7 Best Job Interview Tips

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Interview is the most important phase of hiring the best suitable candidate for the job. It is a formal meeting wherein one or more persons question, consult or evaluate another person to determine his suitability for the job. The candidate is required to convince the recruiter that he possess the required set of knowledge, skills, education and experience as demanded by the job. He has to show high level of motivation and convince the recruiter that he fits in the requirements and the culture of the organization and is the best fit for the job. Some points need to be kept in mind while preparing for the interview:

Job Interview Preparation

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Tips1# Reviewing the organization:

The candidate needs to do a proper research about the organization in order to stand out from the other candidates. Complete evaluation of the background of the organization should be done. Analysis of the organization to understand its product, services, clientage etc. should also be undertaken. The past news or press releases regarding company should also be studied. The company’s position in the industry and amongst its competitors should also be looked at.

Tips2# Comparing your skills and qualification with the company’s requirements:

The candidate should try to understand the jobs requirements and the set of skills required for the same. The candidate should try to match and mould his skills and qualifications according to the requirements mentioned for the same.

Tips3# Try to prepare the tentative answers:

Prepare a list of the expected questions that can be asked in the interview. Try to prepare the responses for the same. Combination of structured answers with prior practice sessions will help in boosting the confidence of the candidate.

Tips4# Plan the Dress to wear:

The dress to be worn for the day should be properly planned. Try to maintain a formal look with a proper business suit with formal shoes. The dress should be neatly ironed and the shoes should be polished. The hair should also be properly maintained complimenting the formal look.

Tips5# Plan what to carry along:

A proper folder should be there to carry along for the session. Copy of resume, testimonials, list of references, notepad etc. should be properly arranged in the folder. And must read 10 hacks to write an effective resume.

Tips6# Be careful towards non-verbal communication:

Non verbal communication plays a major role in judging the confidence level, attitude and personality of the person. Thus candidate should be quite careful in judging the same. The candidate should show the best of attitude even while waiting in the waiting room as these gestures are also taken into account while framing the final evaluation. Proper sitting postures should be used while in the interview room. Try to show your interests by using head and hand movements. Proper facial expressions should be used as and when required. Proper eye contact with a proper smile is a way to influence the interviewer.

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Tips7# Follow up:

The candidate can conclude the interview process by asking some questions from the interviewer also. The questions should be such that have not been covered on the company’s website or brochures.
So, by following the above mentioned guidelines and preparing extensively the candidates are sure to crack the interview.





Confused? Let us help you!

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