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Like the name already suggests, Admission Essays are essays on a given topic that helps the admission committee of a university to assess the suitability of your candidature. Admission Essays can have a variety of writing styles that can end with just 30 words or may go as high as over 800 words per essay. It again depends on the requirements of the university’s program which is created keeping in view the method to ascertain a candidate’s eligibility.

Universities usually specify the content of the essay required and also provide with a word limit which needs to be adhered to. You might face answers to short questions, long questions or a full-length essay. The questions that are typically involved with essays include:

  • Goal-Based
  • Leadership
  • Career Progression
  • Moral Quandary
  • Personal Achievements
  • Personal Failures
  • Situational

Such essays help the committee determine different dimensions of an applicant’s personality per the requirements of a specific course. For instance, an MBA college would prefer leadership qualities while a candidate looking for an MIS program should possess an apt mind for innovation. While SOP’s and LOR’s are from the perspective of candidates, admission essays capture the characteristics of candidates solely on the basis of requirements of a particular course.

While admission essays help candidates stand apart from the competition, one should understand the fundamentals of writing an essay.

  • Vocabulary: You must have a command over vocabulary and understand the importance of a sentence formation that makes an impact yet easy to understand. Try not to repeat words and instead use synonyms for similar words. Don’t use excessively difficult words. Try to stay natural, display your qualities and stick to the word limit provided. Learn the smart ways to improve your vocabulary.
  • Grammar: It is important for the sentences used in an essay to be grammatically correct. Use a particular tense and stick to it. Avoid jumping from first person to third person as students usually forget the correct formation of such sentences. Avoid the usage of slangs as it’s a professional document and use correct punctuation.
  • Display adequate Qualities: Don’t go on boasting about your qualities. It might make a negative impact. Stay true to yourself, stick to your qualities and present them in an efficient manner. Don’t try to sell yourself. Be nature and who the genuine gesture of your willingness to study abroad.

 With these fundamentals and with a bit of confidence, you can easily manage to form an essay best for you that would help you in getting your dream college.

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