Why Education is Extremely Important

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Education is an enlightening experience of learning skills, values, beliefs, knowledge, habits etc. It is an ongoing process, which starts from cradle and ends in grave. The limits of education are very wide, not only restricted to academic qualifications. Without education life becomes impossible and difficult.

Education gives the opportunity to the individuals to succeed in the competitive world. Without education, the existence of human life will be impossible and the future generations would be blank. It acts as a strong tool to safeguard our past for the better future. There are following reasons why an education is extremely important:

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1. Educated people are rarely cheated:

Being educated, people can easily detect fraud and save themselves or others from cheating. Cheating can be in any form either monetary issue, fraud documents, illegal dealings etc. if people will be educated, they will not become prey in the hands of cunning heads as they make illiterate people signing the fraud documents and loot the money.

2. Better decisions due to education:

An educated person knows about all the pros and cons, so they would surely take the best decisions considering all the circumstances. An educated person has better decision-making power instead of uneducated person.

3. An emotional maturity is gained through education:

Education helps the people to become strong and confident, they can face any challenges in their life by their knowledge, thinking ability, decision making power, confidence while uneducated people instead of facing challenges or tough part of life, they use to commit suicide may be due to small monetary loss and the biggest drawback is illiteracy. The illiterate people don’t even try to think how to overcome the challenges and how to face it, they think the best solution to any problem is either to drink or commit suicide.Thus education makes the vast difference between educated and non- educated person.

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4. Education builds up the confidence:

It enhances the confidence and helps the person to stand and gives courage to speak while uneducated person will be unable to express his/ her ideas due to lack of confidence, lack of courage, lack of knowledge, introvert nature, shy and pessimistic nature. The educated person differs from them in the way that they will overcome all these drawbacks.

5. Education helps in the preservation of Art & Culture:

Educated people are well aware of the importance of art and culture, natural resources, importance of civilizations etc. They contribute in the preservation and the best utilization of resources. Due to unawareness, the illiterate people cut the trees, harm the natural resources or kill animals etc. as they don’t know what will be the results of doing this. It may result into various dangers, which may pose damage to the earth.

6. Education increases the level of understanding and knowledge:

Education imparts knowledge, empowerment, participation and development thus educated people easily understands things and know everything. For example educated person can easily differentiate between tablet and smart phone or anything else but for illiterate people everything will be same whether smart phone, tablet or laptop as they don’t have any knowledge about it. The educated people play an important role in the development of country as they support the changes made by government if it is beneficial for them.

7. Innovation of new things is the result of Education

Today’s innovation or modern technologies has made today’s life very fast and the latest discoveries made by mankind have made the life easier and this can’t be achieved by education. Education is a pre-requisite of innovation.The Wright brothers came with the invention of Airplane and this could be only possible by education.

8. Education is the gateway of economic prosperity:

Without education the economic prosperity of country would not be possible. There is a contribution of each and every educated person in the development of nation.100% literate country is the world’s richest country. The educated person adds to the GDP of country. Education is a means of development. Thus for nation’s development and prosperity, education is very important and necessary.

9. Wide opportunities are open due to education:

Everyone has to strive opportunity. An educated person only can know about various opportunities knocking their door. They only know about pros and cons of opportunities i.e. which one is best and which are not. Education opens the ways and directs the path of journey and leads to success.

10. Educated people are more enlightened the illiterate people:

Educated people have effective arguments, and creates a better and a clear picture about their perspectives. Curiosity leads to number of questions and they are satisfied only after getting the reasonable answers to their questions. The views of educated people are more enlightened and have broad prospects.

11. Education leads to happier life:

The educated families are happier than uneducated ones. As education leads to good jobs, better earning, better financial situation as compared to the uneducated ones. The educated people know how to live a better life and can enjoy their life with proper planning and management of their resources. This results to the financial stability and thus a better standard of life. Educated children and educated parents know how to cooperate and behave in society and thus it makes the foundation of happy life.

12. Education leads to improvement in Health Condition:

Thanks to the modern education, it leads to the medical advancements and latest innovative medicines so we can see today that cancer or any serious disease is now curable. There has been great progress in the medical sector. Today due to medical advancements in medicines, operation techniques or various advanced laboratory tests, the operated patients recover very fast and thus it has become very easy now to be cured safely from many serious diseases.

13. Education helps in keeping social harmony:

An educated person behaves responsibly and understands the right of each other while uneducated people like criminals, terrorists, burglars, dacoits etc. are easily influenced by others and thus they create troubles. Uneducated people are indiscipline, irresponsible and they lack moral values and therefore they quarrel loudly anywhere. So well educated people behave peacefully in a well- mannered way and handle all adverse situations very skillfully.

14. Life in 21st century is made easy by Education:

With the ever changing modern technology and information’s, education played a very important role in understanding it. As we see today the emergence of smart phones, Wi-Fi, tablets, laptops only educated people knows about its function and working.Thus education helps the individuals in keeping pace with ever changing world of the information technology.

15. Education helps in betterment of food quality :

The International Food Policy Research Institute, told in its annual report that there has been drastic decrease in the malnutrition compared to earlier years. Due to modern and advance education, there has been great improvement in the food technology.Now less malnourished children and less people die out of starvation.

The food quality and the methods of farming and the fruits, vegetables qualities have been improved a lot and this has been possible only due to the impact of education and its implementation in food technology.

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  1. sikis izle  - May 3, 2016 - 4:57 am
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    A good blog! we cannot even imagine a civilization without education; it can be in any form and it’s upto us to know the right mix.

  2. Snowy  - May 14, 2016 - 7:38 am
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    Agree..precise and well craved post

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