Incorporate these daily habits to enhance your productivity levels

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Every second of your life is a golden second! Are you treating it that way? Giving your cent percent each day and calling it a day with a sense of accomplishment is what every millennial desires, but are we really accomplishing it? Not all us really! So, who are these people who achieve everything they set out towards and what exactly do they do and how! The Internet is filled with a plethora of such tips, but here we have the best 10 to give out to you that have worked out miraculously.

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1. Plan each day the night before: You should always plan your day ahead of it to accomplish it by the end of the day. Do not start your day with it, try to do it a night before you sleep. This will give you enough time to strategize and think about the tasks to be done in the morning while sipping tea or reading newspaper.

2. Minimize distractions: It is imperative to track and limit the time you spend on various tasks, whether it is spending leisure time on social media or reverting the mails. Track the exact time you spend in doing these chores and try to minimize the distractions. Work on establishing a perfect phone-life balance. Turn off the notifications while you’re at work. Set out a time to surf the Internet, revert the mails and do it only during that time frame.

3. Set your own deadlines: Rather than delaying the work till the last second, try to set your own deadline and complete the work before that. Try to do the most dreaded work in the morning itself so that you have a free-mind for the rest of the day. A manageable level of self-imposed stress is a key to remain organized and productive throughout the day.

4. Take regular breaks: Although it sounds counter-intuitive, but giving yourself regular breaks helps in enhancing the productivity levels multifold times! It has also been established by a research that taking small breaks during a long task keeps you focused all along and helps in maintaining a constant level of performance throughout; however, if you try to complete a long task in a single stretch, a steady decline in performance is bound to creep in!

5. Quit Multitasking: While it is thought of as a skill that makes a person more efficient, the opposite of it is in fact, true. Having to do multiple tasks at a single time divides the focus. Not only you lose time in completing a task, but also it affects the productivity. Hence, make it a habit to do one task at a time, get done with it completely and then, set out to something else.

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6. Make the most of your commutation time: Those of you who are living in metropolitan cities will surely relate to this. We spend a lot of time in commuting to and fro the workspace. Use this commutation time as a “bonus” time, don’t waste it on refreshing the feeds on Facebook or Instagram. Rather, utilize this time to revert the mails or making a to-do-list.

7. Work in 90-minute interval: This is one of the most important tip that I’ve also incorporated in my life and trust me, it works miraculously! Schedule your tasks in a 90-minute-cycle. Take a short break where you can drink water, check your phone, call back if you missed an important call and then resume your task. Whether it is working or studying, the 90-minute-interval is a key to maintain the productivity throughout!

8. Enjoy the work you do: Enjoying what you do is very important to do it efficiently. If you see your work as a burden, then you’ll never be as efficient. And this will slowly tamper your overall productivity as well. Hence, it is imperative to enjoy the process of work. Don’t think too much about the end result and never be critical of your way of doing it. Analyse your steps, change it if you like, but enjoy the work you do! Always remember that it is never too late to change your career, if you’re enjoying what you do, don’t be afraid to chase what you want. For maintaining the quality and efficiency of your work, it is important that you enjoy doing it.

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9. Focus on your goal: While you should not think about the end goal so much so that it affects your productivity, it is essential to have it at the back of the mind to not lose the focus. It is very important to focus on the goal, it will drive you to overcome all the challenges that leads you to it.

10. And finally! Sleep well: Yes, never give up your sleep for anything! Sleeplessness destroys the creativity and productivity of any work. You’ll only be able to perform well if your body is fit and the mind is fresh. An eight-hour sleep is a must for every person and you should not compromise it at any cost. 

Incorporate these daily habits in your lifestyle and observe the boost in your productivity level each passing day! Grow each day and keep a track of all your accomplishments. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small it is. Be happy and confident about the person you are and yet strive to be the better version of yourself each day! Do not compete with your peers as everybody moves along a timeline of their own. Be your own competition and come out with a victory trophy each day!

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