How to enhance English Speaking skills in three months?

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‘The expert in anything was once a beginner.’

 – Anonymous

This quote conveys the essence of learning and it takes mountains of strength and determination to move ahead in a novice area of life. English is termed to be most popular and widely accepted and spoken the language of the world. For the non-native speakers, learning English can be quite an overwhelming task.

Speaking fluently in English and having English conversation without glitches doesn’t happen in one go. Our brain takes minimum 20 hours to learn anything new in this case, learn English. So, to speak the language flawlessly as the native speaker does is possible but with baby steps. Learn the foundation and roots of the language in the first three months, and if your goal is to be an effortless and smooth communicator then twelve weeks is what you’ll require.


No! Let’s deconstruct the entire process to make things easy for you to understand and learn English.

foundation of english speaking

English Speaking Practice-Month First:

Lay the roots strong

  • In the first month invested, understand the nitty-gritty of the English language, what works, with what and how. It’s about brushing up your past knowledge of English, grammar, and revise the basics fo the same.
  • Search around the things you see every day and try to memorize their name and meanings in English by using a dictionary, flash cards, or sticky notes.
  • Hear the English podcasts on your favorite topic or watch youtube videos with proper English subtitles to get the grip of the language.
  • Try to have English conversation about your desired subject to gain enough

Be Obsessed with spoken English

  • It doesn’t matter how many hours you practice daily, you should be energetic, interested, and highly alert to the knowledge you are gaining while you’re at it.
  • Emotions are the driving force behind success, so keep your emotions to learn English stronger, not merely for passing a test or succeeding in the interview, aim higher to reach the heights beyond.

Lose your ego

  • Its okay to make mistakes as long as you don’t stop learning. Having breakdowns in English conversation or poor English grammar skills should not demoralize you. Let it be the driving force to learn this language and its application and come out powerfully. Learning a new thing was never easy.


English Speaking Practice-Month Second:

Surrender and Immerse yourself in it

  • After getting a steady base built-up for you, the second month involves regular unmatched practice. Try to get into the deeper part of the English language and have an English learning or speaking environment around you.
  • Search yourself an English Partner to communicate your thoughts and take the necessary actions to rectify mistakes as and when they occur.
  • Immerse yourself in an English surrounding by getting yourself trained in English by the ace and qualified mentors of WizMantra’s English Speaking classes to reap positive results. Get mentored in your areas of improvement, learn the basics of the language with its implementation in your native language from the comfort of your home through the online English speaking classes.
  • Memorizing the rules of grammar won’t take you further on your journey. Getting the basics right and putting it to use every day of the second-month can give fruitful benefits.
  • Start reading blogs or any English website you come across, incorporate this into your daily routine as reading is mandatory to grow yourself emotionally and mentally.

English Speaking Practice- Month Third:

Set Mini-Goals

  • If your goal is to clear your upcoming exam with good marks or get selected in your dream college or to get recruited in any respectable company, then flawless affluent English is your key. However, learning just for the sake of a temporary goal won’t help you in the long run.
  • Divide your much larger goal into small achievable mini goals and never stop learning.
  • Double the amount of reading, writing, speaking and listening as you have got only thirty more days to achieve your standard English level.

Achieve and Use them to deliver astonishing results

  • Mini-Goals are for a short span of time, learn English to make your future better and secure as it is dominating the world today. Chat with some overseas friend, join English classes or start talking to yourself in English. Record your voice, notice the sounds and pronunciations, check for the actual pronunciations in any famous dictionary/thesaurus. And here you can learn English Grammar.

Involve yourself in it with massive intensity and as they say ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Learning English Grammar would take time as well, be determined, allow yourself to make mistakes but rectify them immediately, learn from everywhere, and do not give up.

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