have a better impact on the minds of people.

5. Have group study: The student should study in groups to clear the doubts and have a comprehensive study about the topic. This way they can get an insight about the expected questions that can be asked in the exams and the answers to the same.

6. Try to explain the answers to others: the students should try to discuss and explain their answers to friends or family members as would develop a level of confidence in the students.

7. Study the previous year’s exam patterns: The students should study the last year exams patterns on how the questions are asked in the exams. They can practice on the same guidelines and achieve proficiency on the same.

8. Have a time table: the students should prepare effective time table for study that involves dividing time amongst various subjects. This will help in focusing on all subjects equally and will help in effectively complete the syllabus.

9. Take mock tests: the students should regularly take mock tests as would help in understanding the progress made by the students during their sessions of study.

10. Healthy eating habits: During the days of exams the students should follow effective eating habits and avoid munching on junk foods as it reduces the concentration level and makes the students lethargic. Instead students should take fruits and sprouts in between the meals as snacks as they increase metabolism and the concentration power. Drinking plenty of water helps in keeping the body hydrated.

11. Sound sleep: The students should take a sound sleep during night as would relax the body and the mind. A small nap during afternoon also refreshes the brain.

12. Take frequent breaks: The students should not study at a stretch as would make the whole process tiresome. Instead frequent breaks in between like walking, or talking to family members or watching your favorite TV programs etc.

13. Have faith on yourself: Students should prepare for the exams with full confidence and zeal. Half the battle is won if the student has faith on oneself. They should work on their nervousness.

14. Work on the weak areas: The student should focus on the weak areas and study them well to clear any doubts or shortcomings for the same. This will go a long way in overcoming the nervousness too.

15. Making preparations for the day: the students should not leave any preparations for the day. They should get ready everything well in advance. All the stationary, admit cards etc. should be kept ready. The student should leave for the exam centre well in time so that last minutes hustle-bustle can be avoided.

16. Leave the books one hour before: the students should leave all the books and the study material at least one hour before exam as last minute revision can add an element of confusion.


Exams are the evaluation criteria followed by the institutes of learning to check the overall learning process of the students. There is always some part of nervousness on the part of students at the time of preparing for exams and on the day of exams. By regular, systematic and balanced study plans the students can overcome this nervousness and perform well in the exams.

The student should brief down the comprehensive questions by use of flash cards, diagrams etc. a proper and well lit study area should be chosen. Practice previous year’s papers, take mock tests and make a systematic time table to revise all the subjects. The students should have faith in themselves and make all the arrangements for the exam day before hand.





  1. Prashant  - May 16, 2017 - 3:00 am
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    Awesome and comprehensive lists for the exam aspirants. I think having faith on yourself adds more confidence when you are already well prepared for your exams; you just can’t gain confidence if you are not prepared and you have not spend time on your syllabus structure.

    • WizMantra Online English  - May 16, 2017 - 3:13 am
      Reply /

      Absolutely agree with your thoughts Prashant.
      Just theories cannot solve the problems; you need to dig deeper positively into your problems.
      Suggest you to keep checking our blogs regularly as we keep on posting such motivating content on our website daily.

  2. Nayana  - May 16, 2017 - 3:03 am
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    motivating and useful information. The real preparation comes into play when you actually adapt these things; reading and not practicing will definitely not add any value.

    • WizMantra Online English  - May 16, 2017 - 3:16 am
      Reply /

      We are glad to see that you liked this post.
      And again you need to encourage aspirants to practice more. It’s upto us to creative environment for our friends.

  3. Rupali Sehrawat  - May 17, 2017 - 3:12 am
    Reply /

    You missed the importance of music.
    I used to lighten up my environment with music all the time.

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