Most Commonly Misspelled Words And Their Actual Pronunciation

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India is struggling to match the pace with other developed countries with everything coming up, but mostly with the language. The English language is not merely restricted to only a language, but it has come up as an intelligent quotient or style quotient for many Indians like us.

Juggling between being a third world country and while moving ahead with its new inventions, the country has adopted English as its official language. As per a survey, India is the second largest country to use the language English in the world.

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But most of us are still using English incorrectly when it comes to pronunciation of most common words. Most commonly misspelt words distort the meaning of the word and also the speaking ability is judged by many. To avoid them, below are some commonly misspelt words and their actual pronunciation and also ways to pronounce words correctly.

Commonly misspelt words and their actual pronunciation

  • Starting with ‘Resume’, which is a common term. Many pronounce it like reh-zu-may which is incorrect. The right pronunciation is ri-zum.
  • Almond, we all pronounce it like aal-mund. But the correct way to say it is ah-mund.
  • Lingerie, we have been pronouncing it absolutely wrong since the beginning. Lin-guh-ree is what we all say. But the right one is lawn-zhuh-ray.
  • Dengue, a disease common in India is pronounced as Den-goo which is incorrect. The right one is Den-gee. Next time, make it right!
  • Now meme is a word that has made the internet go crazy. Some pronounce it rightly, while some distort the pronunciation with adding that desi vibe in it. Mee-mee is not what it is pronounced; it is meem.
  • Another very common word is asthma. Asthma is generally pronounced as-tha-ma, which is incorrect. The correct one is az-ma.
  • Starting our day with bray-k-faast is not the right term to use. Else, we should start our day with brek-fast. It is correct and sounds even better.
  • Pizza is something we all love! But when it comes to pronouncing the word, we make a mistake every time. Since long we are pronouncing pizza as pi-za, which is absolutely wrong. It should be peet-zuh the next time you order it.
  • This may take some time but correct it no sooner. Genre is not said as jen-ner, but zhon-ruh. It’s tough but needs to be adopted.
  • The quote is often pronounced as the coat. Like wearing a quote or coat. Wrong! It should be kwo-te.
  • Police, a very common word is pronounced as poo-leece, which is wrong. The correct way to say Police is puh-leece.
  • This is a major mistake we always make. Tomb should be pronounced as toom; but we end up pronouncing it as tom-b every time, which is wrong.

How to improve your pronunciation?

There are many such words in the English dictionary that we spell and pronounce incorrectly and we are not aware of it at all. This is mainly because of the mediocre English language we use in our daily lives. Learning a language demands daily speaking, writing and reading.

Some ways to help you out:

  • With the internet, new ways have come up that will help you to not only check the spelling but also speak it correctly. Type the word you want to explore and let the internet pronounce it, while you listen to it carefully.
  • Speaking more of a language than using your mother tongue will help you to know about the language deeply. Converse in English with your friends and colleagues whenever you want to convey something. This will help you to come in contact with right kind of pronunciation of many words you were unaware of.
  • Keep on reading newspapers and good books. There are many established writers who have excelled in the language and can help you learn a lot about word order, add new words to your vocabulary and what not.
  • Attend seminars, conferences, workshops, etc., that are conducted for language development. Listening and interacting with some people who share a common interest with help you enhance your pronunciations easily.

With these tricks up your sleeve, and with the support of WizMantra online English speaking classes, we are sure you will be on the right path to improve not only your vocabulary but also the language English.

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