English and Employability skills for higher education students in Delhi

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We know and see how significant English language has become today. This language plays a crucial role in connecting people from far and wide, across diverse regions, cultures and nations. English is the legacy left behind by the British that has turned out to be a common language globally now. With globalization, the domestic companies of the country started looking business scope beyond the national boundary. And people these days are more interdependent, taking up various overseas assignments on daily basis.

English communication employment-skills

The latest survey conducted by the Government of India under National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) discovered the widened gap of skills existing between the demand and supply. In the list of those skills in demand in the market, the English language is one of them. Having found a number of service sectors such as IT, hospitality, retail, education, etc. requiring skilled manpower to cater the increasing demand of professionalism in the market, the most common skill required in these sectors is the English language.

In another research by Aspiring Minds in 2013, it was found that nearly half of the Indian graduates are not fit for hiring for catering the increasing demand in the market. The result was found after assessing various aspects such as education, training and employment. The research reveals that around 47 percent of graduates were not found suitably employable in any sector, provided the level of English language and other cognitive skills they possess.

Increased significance of English: The rise of dominance in the global market by countries like America and UK, has led to the emergence of English as the common business language used globally. All the tech savvy countries which are directly dependent on the technologies of these two countries follow the same language for effective communication. This is How to achieve fluency in English language?

English, a tool for employability: The swift change in the global economy leading to the emergence of various MNCs and other private sector companies, bringing more competitiveness in the market, the employees today require maintaining the level of their expertise to the demand sought. The scenario has completely changed now. Work hard, perform or perish is what today’s principle in the market often faced by youth. And to keep employability intact with professional growth, the efficient knowledge of English is essentially required.

The significance of communication skills has drastically increased for professional growth. And for grabbing the increasing scope and opportunity in the market, the higher education students must polish their language skills both written and oral. Even those who are already in the profession, they too require the same. Since the English language is today’s corporate language, one must realize this language is one of the important employability skills to be possessed.

Good and effective English language does not mean simply being able to write grammatically correct sentences. It means more than that and also to the extent of having the effective communication skills such as convincing and negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, presentation skills using the same English language.

Significance of English language training

When it comes to selection, employers prefer those candidates who have proficiency and fluency in the English language for better communication. One crucial benefit they have is they do not need to impart extra training to their newly recruited employees.

In India, there has been a sudden increase in the demand of English language considering the amount of pace at which the country is competing in the global market and increasing its share in the job market of the world. And another factor is India has more regional schools or colleges where the medium of instruction is in regional language. The level of English taught is comparatively poor and this is the reason why students coming out from those institutions always face a huge challenge before them. They seek help to improve their communication skills. Hence, English language training both written and oral became very significant for them.

Choose the best training centre

To learn effective English communication skills spending hard-earned money, choosing the right institutes is of paramount significance. In the market, you will get a number of such institutions claiming to offer various courses and programs but sometimes, they don’t stand to the promise they make. This is the reason you need to carefully choose the institution that has right and quality faculties.

Are you seeking for such good English learning institute in Delhi? If it is the case, we will love to teach you through our experienced teaching faculties who have gained sound knowledge and skills through industry experience.

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