10 extraordinary tips to improve your fluency

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“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”. – Anonymous

tips to improve fluencyNowadays, learning English is not a dainty task. English has become a basic language of conversation across the globe, thanks to Social Media.

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Every other Social Media Platform teaches you English without your consent, as we spend a majority of our time online dwelling and surfing.

But, are we learning English the correct way?

Is English all which is limited to the Internet these days?

Can English be learned in a jiffy?

Has English lost its essence in this shortcut era?

We have got here no tricks, no shortcuts to make you an Ace English Speaker. But, we do have thoroughly researched and accurate pointers to help you satiate your English buds.

How to express yourself in English smoothly – Ten Extra-ordinary tips to improve your fluency

1. Read, Write, Speak, Listen, and Repeat
The foremost thing for better fluency is speaking in English. We hesitate sometimes for the fear of being laughed upon or the trauma of being neglected from the crowd. All these factors stop us from taking the first and the most crucial step towards fluency and thereby, we leave the idea of being a Fluent English Speaker.

As Lao Tzu correctly said, ‘The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Let your first step decide your future not the people or the circumstances around.

Take this bold step, have a conversation with your friend in English, have a talk with yourself every day, see where you are going wrong, and go a step closer towards your goal.

2. Start your thinking process in English
We waver from speaking fluently because the thoughts in our mind have a language of their own i.e. our mother tongue. The language in which we have been born and brought up overrules any new language we wish to speak or learn.

So why not try thinking in English? Why not ask ourselves questions in English and get the reply in the same language. Control your inner thoughts which are in your native language and try bending them step by step in English language.

David Bohm says, “To change your reality you have to change your inner thoughts.” Take this second step now and attain for yourself the desired success.

3. Listen more to learn more

Be receptive to the surroundings around you. Watch Hollywood Movies, English Songs, English Series, and Documentaries and learn any new word you come across. Be inquisitive and curious about the things happening around you and try to converse in English stating it from your point of view.

Get more out of listening as it will help you in speaking English fluently.

4. Make Mistakes

Don’t stop even if you’re bad with tenses or verbs. Sometimes, the message is more important rather than its delivery. Make mistakes, make errors because it will teach you to change your approach to the same path.

Mistakes shape us better than anything ever could. So make blunders but dust it off soon and move on.

5. Act like you’re an Excellent English Speaker

To achieve success sooner, train your brain accordingly. Our sub-conscious mind never sleeps, it’s always working so why not train it?

Feed in your sub-conscious mind about your brilliant fluency level, your know-how of words and imagine yourself speaking fluently to your colleague without wavering. Your mind will record this and make you feel great about yourself which in turn would arouse your interest in learning more about English.

6. Use it right away

Whenever you come across any new and unique word, go find its meaning and try to use it the same day in your talks. You won’t ever forget that word and thus you’ll building for yourself a good vocabulary.

7. Be a student of the surroundings around you

Learn from whatever is happening around you. As they say, “Nature is the best teacher”, it indeed helps us relax, rejuvenate and at the same time if observed properly it helps us learn new things.

Keep your senses active every time, be a student and keep grasping things from everyone around you. Watch for the people who speak English around you, try to mingle with them, learn from them and talk with them in English, it would help you quickly.

8. Watch English News channels and act as a reporter

Sometimes, to learn quickly with a lasting expression you have to keep yourself in the position of the person who has already acquired it. Being in their shoes helps you work and think like them, dealing with immediate problems on your own and coming out of it as a leader.

Try this simple activity, watch any English News Channel, first check which level you are comfortable with then choose your reporter for the day and try acting as you are the spokesperson for the episode and you need to run the entire show.

This small action would arouse your interest in speaking English fluently even if you falter a bit, you would have the immense power of quickly recuperating and heading on to complete your show.

9. Learn the common phrases and words

While reading or studying any new piece of English article, look for the commonly used idioms, phrases or words. Underline them or jot them down in a notebook, find out their meanings, their synonyms, their antonyms and use them in your daily talk.

It’s about expressing your thoughts lucidly to the other person with effectiveness, clarity and in the native English language. Memorize those few phrases to help you convey your messages without any loss of information.

An easy and fantastic way to learn new words and phrases daily is to start using WizMantra. WizMantra has a huge collection of study materials which focuses on pronunciation skills, vocabulary, conversations, and word power so can learn new words everyday.

10. Do not overuse Grammar

The principle of learning a new language is finding the balance between studying and practicing. Speaking fluently has nothing to do with perfect grammar as even native English speakers make grammatical mistakes.

Fluency is not about correct grammar, it’s about being able to communicate without any glitches or breakdowns. Even the grammar Nazis would fail if the other person is unable to comprehend the actual meaning of the talk.

So focus more on spoken words, their pronunciations, their stressed sounds and hail yourself high with this Supreme power.

Speaking English Fluently is an everyday task which requires consistency, determination, and the spirit of never giving up. Every person can speak English if he/she sets his mind to do it.

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